Orrin Nyhuse

Proprietor of the Craftsmans Doorway


Title: Owner and operator of the Craftsmans Doorway Alehouse and Inn

Human, Male, Age 55 (Approx)

Profession: Unknown (Commoner most likely)

Residence: The Craftsmans Doorway Alehouse and Inn, Arabel, Cormyr

Description: Orrin is a thin man standing about 5’10" tall and weiging about 160 pounds. He stands straight backed for the most part. He has brown grey hair, is usually clean shaven, and has brown eyes. Orrin is known to be quite the talker, and can be found at most times making conversation with a patron in his inn, or tavern area. He dresses in the coomon garb for most Cormyrian innkeepers, which is working pants and tunic, a white undershirt, and an innkeeper/ bartenders bib.


Orrin is the owner and chief operator of the Craftsmans Doorway in near the east gate of Arabel (inside the city limits). He is well known to be a Kings man, and is very welcomig to memebrs of any class that work for the crown or cormyrian Nobles and Lords. He is an open individual that makes most patrons very welcome at his establishent. He usuallly works the bar with his son Duhern and another hired bartender. Orrin is not a fighter, and leaves tavern conflict matters to a few of his hired guards and alerted Purple Dragons. The Craftsmans Doorway was heavily damaged during the razing of Arabel, but has been repaired enough at the current date to have the tavern and one floor of rooms operational, yet still damaged. The Craftsmans Doorway is frequented by commoners and lower-class individuals as it’s name implies.

Orrin knowns many members of the COB for their life-saving actions in and around Arabel before and after the Dragon-Orc invasion. He will provide them free room, board, and drinks whenver they visit because of there well known exploits in the area.

Orrin Nyhuse

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