The Dark Warrior, Gorn Blacksheen

The Only One


Title: The Dark Warrior

Human Male, Age Unknown (looks 40)

Profession: Fighter LV20+

Residence: Shadow Plane

Desription: The Dark Warrior stands around 6’6" tall, and must weigh over 300 pounds. His mighty size is complimented by his more than human strength (22+ possibly). The Dark Warrior has black hair, a straight long mustache, and Chondathian blue eyes. The lines of his face are the strong markings of a mighty warrior that has seen far too much in his day. His steely stare is enough to strike fear in even the most powerful of characters. He is always encountered in a fantastic set of Magical Black Armor and helm that is equipped with spikes. The largest right shoulder spike is broken at the midpoint. Along with the armor, the Dark Warrior carries an arsenal of magical items including two powerful long swords, a mighty great sword, an impressive large steel shield, and occassionaly a giant bow with quiver. This includes an assortment of other items including pouches, items, and potions nesteld around the rest of his body on battle belts. The Dark Warrior talks in a slow commanding deep voice that can make Kings shudder.


The Dark Warrior travels the shadowplane on a mighty black horse from that place. He seems to be able to move quivkly and freely through the Prime Material Plane, and it is surmised this ability comes from a powerful wizard that is his ally, and perhaps his brother.

The Dark Warriors history is long and tragic. Many believe he was a lawful good king at some time over 1000 years ago who was cursed to chaotic evil, and imprisonned. He was once again released on the Prime Material Plane by the evil Demi-god Merdravik, and became his most powerful battle lord. This changed when somehow the curse was lifted from the Dark Warrior,which some believe was the result of a meeting with an Avatar from Tyr. It is thought this transformation left him with the twisted memories of his evil deeds and his imprisonemnt of over 1000 years. Few surmise also that his purpose now is to destroy the being that brought him back.

The Dark Warrior has aided the Covenant of the Blade adventuring band numerous times because of certain prophesies and other things that perhaps no one will ever know. The Dark Warrior historically could be summoned by a magical coin that if thrown on the ground and the command word “Derktow” called, he would be somehow called to the area under the cloud of the shadowplane. The summoning was not instant, and the Dark Warrior controls if, when, and where his entrance would take place. It is said that if summoned, the Dark Warrior retains the right to take 1 item (or person) from the summoning party as payment. There is only one coin that is known to exist.

The Dark Warrior calls an ancient fortress built in the Shadowplane his home, and it is filled with minions he has somehow tied to him and that will fight to the death. Many of his minions are evil in nature, and were once powerful men he killed in battle, but were brought back under his control using some strange magical power.

Corenia from the COB is known to have visited this fortress at one time.

The Dark Warrior, Gorn Blacksheen

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