Azorin Merrywith "Wolfriend"

Human Ranger Adventurer of the COB


Professional Adventurer of the COB

Level: Level 13 Ranger

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 34
Height: 6’ 4"
Weight: 220
Skin Fair
Hair: Brown (long hair and beard)
Eyes: Brown

HP: 99 (check for reroll!)
Abilities: S) 18 16; D) 16; C) 16; I) 14; W) 14; Ch) 12; Cm) 12
Special Abilities:
Ranger Abilities
Dual Weapon Ranger

Important Items:
+ 2 Long Sword), Crystal Cold
+2 Throwing Axe
+1 C. Long Bow (18 S)
+2 Chain Shirt
+2 Amulate of Natural Armor
+2 Vest of Resistance
Ring of Sustenance
Cloak of Stone
+2 Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Boots of Tracklessness
Hewards Handy Haversack
Bracers of Blinding Strike

Description: Azorin is lean and stands about 6’4” tall, weighing perhaps 220 lbs. His hair is long and brown, and he is usually unshaven, but does not favor a full beard. His eyes are blueish white. Azorin may not be as strong as lead fighters in an adventuring band, but he has inhuman endurance, good strength, and his skill in arms is not to be questioned. Azorin wears leather armor and fights with 2 swords (long and short or rapier), and a long bow in ranged combat. He moves quick on land, and is always on foot. In fact, Azorin cannot outrun a horse in short distances, but can be almost assured to outdistance a mount over time. He has been known to run at length for days at a time, non stop, covering miles of land that normal men could never accomplish… he is a Ranger.

Azorin is also rumored to have a special way with wolves, and his nickname is Azorin “Wolfriend”, which many of his friends know him by.


Azorin hails from the Western Heartlands and has been a ranger since his early teens. He has also travelled the Inner Sea (west) and into the dangerous North. For most of his life, Azorin’s exploits usually involve the hunting and tracking of evil humanoids that terrorize hapless citizans of good communitits. He favors the wilds over civilied lands, but has no problem being in large cities, albeit for small amounts of time. Azorin has worked with many powerful adventuring bands, through the years, but his wandering nature usually results in these allegiences as temporary.

Azorin’s history prior to meeting with the COB is not well known, but he did meet early memebrs of the COB, including MarcusLor, in Turmish in 1359 DR. Azorin shared many adventures with the COB, but eventually left the group and headed to the North to work against the evil demigod Merdavik and his minions. Through sheer stroke of luck, Azorin temporarily teamed with members of the COB again to defend the eleven home of Evereska, and again to retrieve the Orb of Wisdom from the bowels of Merdravik’s hold in Karse.

Azorin has no known residence, and for the last few years has travelled with two outsider sisters from an alternate Prime Material Plane (Greyhawk) named Thelis and Sharshien. Azorin’s current wereabouts are believed to be in the North.

Azorin Merrywith "Wolfriend"

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