Rachell Seranilla

Bard of Scornubel


Title: Well-known Bard of Scornubel

Human, female, Age 36

Profession: Bard LV 6 (approx), retired

Residence: Scornubel (City State)

Description: Rachell stands about 5’ 7" and weighs around 130 pounds. She has firery red hair and fair skin, and is known for her beautiful hypnotising voice as well as her beauty. She regularly wears pants and tunic of vibrant colors, tall leather strapped wlaking boots, and a deep red cloak with an occassional hat. She rarelly goes anywhere without her Lute strapped to her back.


Rachell is a retired adventurer that once travelled with an adventuring and calld the Scornubel Seven. She once oved a Fighter named Bruneth who fell victim to a local powerful Vampire. Bruneth was later killed by her friend, the powerful wizard Demetrius. She retired some seven years ago after some fell events befell many of her friends (including Bruneth), and now makes a living charming customers at the Nightshade Tavern in Scornubel. She spends her free time amongst friends in Scornubel and tending to her gardens. She may once again adventure some day if she meets the right group of adventurers, but until that time, she likes the simplicity of her life.

Rachell’s cottage is located north west of Scornubel in a small nested hamlett. It is a comly little place with a one-story house, a small stable and garden shack, and surrounded by small gardens.

Rachell Seranilla

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