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Date: 13 November 2010

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26 Deepwinter [JAN], 1364 DR

Pregame Prep:
This session starts out on the 26th of Deepwinter (JAN), 1 day after returning with the dragon hordes treasure. The party will travel using Phantom Steed to Suzail.

Notes: MarcusLor is selling a +3 Long Sword to the Party Treasury for 14,400 gp.

Morthrou Silversword will be training all the mundane items secured after the decisive battle and bring them to Arabel for sale when the weather clears up (Tarsakh). The party thinks this should net them 13,189 gp for the party treasury. Zanakin Alabeck’s party treasury sheet has the rest of the items won from the battle (after splitting the treasure among all parties involved).
Zanakin has 11 days left of training to make 1st level fighter, and is looking to train a two new feats. Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia will train Zanakin in Improved Initiative. A trainer will need to be found for Storm Bolt feat.

Maythor Silversword will continue to pre-train 12th level fighter.

End Notes

Maythor, Zanakin, Devrille Fortholm, Dortek Ironhouse, and Corenia equip themselves for winter travel towards Suzail. They plan on staying in Crownguard Keep for the duration of their stay. Meanwhile, MarcusLor Crownguard, Dorteck and many of the others at the dragon and humanoid battle will continue to ensure Blade Keep is secure. The Purple Dragons from Castle Crag and the Eastern Garrison of Cormyr left Blade Keep on Deepwinter 26.

MarcusLor Crownguard, still at Blade Keep, will return to Suzail with Alusair Nacacia Obarskyr, Dortek Ironhouse, and what is left of his cavalry shortly after Maythor and Zanakin leave for Suzail from Arabel.

27 Deepwinter

Party (82):
Maythor Silversword (Human Male LV 11 Fighter),
Zanakin Alabeck (Human Male LV 11 Wizard),
Devrille Fortholm (Human Male LV 9 Cleric of Tyr),
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia (Sun (Drow) Elf Female LV 8 W/ 2 F/ 2 R)

Zanakin summons 4 phantom steeds, and the party moves across the winterlands towards Suzail. With a stop in Arabel, they figure the trip will take 5 days. Over the next 5 days, no noteworthy encounters take place.

1 Alturiak [FEB] (1364 DR)
The party arrives in Suzail and settles in at Crownguard Keep. Zanakin begins his final training for level 1 Fighter. Corenia will train Zanakin for 14 days in the art of Improved Initiative feat. Afterwards, her plan is to return to Blade Keep.

2 Alturiak
Visiting the Towers of the War Wizards near the palace, Zanakin finds that a mid- ranking war wizard named Humran Spearworth, a mid-level Evoker. Humran is willing to train Zanakin in the art of Storm Bolt. However, he is unable to train him for at least 30 days.

26 days pass with both Maythor and Zankin training during the day at Crownguard Keep, and getting some much-deserved R&R during the evening hours.

28 Alturiak
Maythor speaks to Constal Kherik Neovok at the Suzail Garrison. Kherik connects Maythor with Sthavar. Sthavar is the Suzail Garrison Commander, commander of the militia, and Lord of Suzail. He is responsible for the safety and security of all things Suzail, and a close adviser to Azoun Obarskyr IV, King of Cormyr. Sthavar’s and his subordinate Oversword Deleep Zharinthan agree to make time to train Maythor in Greater Weapon Specialization, which is a feat that only a select group of powerful fighters in the kingdom know the secret of. Training will start on Ches of Sunsets 8, and will take 25 days.

MarcusLor, Dorteck, and Alusair return from Blade Keep with the men and mounts still alive after the battle.

2 Ches of Sunsets [MAR] (1364 DR)
Zanakin begins Storm Bolt training with Humran Spearworth at the Towers of the War Wizards in the palace area. Training should not take more than 18 days. He returns during the evening to Crownguard Keep.

8 Ches of Sunsets
Maythor begins Greater Weapon Specialization training with Sthavar and Deleep at the Garrison grounds. Often times they provide him direction and leave him with Purple Dragons to train with. One of the two (usually Deleep) returns every few hours to monitor his progress and provide additional guidance. He returns during the evening to Crownguard Keep.

20 Ches of Sunsets
Zanakin’s Storm Bolt training is completed. He begins training on the final skills to complete his training to 1st level fighter.

3 Tarsakh of Storms [APR] (1364 DR)
Maythor’s feat training with Sthavar and Deleep is completed. Maythor continues to pre-train skills and other essentials while he awaits Zanakin to complete his training. Both men continue to stay at Crownguard Keep during the evenings. MarcusLor spends much of his time with Alusair, but will make time every few days to spend with his friends. Dorteck livens up the party during the evenings after a long day of training is completed.

4 Tarsakh of Storms
Maythor, Devrille, and Corenia leave Suzail to Arabel mounted. Zanakin remains behind in Suzail to complete his training.

10 Tarsakh of Storms
Maythor, Devrille, and Corenia meet Morthrou in Arabel. Morthrou rode with a host of Purple Dragons and some Blade Keep soldiers to sell the mundane items gathered after the defeat of the humanoids. Morthrou also brought the parties war mounts, Zanakin’s book to enter Candlekeep, extra coin, the Rod of Veskra, and a + 2 Rapier.

While in Arabel, Maythor picks up Shandra Pyralthek. Shandra is completed with her Ranger training and is now a LV 7 Rogue, LV1 Ranger. Corenia will travel back to Blade Keep with Morthrou. After the meeting, Maythor, Devrille, and Shandra leave for Suzail.

16 Tarsakh of Storms
After the meeting, Maythor, Devrille, and Shandra arrive in Suzail. No noteworthy encounters occurred.

19 Tarsakh of Storms
Zanakin’s training is now officially complete. He is now a full-fledged 1st level Fighter!

20 Tarsakh of Storms
Maythor and Zanakin are contacted by the palace and told they are personally requested by the Azoun Obarskyr IV, King of Cormyr during a celebration at Greengrass at the palace. They wisely accept the invitation.
Maythor’s feat training with Sthvar and Deleep is completed.

Greengrass, 1364 DR
A fantastic celebration was held at the Cormyrian Royal Court, as is customary every year. Because of recent events, this is an especially honored occasion. Nobles, landed gentry, lords, knights, and friends of the crown from across the kingdom arrive amid much fanfare.
It is at this party that King Azoun IV announces MarcusLor and Alusair are to be married at a later time. It is also during the celebration a ceremony is held to award Maythor and Zanakin the Honor of the Dragon Heart! This is the most prestigious award given in Cormyr (much like the Medal of Honor), and those awarded join the ranks of a select few heroes of the realms.

11 Mirtul [MAY] (1364 DR)

Party (83):
Maythor Silversword (Human Male LV 11 Fighter),
Zanakin Alabeck (Human Male LV 11/ 1 Wizard/ Fighter),
Devrille Fortholm (Human Male LV 9 Cleric of Tyr),
Shandra Pyralthek (Half Elf Female LV 7/ 1 Rog/ Ran)?

The party leaves on horseback towards Candlekeep. They follow the Callantar’s Way trade route towards Arabel.

15 Mirtul
The party arrives in Arabel and stays at the Craftsman’s Doorway. They await Morthrou to have a last meeting before departing.

16 Mirtul
Morthrou arrives in Arabel and meets the party at the Craftsman’s Doorway. Discussions are had, agreements finalized, and the party prepares for the long-trek west.

17 Mirtul
The party heads west towards Eveningstar. Morthrou rides east towards Blade Keep (with the patrol he came to Arabel with).

20 Mirtul
The party passes through Eveningstar.

22 Mirtul
The party passes through Tyrilluk.

23 Mirtul
The party enters into the Storm Horn Mountains and passes through High Horn.

24 Mirtul
On the westwards side of the Storm Horns the party enters Hlundeth and stays the night.

25 Mirtul
Following the west trade route along the western side of the Storm Horn Mountains the party enters the fortified and tightly controlled city of Eagle Peak.

26 Mirtul
The party rides south out of Eagles Peak, and find trouble…

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