Krolack Armsguard "The Fearless"


Title: Owner and Caiptain of Mercenary Company Oldath’s Fist

Human Male, Age 34

Profession: Fighter/ Rogue (Approx LV 9, 3)

Residence: Varies

Description: Krolack is a tan skinned giant of a man, hailing from lands south and east of Amn. He stands about 6’4" and weighs nearly 300 pounds – with 20 Strength! He has long dark hair and eyes, and does not favor has facial hair. Krolack is at home in heavy armor, or no armor at all, as he has lived both the life of a great warrior, and the life of a common thief (in his younger years). Today, Krolack favors the long sword and a long bow. Heavy armor, helm, shield, and countless other minor items make up the rest of his equipment. He prefers to travel on his trusted great-steed “Durashin”.

Krolack’s sign is a sword floating point down over an open gauntlet. Krolack hails from Amn as his home, where he grew up in a large metropolis.


Krolack grew up as an orphan in a town on the outskirts of SE Amn. At a young age he was taken by rogues associated with the Night Blades in Amn. Training as a rogue commenced, and he was forced in doing the dirty work of his masters was his teen years; until his skills and size soon outmatched his superiors. Finding the lawless life of a rogue not to his liking, Krolack learned the way of the fighter and has travelled with the likes of adventuring bands and mercenary companies up and down the sword coast. Krolack’s goal in life is to own his own mercenary company, which he has done at least two times in his life.

Krolack met with Lowkey and MarcusLor of COB fame in 1362 DR and adventured with them and their friends for many moons. Krolack had known MarcusLor from a few years back and owed him a debt, so he left his mercenary company to help his new friends on the quest to find Alusair. Eventually, in Ches of 1362, Krolack joined a portion of the COB (Calais Bryant, Dorteck, and others) and returned to Kezculla to fight the Greater Vampire and his minions that held sway over the city. Ultimatelly its power was broken over the citizens, but the creature as not destroyed. Krolack remained in Amn and headed north to link with his mercenary company Oldath’s Fist.

Today (1364 DR) Oldath’s Fist has grown to over 300 veteran fighters and warriors, and has found service fighting humanoids in the untamed lands between WAterdeep, Baldur’s GAte, and Scornubel.

Krolack Armsguard "The Fearless"

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