Fallitherin Calaswood

Evereskan Elven High Lord


Hereditary Title: Elven High Lord

Male, Sun Elf, Age 200

Profession: Fighter, LV 9+

Resides: Evereska

Description: Fallitheren stands about 5’ 7" tall and weighs around 140 pounds. He is a lean warrior, but strong and dextrous none the less. He has well cut golden hair, and silver blue eyes. His fair skin has a bluish tint in the face. His face is charming, and his commanding voice sounds like a strong musical song. Elves and humans find him very charming and are drawn to him. Normally, his garb is eloquent elven garb from his homeland, rich with colors, complete with high collars and long lines.

Notes: Fallitherin is mighty elven lord from Evereska that has a rich family heritage. He can be seen as a typical elven lord, one who at times thinks low of humans and other races, and thinks elves are the true chosen race of Faerun because of their rich history, culture, and beliefs. He is wise enough to know that other races should be treated as equals, but may not say so outloud. Fallitheren has been a great elven warrior for many years, it was his calling. Though not an active adventurer, his repetoir and skills rival some of the finest warriors of other lands. Fallitheren is one of the spokesmen for the elven council in Everska. One day he intends to take a fine elven wife (though he is far past the usual elven marrying age), but he is in no hurry to do so since his heart was lost to a half elf some time back. Fallitherin has a deep hatred of the Drow, deeper than the hatred most elevs feel for them. His father was killed by the Drow 120 years past, and he will never forgive them for that deed. Fallitheren’s weapon of choice is both the long sword and elven long bow, splitting his abilites evenly on both.

Fallitherin was involved with the rescues of Cylindia Goldmoon in 1359, his love (though she did not return it). It was at this time that an animosity grew between him and Lowkey Silversword because of Lowkeys failed family line, and Lowkey’s affinity to humans. Over time, this animosity receaded because of Lowkey’s adventuring companions combined good deeds for the god, and especially for their help of Everska during trying times. He can be considered a friend ot the Covenant of the Blade for the most part, but some feelings die hard.


Fallitherin Calaswood

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