Zanakin Alabeck

Zanakin (Zackary) Alabeck


Professional Adventurer
Wizard(Universal)/Fighter/Spellsword Level 11 / 1/ 1

Currently courting Shandra Pyralthek (of Cormyr), also a member of the Covenant of the Blade

Covenant of the Blade Founding Member
Knight of the War Wizards of Cormyr
Cormyrian Dragon Heart Jewel
Steward of the North (Waterdeep)

Deaths: 0

Personal Quests:
- Protect the common folk from evil doers and monsters.
- Assemble the complete Rod of Veskra.
- Manage growth of Blade Keep as one of the Lords of the East Hullock province of Cormyr.
- Support good leaders and thwart evil ones.
- Stop Merdravik and his plans.

Recent action (newer to older):

- Return to Tethyamer. An odd feeling was building in Zanakin after watching countless selfless acts of heroism and generosity on the part of the Dwarvem COB founding member Dortek of Iron house. After an epic and possibly near suicidal adventure ended in victory over an Eldrich giant fortress, and a harrowing demon battle was one with 50 or more souls lost, it was finally time for the COB to split up for a while and head out for training. It then struck when Zanakin went to shake Dortek’s hand and see him off. He swelled with a mix of powerful emotions including pride, thanks, and something else. Was it shame? Yes, it was a sudden reflection on Dortek’s plight that included the loss of his family, kin, and home. Basically, everything that mattered to anyone. Zanakin looked in Dorteks eyes and shared in one instant look into those eyes the tragic loss Dortek must have endured and surely never forgotten. He suddenly realized this shame he felt was because the he and the COB hadn’t really considered what they could do to help Dortek. In fact, they never asked and just accepted whatever help Dortek was willing to bring to the COB. Perhaps it was this sudden empathy that prompted a restrained yet forceful promise from Zanakin that he and the COB would return to Tethyamer and make an attempt to free it from the evil creatures that occupied it. Since then, Zanakin has worked hard to convince the Covenant of the Blade adventuring band that this was a worthy quest. He diligently applied his knowledge and skills to research and acquire information to formulate a feasibility study for the creation of a bold and possibly crazy plan. To take back Tethyamer for Dortek and his kin! As Zanakin pondered a map of the ol’ mountain fortress one night, he reasoned it might be an unattainable goal, but Klengeddon’s beard be damned if he wasn’t going to at least attempt this for Dortek!

- Defeat of Vicoroy and justice for Dalkamon the Blue (Mentor). After suspecting the involvement of fellow trainee Vicoroy in his mentor’s demise (Dalkamon the Blue)for years, Zanakin and the COB defeated him in an epic battle and verified his treachery. The COB survived a devastating and ruthless ambush by Vicoroy and his 2 allies after visiting Candle Keep regarding the Rod of Veskra and other matters. Prior to this the COB suspect Vicoroy to have been behind a couple of failed assassination attempts on Zanakin in his obsessive pursuit of power through acquisition of the Rod of Veskra. Later Zanakin and the COB caught up with Vicoroy in trasit and made short work of him in a retributive ambush attack. A fitting end to a back stabber thought Zanakin, but not without a sense of sadness over the loss of another figure from his youth and what could have been had Vicoroy not turned to dark motives.


Zanakin (Zachary) Alabeck

History to 1361

Zachary was born to Gerrik and Juliana Alabeck, from the Inner Sea Nation of Sembia. Gerrik and Juliana were killed early on in Zachary’s life, but he did not learn of their story until later on in his life, from his uncle Krensten Alabeck. Their story, and Zachary’s story is told here, and ends when Zachary’s life of adventuring begins. Gerrik Alabeck was a warrior from the lands of Impiltur, and moved to Sembia for the hope of finding work as a guard’s captain on a merchant company. Gerrik, and his brother Krensten, were both officers in Impiltur’s powerful army. When Gerrik was 28, the call of adventure, and call of a new nation of opportunity called for Gerrik. Gerrik sailed for new lands to work, and live in, in the year of 1329 DR. He arrived in the large Sembian port city of Selgaunt, and quickly found work, leading men on merchant caravans up and down the lands of Sembia, Cormyr, and the Dales. It was in these travels that Gerrik met a beautiful young woman named Juliana Vanserhall. Juliana was one of those strange folk that possessed the power of the magical weave in her body, and was able to cast spells just by thought (she was a Sorceress). She had no desire to learn more about it, just enough to keep her alive, so her powers never fully materialized. It is said that Juliana’s gift came often in her family, and always followed the children of the women in the family. Few of the men every few generations would have the ability to channel the weave though their bodies into material effects (Wizards). Juliana’s father did not have spell craft, nor did her grandfather, but her great father was rumored to have been a very powerful wizard, Ashem Vanserhall, who was both honored and feared nearly 100 years before hand. Gerrik and Juliana married the year of 1333 DR. Gerrik was 32, and Juliana was 22 years old. They settled in a small house, outside the city walls of Selgaunt. Juliana kept watch of the home, and Gerrik traveled much, selling his leadership skills for a small fortune. In the year of 1336, Gerrik’s brother Krensten arrived in Suzail. Recent events in Impiltur left him wishing for a new home after spending nearly 18 years as a high ranking officer in their army. Gerrik offered Krensten a job, and the two started a Dragon Reach trading coster called the Blades of Alabeck. The Blades of Alabeck were based out of their yards outside Selgaunt, but ran merchant caravans up and down Sembia and the Dalelands. Gerrik preferred to travel with their many caravans, while Krensten usually commanded the operation out of Selgaunt (less familiar with these lands). In his travels, Juliana accompanied Gerrik at many times, during their long caravan trips.

On the 4th day of the 6th month in 1339 DR (4-6-1339 DR), Juliana bore Gerrik a son, and they named in Zanakin. Early on in Zanakin’s years, Juliana knew he had the spark to channel the weave through his body, and that he might at one day become a very powerful wizard. She hoped he would not however, since she did not trust wizards, and her great grandfather was said to have came to an awful end, as many wizards who practice those arts do. Zanakin’s early years were spent at the large family house outside of Selgaunt, being watched by his mother, or their servants, if she was away. Zanakin’s uncle Krensten spent a fair amount of time with him, and disagreed with Juliana’s views of wizardry. Krensten believed that Zanakin had a great gift, and it should be nurtured, until he was old enough to make his own decision. Zanakin’s father agreed with Krensten (or so he told him). Zanakin’s teenage years were spent in private study with tutors, and secretly studying the ways of magic, unknown to his mother. Krensten tried to get Zanakin to take up sword training, but could only get a sigh for a response. Zanakin’s teenage life was rather easy also, since his parents lived in an elaborate house, and made out quit well with their little trading coster.

In 1356, Gerrik and Juliana, now 55 and 44, were with another Blades of Alabeck caravan that was traveling through the central Dalelands, when Lashan of Scardale made his attempt to conquer the Dalelands. Sembia, Cormyr, and many of the smaller Dalelands banded together to throw this uprising back, and destroy this self proclaimed King. This was after the damage was done however, and thousands of lives were lost. Zanakin’s parents, with a large caravan of 70 Blade of Alabeck guards, were included in that number. It is said they battled Lashan’s forces bravely, but how could a defenseless caravan defend against thousands of mercenaries and trained regulars. Zanakin was 15 years of age. Krensten was crushed, and he let the rest of the trading costar disband, and sold its holdings, instead of running it without his brother, and sister-in-law. Krensten did one thing however that changed the lives of many. He brought Zanakin to a local, famed Wizard named Dalkamon the Blue, since he knew that was where Zanakin’s heart lay.

Zanakin started his Wizard (Invoker) training at the age of 15, which was actually quite old for many masters. Because of Zanakin’s quick grasp of things, his amount of knowledge, and frankly, his great potential, Dalkamon the Blue took him in, and put him to work cleaning the side of his tower. Dalkamon the Blue lived in a remote area far to the north of Selgaunt, in a small village named Freestone (in Sembia). He lived in a large tower, surrounded by a large brick building, which were the living quarters. Dalkamon had 2 other apprentices besides Zanakin; Kurias, a human male about 19 years old, who was nearly done with his training, and Vicoroy, a sneering half elf of 25 years, who too, was nearly done with his training. Kurias was always very friendly to Zanakin, and helped him out when he could, but Vicoroy did not like Zanakin at all, and he learned very quickly to stay away from the half elf. Dalkamon also had 2 other male servants (older, in their 30’s) that kept the building tidy, and cared the horses. They were paid well, and lived in Freestone.

In Zanakin’s 16th year, Dalkamon left for a period of time on a quest for something. Apparently he did this every few years or so, and left the apprentices to train, and fend for themselves. In the interim, a magical accident killed Kurias in the apprentice alchemy room. Zanakin knew that Vicoroy was there with him, but did not venture further to find out more. Upon Dalkamon’s return, he buried Kurias, and banished Vicoroy from ever returning to the tower (for whatever he had done). Vicoroy left with a smile on his face, and Zanakin remembers him staring right at him (at Zanakin) as he walked out the door of the living quarters.

Dalkamon left three more times in his year at the tower that he can remember, and a few times Dalkamon had gathered a group of adventures at his quarters before leaving. Zanakin was able to ascertain they were looking for a series of Rods that were part of a set. Something very powerful he imagined. Zanakin knows that Dalkamon held at least one of these Magical Rods, because he seen him with it one night. When Dalkamon wasn’t gone, he worked him tirelessly though the day, and sometimes gave him training at night. That is the way of the apprentice. At least once every 6 months, Zachary’s uncle Krensten came to visit with him, and make sure he was doing OK.

During the spring of the year of 1360 DR, Zanakin’s 20th year, Dalkamon the Blue left again with a group of adventurers. He left Zachary instructions that he would finish his instructions, and give him a wide array of spells for the beginning of his journey upon his return, but it may not be for a few months. Rides turned into months, and 8 months passed. Zachary trained his skills the best he could, with what he had, and cared for Dalkamon’s house (he was not allowed in the tower) the best he could. In Uktar of the year, as the snows came in from the west, and covered the land, a middle age human, male wizard named Triedin Kolleth arrived at Dalkamon’s hold, and informed Zachary that Dalkamon had fell in battle. Triedin, it turned out, was Dalkamon’s first apprentice, and made a name for himself as a wizard working for the Merchant Lords of Sembia. He came to clear up Dalkamon’s affairs, and get Zachary on his way. Zachary believed Triedin, since he seemed like a fairly honest fellow, and made no effort to hide what he was doing. There were still some parts of the tower even he (Triedin) dared not go into, but he was in no hurry.

Triedin finished Zachary’s training, gave him his first spell book, and a small amount of coin, and told him he could go at any time. Learning that Triedin was going to take a trip to Suzail in the early winter by caravan, Zachary decided to travel with the wizard Triedin, and start his adventuring carrier their. Zachary spent some time with his uncle before he left, now 61 years of age, but still strong and proud. Krensten told Zachary he would have made his parents proud. Before traveling that spring, Triedin tells Zachary that the Rods that Dalkamon sought were part of a very powerful Magic Item, that even Triedin did not know much about. The item was at least a minor Mystral in its day, but was destroyed somewhat over a thousand years ago, and broken into 9 pieces. Each piece has a semblance of its power, and can sense the direction of the other pieces, but are not individually even close to the power of the 9 if they were once again joined. The device was called the Rod of Veskra. Dalkamon had found 4 of the partial rods in his lifetime, and was possessed with the thought of finding the other 5. Triedin told Zachary he did not know where the 4 Magical Rods Dalkamon had were, but Zachary had seen them before, and Dalkamon did not have them with him, at least noticeably, when he left the day of that tragic last journey.

The late fall of 1360, Triedin traveled on a merchant caravan with Zachary, on a nearly month long journey to the giant port city of Suzail. Suzail is in the heartland, and is the capital of the Kingdom of Cormyr. It is there that Zachary takes his leave of his old masters companion (who was there on business), and begins his own quest to find a group of adventurers to travel with for fame, fortune, and whatever else awaits him. 2 months pass, and finally Zachary meets a group of warriors that he trusts enough to travel with on the 19th of Alturiak, 1361 DR, at the age of 21.


Dalkamon the Blue (Human Male LV 11+ Wizard (Invoker)) was a powerful mage, who was obsessed with his own prowess and power. It was easily noted his alignment was Lawful Neutral, but he was honorable and loyal to his henchlings, and friends. Dalkamon the Blue died sometime during the year of 1360 DR in a qwest to find one of the broken pieces of the Rod of Veskra.

Triedin Kolleth (Human Male LV 7+ Wizard (Invoker)) now lives at Dalkamon’s old hold, and still spends his spare time researching new Magic Items, Spells, and supporting the rich Merchant Lords for support. Triedin is perhaps 32 years of age. He is about 5’ 10”, and perhaps 1`60 lbs. He has short, choppy brown hair, brown eyes, and requires seeing-eye glasses, for his vision is naturally very bad. Triedin looks more like a bookworm than anything, and in some ways he is, but he still has a powerful punch if provoked.

Gerrik Alabeck (Human Male LV5+ Fighter) did not spend his whole life swinging a sword, but was born and bred in armor, and was a finer leader than sword master. Gerrik died at the age of 55 in Featherdale, the year of 1356 DR.

Juliana Alabeck (Human Female LV 2+ Sorceress) did not wish the for the power of the weave, it chose her. She tried to keep her son away from magic as much as she could, but it would have been easier to keep a Dragon from eating when it was hungry. Juliana died fighting next to her beloved husband against the forces of Lashan of Scardale, the year of 1356 DR, at the age of 44 years.

Krensten Alabeck (Human Male LV 6+ Fighter) was originally from Impiltur, like his brother Gerrik. Krensten became a general in the armies of Impiltur, until finally leaving because of political strife and turmoil, and the hope of a easier, quiet life. Krensten is about 6’1”, weighs perhaps 220 lbs, has long gray hair in a warriors tail (Impiltur style), and green eyes. Krensten is 62 years of age (1362 DR), but his age can be a red herring to what he really is. Being broad of shoulders, strong, and having carried a sword at his side ofr over 44 years, not to mention he had lead thousands of troops through numerous campaigns in Impiltur, Krensten Alabeck is a man to be reckoned with need be.

House of Alabeck: The house of Gerrik and Juliana Alabeck, where Krensten now resides, is about 1 hour north of Sembia, just off the main trade route. It is surrounded by acres of beautiful orchards, trees, and pastures for nearby husbandmen. It is a main house, built in the Sembian style of high roofs, and tall, thin windows. It contains about 25 rooms, with stables, and small quarters for servants. Krensten keeps on about 4 people to help him with the lot, but perhaps more so to keep him from getting to lonely.

Zanakin Alabeck

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