MarcusLor Crownguard, Duke

Human Fighter Adventurer (Part Time) of the COB


Professional Adventurer of the COB

Title: Duke of Cormyr
Founding member of the COB
Residence: Crownguard Keep in Suzail, Cormyr

Level: Level 12 Fighter

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 39
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 280
Skin Fair
Hair: Blond (trimmed hair and beard)
Eyes: Brown

HP: 124
Abilities: S) 20; D) 14; C) 18 16; I) 12; W) 14; Ch) 16; Cm) 12
Special Abilities:

Important Items:
+ 3 Long Sword of Mighty Cleaving (extra cleave attempt), Crystal Electric
MWK C. Long Bow (18 S), +1 Arrows
+2 Full Platemail, Light Fortification
2 Heavy Steel Shield
+2 Vest of Resistance
+1 Ring of Protection
Ring of Feather Falling
Armbands of Might
Horn of Blasting

Description. MarcusLor stands about 6’2”, weighs about 280 lbs, has blond hair (slightly grey) and blue eyes. Physically very strong, MarcusLor is a very imposing man especially to his enemies. MarcusLor wears knightly armor, skillfully cared for and shined, and prefers longs swords and lances over the long bow (skilled on all three) On the rare occasions that MarcusLor is not wearing his suit of armor, he dresses in regal garb fitting of his station, but rarely wears his noble stripes.

MarcusLor always travels with a full set off his best armor, and weapons. Generally, he requires at least one pack warhorse if traveling overland mounted.


From August 1991:

MarcusLor Crownguard (Duke of Cormyr)is a famed and mighty lord from the Kingdom of Cormyr. At the time of this note, he is about 34 years old (this was 1339 DR, it is now 1364 DR, so 39). MarcusLor hails from the Cormyrian capital of Suzail, and was born the eldest son (he has one brother) to the great Duke Lord MarcusLan Crownguard, the giant slayer. MarcusLor has carried on in his fathers’ footsteps, and has been a stalwart knight and protector to the citizens of Cormyr. His history is much longer, but will not be reproduced here. MarcusLor’s most notible attributes are his honor and loyalty to his family, King, and friends.

May 7 2012:

MarcusLor is betrothed to King Azoun IV’s youngest daughter, Alusair.

MarcusLor resides in his family’s castle inside the walls of Suzail, Cormyr. The castle has been in the family for generations, and is said to have been built when Suzails protective walls were but an assortment of garden fences a wooden palisides. His personal entourage numbers about 80 cavalry soldiers and 12 servants. MarcusLor’s servants do rotations with local Purple Dragons to ensure their training and skills remain sharp.

During the Time of the False King, MarcusLor’s brother Derrik Crownguard was slain by enemy forces, and MarcusLor was imprisoned. MarcusLor swore an oath to bring those responsible to justice…

MarcusLor Crownguard, Duke

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