The Only One

The Peril of Candlekeep

Date: 17 September, 2011

Kythorn 21 [JUN] (DR 1364)
Party: Maythor (11), Zanakin (11,1), Devrille (10), Shandra (7,1), and Kiltila (3)

The party stays the evening at the local inn in Berdusk, Chauntea’s Glade Inn to await Demetrius’s arrival.

This session starts out on the 21st of Kythorn (June) in the City of Berdusk. The days previous, the party was delivered the Master of the Hunt to Lord Bron of Iriaebor, and destroyed his two Beats of Malar. Also, the party helped hunt-down a Zhentarim agent in that city, and Zanakin was nearly assassinated. After these adventurous days, the party resumed their trek towards Candlekeep, and ran into Demetrius and Kiltila in Berdusk.
Pregame Prep Joe removes 3,000 gp from the party treasury and put toward keep costs. Maythor uses 6,000 gp of his own coin for future costs.

Demetrius arrives with Kiltila. Kiltila had traveled many days (story not provided here) to be with her friends and husband once again, full well knowing the dangers. Demetrius ensured the final hand-off was made personally. Demetrius provides some new information on the on goings in the north (North trade route under attack from the High Moore, Merdravik still on the move)Demetrius also lets the party know that if they find themselves in Baldur’s Gate, to look up an old acquaintance of his that operates a magic shop: Orienthis Veldrik, owner of Mystra Gifts magic shop.

Kythorn 22
The party leaves south on phantom steeds across the Greenfields.

Note: Devrille puts his backpack in the Bag of Holding or he has encumbrance issues.
Phantom Steeds: Using Zanakins level, should be able to move ~300 miles per day.

Kythorn 23
The party arrives in Nashkel and notice that a formidable force from Amn and Flaming Fist from Baldur’s Gate are facing off in town. Amn may be making a claim to lands around Nashkel, which Baldur’s Gate disagrees with. Tension is high, but no formal skirmishes have occurred.

The party stays the evening at the Grinning Boar.

Kythorn 24
The party travels north on phantom steeds and arrives in Beregost. They make merry Ulcaster’s Draft Tavern and Inn, and make acquaintance with Eiriana, a robust woman in her 50’s who seems to know a thing or two about adventure.

The party also learns of a mysterious and reclusive wizard named Poralthek The Traveler whom resides in a tower west of Beregost.

Kythorn 25
The party arrives in Candlekeep. Zanakin provides the book Demetrius gave him to gain official entrance to the library for 10 days.

In general, the party learns of some of the inner-workings of Candlekeep and met some of the leaders of the sanctuary, including:
Keeper off the Tombs: Urant. Urant is the current leader of Candlekeep.
First Reader: Hesraf Youlshieef (most learned sage of the monastery)
Chanter: Fredrick Ostwether

Flamerule 1
Over the next 6 days, Zanakin finds the information he seeks about the Rod of Veskra. Assigned scribes copy down the information he seeks. Additionally, Urant spends time with Kiltila (and Maythor), as he was informed upon her arrival. Kiltila special ability to see into the Web of Life through the weave is a power Alaundo is said to have, and is a once in a generation ability given to humanity. He verifies that Kiltila is a special friend to Candlekeep, and is a Seer.

By the end of their time there, Urant agrees with Maythor to set up a protocol that if anyone tries to find information about Kiltila at Candlekeep, he will use Sending to send this information to them.

Flamerule 2
The party leaves east towards Beregost on phantom steeds.

Late morning, the party is ambushed by a powerful evil ranger, warlock, and wizard- whom happens to be Zankin’s nemesis Viceroy. A epic battle ensues where the party is nearly destroyed. However, through luck, strength, and force of will, the party survives and defeats the enmy. The ranger and warlock are killed, and Viceroy escapes nearly unharmed. Maythor is left highly wounded, and Zanakin left feebleminded.

After picking up the pieces from the battle, including their opponents bodies (Bag of Holding), the party arrives in Beregost by the end of the day.




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