The Only One

Assassin at the Wandering Wyvern

Date: 23 July, 2011

Kythorn 17
Party: Maythor (11), Zanakin (11,1), Devrille (10), and Shandra (7,1)

The party brings the wounded Master of the Hunt back to Lord Bron. After delivering the evil foe, they found out from Lord Bron’s High Ranger that they determined that the inner circle traitor was Palace Commander, under orders from a local Merchant Lord. A force of palace guards was being dispatched to arrest the Merchant Lord. The party requests to go along for the ride, which is agreed to.

En route to the Merchant Lord’s mansion located in upper Iriaebor, the force is attacked by the Merchant Lord in the street. The Merchant Lord turned out to be a powerful wizard and Zhentarim agent. Many soldiers fall in the battle, and the party engages the wizard and his henchmen, but at the end of the battle the evil wizard escapes.

Kythorn 19
The evening before leaving, Zanakin is tricked from the Wandering Wyvern into the city streets at night, and is ambushed by an assassin named the Dark Saber. Zanakin is paralyzed, but a lucky turn of events brings Maythor into the street against the assassin. The assassin is able to escape by the edge of his life.

Kythorn 20
Morning finds the city-folk invited to the hanging of the Master of the Hunt. A celebration ensues as Lord Bron tells the citizens the enemy terrorizing the northern locales has been vanquished.

The party leaves its mounts under Lord Bron’s care, and decides to travel via phantom steed over the River Chionthar.

The rested party heads west on water-walking phantom steeds towards Berdusk.

Kythorn 21
The party arrives mid-day in Berdusk and stay at a local Inn called Chauntea’s Glade. Zanakin is contacted by Demetrius via a sending spell, and told to await his arrival in the next few days.


Trouble in Iriaebor


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