The Only One

Roads to Scornubel

Date: 3 December, 2011

Flamerule 3 (July)
Party: Maythor (11), Zanaking (11,1), Devrille (10), Shandra (7,1), and Kiltila (3)

Zanakin the dumb gets his brain back. From this point on its an all out chase after Viceroy. From Beregost to Baldurs Gate and east to a cold shoreline on an empty river, in the middle of nowhere.

This session starts out on the 3rd of Flamerule (July) in the City of Beregost. The day previous, the party was mercilessly attacked in an ambush along the road while leaving Candlekeep. The ambush was led by Viceroy and two of his henchmen. The party was victorious, but Zanakin was left feebleminded. The party brought Zanakin to Beregost in hopes of finding healing at the Morninglord’s Temple.

The party stays the evening at the local inn in Beregost.

Flamerule 4
Devrille brings Zanakin to the temple for restoration. Devrille also purchases 2 heal scrolls. Zanakin is renewed through the powerful magic of the Morninglord’s Chief of Archives, Gorelum Dimroy.

Additionally, the party removes the deceased enemy from the ambush on Flamerule 2, and use speak with dead spells. It is determined that the Warlock met Viceroy in an inn called the Inn of the Broken Galleon in Baldur’s Gate. From the deceased ranger, it is determine that Viceroy is at least as powerful as Zanakin, and was in contact with a Zhentarim agent whom is the Merchant Lord of the Sword and Crescent Arms Company, based in Baldur’s Gate. It is also determined that Viceroy’s tower is in the Dragonwall, and he does have some pieces of the Rod of Veskra.

Flamerule 5
The party leaves north towards Baldur’s Gate using Phantom Steeds. Zanakin uses the Base of the Rod of Veskra to determine the possible location of Visceroy, whom seems to be moving north.

The enemy bodies are left behind and disposed.

The party stops at the Friendly Arm Inn, but does not spend the evening.

By evening, the party arrives in Baldur’s Gate – and attempt to disguise themselves as travelers. However, the party feels as though they are being watched as they enter the SE gates of the city (bridge gate). They leave out the NE gates and stay the evening in a nearby wooded area.

Flamerule 6
Zanakin and Shandra go into town and visit a small magic shop called The Jeweled Coffer. They purchase 2 crystals. A few other visitations and they sell of excess gems and jewels, and attempt to gather information on Visceroy or his allies – no information is gained.

Upon returning that evening, the party decides to set an ambush on the road. They assume Visceroy is in Baldur’s Gate because the base section of the Rod of Veskra points at the city. The ambush is set on the road. Shandra will take rear watch and watch the river – in case Visceroy is on a phantom steed like the party.

Flamerule 7
This morning Shandra sees a black-cloaked rider on a phantom steed fly east on the river. The party assumes this must be Visceroy from her description, and make chase.

Using the Base of the Rod of Veskra, Zanakin can determine his general location. The party passes the river-port city of Elturel, and determine Visceroy is staying the evening there. They set an ambush for the next morning along the river at a suitable location.

Flamerule 8
The ambush set, Visceroy speeds past the party only to bet the trap. Before 12 seconds pass, the evil wizard is vanquished in a near-shore river battle. Maythor makes LV 12!

The party rests for the day, staying off the river.

Flamerule 9
The party uses speak with dead to determine that Visceroy’s commander is the great Ashemi, the Zhentarim Black Cloak Commander. His tower is located inside the castle of the westgate (dragonwall), Ashemi has access of the other piece of the Rod Visceroy discovered, and Visceroy did slay Delmanton The Blue in cold blood many years ago.

Flamerule 10
The party resumes travel and makes it to Scornubel. Traveling around the city, they make north and arrive in at Demetrius’ tower. Demetrius speaks with the party after soup. Mostly small-talk, but alerts the party of an adventure that could use their assistant near Boarskyr Bridge. Demetrius also agrees to sell Zanakin a Boccob’s Blessed Book, and a few spells (allowing use of his lab as well. Finally, Demetrius allows Kiltila to train LV 4 in his tower, if she so desires.

Maythor rolled a ‘1’ for HP’s!


All the gory deatils here


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