Gerit Oracklyn

Caiptain of Boarskyr Bridge Protective Contingent for the Northern Sword Coast Coalition Forces


Updated: 17 Flamerule, 1364

Title: Captain for the Northern Sword Coast Coalition Forces

Human, Male, Age 30

Profession: Fighter or Warrior (LV 5+*)

  • A military commander of Gerit’s level can be assumed to have trained for some years and fought in a few battles.

Residence: Currently resides with military forces on the south side of Boarskyr Bridge

Description: Gerit is a professional military leader. He is a lean warrior, standing about 6’ and of over more than average strength. He has blond hair, is clean-shaven, and brown eyes. Gerit wears armor fitting of his station (Plate mail), wears a long sword at his belt, uses a heavy steel shield and is trained in the bow. At the time of this note, Gerit commands perhaps 200 warriors, and shares the duty of the protection of Boarskyr Bridge with 2 other captains.
Gerit is a nothman, and his residence is in Waterdeep. His usual employment is in the Waterdeep military forces under the lord’s of the city state..


Gerit Oracklyn

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