His presence is often associated with "that old person smell".


Male, Human, Age 70+

Profession: Wizard, LV20+

Residence: 1/4 days ride north of Scornubel

Description: Demetrius stands about 5’11" tall and weighs perhaps 160 pounds. His apparent age of 70 must be magically altered since he is well known to to be much older. He has long silver grey hair, deep blue eyes, and a long whispy full silver grey beard that is all swaying in some absent wind. For the most part, he wears non-distinct white robes with a grey sash and cloak with dark grey walking boots. On his person always is a golden rope belt aligned with numerous brown pouches, and he normally carries a non descript walking stick.

Notes: Demetrius, or known as “Old One” in many areas, is believed to be a half crazy wizard that is prone to wearing sunglasses at night, and wearing boots with small wheels on the bottom. For most folk, his speels always seem to go awry harmlessly for the first few attempts until he gets it right. He is known to change near folks hair and skin different colors, or play other harmless tricks. In reality, Demetrius is a powerful Wizard that has many friends and allies, and is havily involved in political intrigue at all levels for the good of the realm. He holds no alliances with kingdomes or states for that matter, only people. Most powerful Wizards in the inner sea, and north west have at least knowledge of the wizard, but usually do not know his intentions. In Scornubel, he is known by a few to sell certain potions for a fee. Over the past 4 years, Demetrius has helped many adventurers and powerful beings for the cause of good, and noteably the Adventuring Band the Covenant of the Blade. In battle, Demetrius holds an assortment of very powerfl magic items that can strike fear in the heart of even the most powerful evil beigs, and his spell arsenal is impressive.

Demetrius’ assistant in many events involving the Covenant of the Blade are too numerous to mention. As a sample, Demetrius helped with the saving of the elven princess Cylinda, discussions with the Dark Warrior, assistance in the battle of Mulmaster, many battles with the minions of Merdravik, the capture of the Orb of Wisdom in Karske, and the battle of Arabel. He has also assisted in the training of party mages, and given numerous tips and advice to the party.



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