Ashek Deveron

Rear Marshal for the Northern Sword Coast Coalition Forces, based in Scornubel


Updated: 11 Flamerule, 1364.

Title: Rear Marshal for the Northern Sword Coast Coalition Forces

Human, Male, Age 50

Profession: Fighter or Warrior (LV 6+*)

  • A commander of Ashek’s level can be assumed to have trained for any years and fought in many battles.

Residence: Currently resides in a makeshift palisade and keep house in west Scornubel.

Description: Ashek is a professional military commander. He is stout and strong, though the many years of service have begun to wear on him. Ashek stands about 5’10" and is over more than average strength. He has brown grey hair, a neatly trimmed beard, and keen brown eyes. Ashek is a no-nonsense commander. Ashek wears armor fitting of his station (Plate mail), and wears a long sword at his belt. Other equipment such as a shield, helmet, and other weapons and essentials surely make up the rest of his gear.

Ashek is one of the few commanders that command the small force and militia out of Scornubel.


Ashek Deveron

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