The Only One

Great Tales in Greatgaunt

Date: 19 February 2011

Mirtul 26 (May), 1364
Party: Maythor (11), Zanakin (11,1), Devrille (10), and Shandra (7,1)

The party is mounted on their personal mounts, equipped for extended overland travel

The party left out the southern gates of Eagles Peak continuing their first leg of the journey towards Candlekeep. It is outside the gates where the party runs into a Purple Dragon patrol being mustered to track down a band of rogue humanoids that attacked a homestead the evening before, and took prisoners.
Maythor and Zankin decide they should step into to help the local commanders and use Shandra to track the humanoids into the Sunset Mountains. Since the way will be difficult terrain, but the humanoids have a many-hour head start, the party elects to take their mounts, and lead them by foot when appropriate. Tracking the few ogres and orcs leads the party east, then north.

Mirtul 27
After a long day of tracking, and into the evening, the party takes some rest.

By morning, the party catches the small band of orcs and ogres by surprise. A short battle erupts, with the humanoids destroyed under blade, arrow, and spell. The party rescues Avril Salbrent and two of his young sons. Avril is a local Eagles Peak farmer and shepherd, and very appreciative of his rescue.

The party heads south and east towards Eagles Peak.

Mirtul 28
The party arrives at Eages Peak, and once again stays the night. An official reception at the small keep held by Lord Nambravyn and Commander Zelmann is held for ht party, and they offer their thanks and assistance any time the party is in Eagles Peak.

The orc prisoners did go back to their homestead, but not before Maythor giving them the coin they took from the humanoids – much of it originally theirs.

Mirtul 29
The party heads south.

Mirtul 30
After a long day of travel, the party camps off the side of the road (the usual protocol).
During watch, the party is ambushed by a group of beasts known as Shadow Mastiffs. The battle was fierce and at times interesting due to fear-affects, but in the end the party was victorious. The next few hours was spent re-gathering their mounts and finding an alternate camp-site.

Kythorn 1
The party passes by Skull Crag, but does not stop. They camp on the outskirts of the small walled city.

Kythorn 4
The party arrives in the city of Greatgaunt.

During the evening at the local tavern, some interesting events take place. Fist, a well-known local bard arouses the tavern by doing an excellent impersonation of Vandergahast. This impersonation touches Maythor’s nerves as he has a few choice words for the bard, and he calls for the arrest of the bard (which does not happen).

Shortly thereafter, the party hears word of a caravan that was ambushed by bandits on the Bridge of Fallen Men that morning – what was left of the caravan had just arrived in Greatgaunt.



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