Merith Veringstone

Leader of Adventuring Band the Scornubel Seven (Disbanded)


Title: Prior Leader of Adventuring Band the Scornubel Seven (Disbanded)

Human, male, Age 50

Profession: Fighter LV 9 (approx), Retired

Residence: Scornubel (City State)

Description: Merith stands about 6’ tall and weighs around 200 pounds. He is very fit and strong for an older retired adventurer. He has jet black hair greying at the temples with dark brown eyes. His strong features are often hidden behind a grand smile. He has a large scar on his left cheek. Merith is well known for solid maners and a commanding tone in his voice when talking. He wears common, loose fitting clothes when about, and rarely wears his sword from his adventuring days.


Merith was the leader of an adventuring band called the Scornubel Seven. He retied from adventuring some 10 years ago. In retirement, he took his wealth and built a nice manorhouse in Scornubel to live the rest of his years with his beautiful wife Crysta and son Merithan. Merith spends most of his time relaxing on his manorhouse grounds, talking with local friends, and training young warriors and fighters. He is occassionaly involved with the local population nd politics. Merith has no wishes to return to being an adventure; he frankly never liked it much, but his rewards were great. Merith still has many friends from his adventuring days and can be counted on to aid his friends – unless it requires a sword to be drawn, in which case he may have to ponder it for a while. His son Merithan strives to be an adventurer (against his fathers wishes).

Some members of the Scornubel Seven were:
Morakin, Wizard (dead)
Gimbralt, Rogue
Sultaner, Priest of Lathander
Bruneth, Fighter (became a vampire and then destroyed)
Zorakes, Ranger
Rachell, Bard

Merith’s mansion is within Scornubel’s reach, but outside the immediate city limits. It is a large stone structure of two stories with a small servants quarters and personal stable. On the grounds of 20 acres one will find many gardens and tree groves.

Spouse: Crysta Verinstone, Age 31

Son: Merithan Veringstone, Age 12

Merith Veringstone

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