Mandarek Ravensclaw, Duke

Commander of Castle Crag, Cormyr


Title: Duke of Cormyr, Commander of Castle Crag

Human, Male, Age 34 (last update Tarsakh of Storms, DR 1365)

Profession: Fighter, Purple Dragon, LV 10F/ 1 PD

Residence: Castle Blade, Cormyr

Description: Duke Lord Mandarek stands about 6’1" and weighs around 220. A purebread fighter, Mandarek looks every so much like the part. Long blond hair and steely blue yes with a thin mustache and sharp features complete his features. Mandarek talks with a cool commanding tone, but is known at times for his short temper. Mandarek is never without his sword, and is always in his armor when on duty. Mandarek is known to wear his noble stripes often.


Mandarek is a true professional noble fighter/ purple dragon in service of the King. In fact, his exploits have never allowed him to settle down as of yet. He is known to be a fantastic field and garrison commander and a heroic warrior, albeit a little full of himself at times. He has a tendency to just affiliate or make conversation with those of his station, or those he respects. Mandarek is a Kings man through and through, and never questions his duty, station, position, or his superiors. He expects the same for anyone that works for the Purple Dragons or Azoun Obarskyr IV, King of Cormyr, and sometimes expects this of the common folk that live in Cormyr. He has toned down his rhetoric over the last few years. If Mandarek joined the rank and file of the Purple Dragons, he would hold the title of Oversword. In the mean-time, he is very happy with commanding Castle Crag. Mandarek’s family holds lands south west of Arabel and south of Eveningstar.

Mandarek was killed while on a search mission in the Stonelands with the Covenant of the Blade (COB) and other members of Castle Crag on 23 Uktar, 1360. He was raised from dead by the High Priest of Chauntea in Arabel, Polmarek, shortly after. Mandarek has had dealings with the COB on many occasions afterwards, and now holds the party the highest respects. Mandarek still holds animosity towards Duke MarcusLor Crownguard because of some old feuds, but the two have learned to tolerate one another. Mandarek considers the Covenant of the Blade as one of his allies, and was key in the victory against the dragon and humanoid horde attack on Blade Keep.

Mandarek Ravensclaw, Duke

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