The Only One

Trouble in Iriaebor

Date: 28 May 2011

Kythorn 6 (June)
Party: Maythor (11), Zanakin (11,1), Devrille (10), and Shandra (7,1)

The party leaves via mounts SW towards Iriabor. Before the end of the day, the party crosses the Bridge of Fallen men and see the remains of some of the caravan that was ambushed by Marsh of Tun bandits. They decide not to pursue the bandits after deciding it would be difficult to track and catch them.

Kythorn 7
The party arrives at the end of the day in the trade city of Proskur. They stay the evening at the Budding Rose Inn. They leave for Easting the next day.

Kythorn 10
After the second hard day of travel towards Easting, the party is attacked at night by 2 Owlbears. The party easily matches them in combat and is victorious.

Kythorn 11
The party arrives in Easting by evening. A merchant caravan under the command of Captain Myron will be leaving for Iriaebor the next day. The party asks to travel with the caravan, and Captain Myron agrees.

Kythorn 14
The party travels for 3 days with the merchant caravan and arrives in the City State of Iriaebor. Knowing the better inns and fest-halls are in the upper city (though adventures generally are unwelcome in the city), the party rides their mounts to the upper city and finds rooms at the The Wandering Wyvern, proprieter Chyron Nimbas.

Kythorn 15
The party is approached by Iriaeborian soldiers under Lord Bron, and requested to visit the Iriaebor city palace. It is at the city palace the party is met by Lord Bron’s High Ranger (name). They are asked if they are willing to undertake a quest for Lord Bron to track down and capture or kill an evil intruder that has been terrorizing northern hamlets and villages.

To complicate matters, someone on the inside of Lord Bron’s inner circle seems to be in-league with the enemy. The intruder has already killed numerous citizens, and is responsible for slaying Iriaborian patrols, a small mercenary company, and an adventuring band called the Golden Spear.

The party agrees, and they agree to the High Rangers plan to bait the informant as well, since the enemy will know they are coming. The party meets with Lord Bron, and he is humbled by the party’s acceptance of the quests, and happy to assist them in any way.

Kythorn 16
The party equips itself with additional potions before traveling, and leave in the morning with a Iriaeborian scout to the vale where the enemy was last seen.

By early afternoon, the party arrives in the abandoned vale and travel along the eastern woodline. After circumventing the vale and traveling to the western side from the north side of the vale, the enemy engages the party in the woods.

The enemies name is the Master of the Hunt, and is assisted by two powerful Beasts of Malar. Using superb teamwork and extraordinary skills, the party destroys the Beasts of Malar and gravely wound and capture the Master of the Hunt.


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Bandits or No Bandits


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