The Only One

Entering the Eldritch Giants Lair

Date: 25 August 2012

Timeline: 25 Flamerule [JUL] to Eleasius 8 [AUG], DR 1364

Flamerule 25 [JUL] (DR 1364)
The party begins making preparations for the grans adventure in the High Moor, an epic battle with an Eldritch Giant King in his own lair. Zanakin contacts Doreck via magic to request him to join the party in the adventure. Dorteck, aliong with Neriana and Corenia will be in Suzail in 10 days. Furthermore, early that morning Zanakin travels by Phantom Steed to Castle Blade. Zanakin’s Phantom Steed over 11 hours can travel near 260 miles, which is just the distance to Castle Blade. He arrives at nightfall.

Mathor meets with MarcusLor and Alusair to discuss their plans, and the party’s financial ills since they will need extensive magic backing to battle the Eldritch. The group decides the best action is to ask the crown for a loan. Alusair says she will ease that conversation with her father.

Flamerule 26
Zanakin coaxes Morthrou to join the party and stay in the Trade Way Fortress to provide cover and backup. He agrees on the condition Captain Coren will watch-over the keep. Also, Zanakin grabs a number of items out of the party treasury, including the +3 long sword.

Zanakin and Morthrou travel all day via Phantom Steeds to MarcusLor’s Keep in Suzail. Near Immersea, Zanakin and Morthrou pass Corenia, Nericana, and Dorteck travelling via horse and pony towards Suzail.

In Suzail, MarcusLor, Morthrou, and Alusai meet with King Azoun IV, Vandergahast, the Crown Treasurer Gorambthin Nista. The King agrees to lend the party 40,000gp, but expects to be paid back. Additionally, he allows Alusair to travel with the party, but she must stay at the fortress, not join the adventure. The King asks Vandergahast to ask Sword Coast emissaries if there is anything Cormyr can do to help the situation. The King provides a stamped letter to be given to High Marshal Valcitic Umbras.

Flamerule 27
Maythor purchases and receives his new Mirthril Plate of Speed and Winged Vest.

The party works with the local magic shop (Eerams’) to purchase their needed supplies list.
MarcusLor agrees to have Captain Coren watch over Castle Blade while the party is away. He will send Coren with 30 cavalrymen to stay at that location when the party leaves.

Flamerule 29
Neriana, Dorteck, and Corenia arrive in Suzail.

Midsummers Eve
The party enjoys festivities at Crownguard Keep.

Eleasius 1
The party makes final preperations and gathers their final items.
Morthrou purchases Maythors +2 Full Plate, he leaves his +3 Splint mail at Crownguard Keep for the time being.

Eleasius 2
The party leaves Suzail west then north via Phantom Steed. The party is:
Maythor (12 F), Zanakin (11W, 1F), MarcusLor (11F), Dorteck (12F), Devrille (10C), Neriana (9C, 4W), Corenia (8W, 2F, 2R), Morthrou (9F), and Alusair (7B).
They stay in a local inn prior to passing by High Horn.

Eleasius 3
The party enters the Shadow Plane via a Shadowalk spell. After a long, hard day of travel they reenter the Prime Material Plane and rest the evening in the open.

Eleasius 4
The party enters the Shadow Plane via a Shadowalk spell. The party reenters the Prime Material Plane east of Scornubel, on the other side of the river. Maythor retrieves a boat for the party, enter Scornubel, and walk to Demetrius’ Tower. It is there they rest and prepare for the next days journey. Maythor spends much needed time with Kiltila, whom is saying at the tower in training.

Eleasius 5
The party enters the Shadow Plane via a Shadowalk spell. The party reenters the Prime Material Plane near the Trade Way fortress under construction. Discussions with High Marshal Valcitic Umbras and his leadership team are held to gain approval of a counterattack, Valcitic agrees somewhat, but will attack a nearby enemy fortress. The mighty Krolack joins the party.

Eleasius 7

Party: Maythor (12 F), Zanakin (11W, 1F), MarcusLor (11F), Dorteck (12F), Devrille (10C), Neriana (9C, 4W), Azoorin (12 R), Krolck (10F, 3R)

The party enters the Shadow Plane via a Shadowalk spell. The party reenters the Prime Material Plane off the river on the south-side of the Serpent Hills. They use Rope Tricks to rest until midnight. Azorin recons the area to find the best route to the enemy fortress.

Eleasius 8
At midnight, Zanakin creates a Veil spell to make the party appear as hobgoblins guarding a hobgoblin shaman. He concentrates on the spell to give it lasting time, so their movement is at 15’. Azorin uses Pass Without a Trace on the party for security as well.

By morning, the party encounters a patrol of trolls, a guard hill of humanoids, and early morning a large company of humanoids. Tongues spell allows Azorin to communicate with the hobgoblins that challenge them. No fighting ensures, which was the plan.

The Fortress:
By late morning, Azorin brings the party to a secluded river cave on the bottom of the small mountain where the fortress is located. The party enters the cave, and follows the shallow underground river through darkness to an inner cave-lake.
From the cave-lake, pulleys and other mechanisms bring water into the upper floors of the fortress. Azorin guides the party to the opening at the top-most part of the cave to enter the Eldritch’s lair. They party uses levitate and fly magic’s to gain entrance.
The Eldtritch Lair:

Once inside the upper fortress (Eldritch Lair), Hide from Animals, Invisibility, Silence, and Gaseous Form allows the party to split into two groups and maneuver through the passage ways protected by half-sleeping Hill Giants, Dire Wolves, and Stone Giants. They luckily are unnoticed as they slowly move through the passages under Azorin’s guidance. They stop at a massive supplies room located outside the Eldritch’s King’s Chamber.

Still in Gaseous form, Maythor recons the Eldritch’s chamber to find it guarded on the outside by a stoic Stone Giant and Dire Wolf. Inside the massive 200’ by 300’ chamber (with 60’ ceilings), he spies the massively huge Eldritch speaking with a Stone Giant Elder. Along the nearest wall is another Stone Giant guard. Along the ceiling hang at least 4 iron ages, occupied by select prisoners of the Eldritch.



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