The Only One

Finding the Green Dragon Treasure

Date 10 July 2010

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Deepwinter 15 (January)
Current Party:
Maythor; Level 11 Fighter
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard (soon to be Level 1 Fighter)
Devrille Fortholm; Level 9 Cleric of Torm
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia, Level 8 Wizard/ 2 Figher/ 2 Rogue
Dortek Ironhouse, Level 11 Fighter

One day after the epic battle vs a hoard of hobgoblins and a green dragon the Covenant of the Blade sets out on an 8 day trek to find the dragons treasure.

Pregame Prep This session starts out on the 15th of Deepwinter (January), 1 day after the epic battle agains the dragon and humanoids at Castle Blade. The party is making preparations to travel to the Cult of the Dragon site in the Hullack Forest (the base was previously destroyed by the party) in an attempt to find the dragon treasure horde.
Zanakin has 11 days left of training to make 1st level fighter.

The COB, leadership and Purple Dragons leadership work out a deal with the hobgoblin’s that helped defeat the enemy horde. The hobgoblins will take the valuable items that they brought with them, plus a very small amount of the winnings (equipment) with them. They also move their dead east of the castle, to be picked up at a later date.

The party also skins the dragon to allow an armorer to create armor and shields. Maythor, Zanakin, Devrille, Dorteck, and Corenia equip themselves for winter travel towards the Hullack in search of the dragon treasure. They move on foot.

Deepwinter 16
The party reaches the eastern side of the Hullack.

Deepwinter 17
The party reaches the ancient elven standing stones in the afternoon, which is the landmark to head north into the deep of the Hullack. The party moves north.

Deepwinter 19
Traveling on foot stealthily over the next two days, the party arrives at the remains of the Cult of the Dragon and humanoid encampment. It is unmanned. The party stays the evening, on alert.

Deepwinter 20
Devrille uses Speak With Dead spell on the morning on one of the cult of the dragon warriors and ascertains the dragon lair is somewhere in the hills to the NW of the encampment.

The party leaves NW, and splits apart in 2 groups to cover more ground.

Deepwinter 21
The party finds a giant cave, secluded in the trees and rocks of the rocky portion of the Hullack. They enter the cave and pass a number of traps meant to push-away invaders. Damage to the band is minimal in avoiding and disarming the traps, and no additional encounters are found. The party finds a large horde of treasure, and carries away the majority of it in their Bag of Holding.
After grabbing everything they can carry, the party heads toward the main trade route.

Deepwinter 22
A massive blizzard keeps the party in-place for a day.

Deepwinter 24
The party returns to Blade Keep to break-down the treasure.

Official write up
Finding the Dragon Treasure



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