Ceres Neregad

Owner of Dragon Reach Structural Engineering Company


Tite: Owner of Dragon Reach Structural Engineering Company

Human, Male, Age 63

Profession: Engineer, Architect, and Proprieter; Class: Expert LV11 (Approx)

Residence: Arabel, Cormyr

Description: Ceres is a large (6’) square man with brown eyes, greyish brown hair, and a short cut but full well-trimmed beard. Ceres always wears the finest of merchant garb available, but the garb is always loose fitting and comftorable to wear. Ceres has a deep commanding voice, but uses it in a gentle tone. Ceres never wears armor or a weapon, but has trained with both in his younger days. Ceres is a “King’s man” through-and-through.


Ceres Neregad owns one of the largest structural engineering companies in northern Cormyr. He is willing to build small stone structures, to large stone structures such as manorhouses and castles. Ceres is well known in Arabel, and his company has built or assisted in building some of the areas grandest structures, including Castle Crag and many manor houses. He has 100’s of laborers, merchants, and engineers that work for his company directly, and many others that can be hired from across the lands, including the dalelands. Ceres Neregad has been commissioned by the Covenant of the Blade to build their castle on the east side of the Hullack. Cereses sons work with him, and are slated t take control of the business when he retires.

Ceres Neregad build the COB’s CAStle Blade during the Time of the False KIng, a tumultuous time. He liked the party, and their allegiances with Alusair and other noteable nobles. Celese contracted the buildig of the castle with little regard to company profit.

Ceres’ home was destroyed in the battle of Arabel. As of late 1363 it is currently being rebuilt. He runs his business from a nearby building he aquired until his home and business is rebuilt.

As of Update 1363 DR

Ceres is married to: Doriam Neregad (Ceres -12)
Ceres has two children: Ceres Neregad II (Ceres -30), Phylliap Neregad (-Ceres -35)

Ceres Neregad

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