The Only One

The Battle for Endren

Date: Winter 2016
Note: What play date? Check with Reece and Joe. Assume Winter 2016.

Timeline: 23 Tarsakh of Storms

23rd Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR1365)

During the battle of Ferrithflow Lake, the southern hobgoblin army moves its way north into the thorps and hamlets south of the small town of Endren. The 2nd hobgoblin army was estimated to be about 600 hobgoblins, 1100 goblins, 16 ogres, a small handful of trolls and hill giants, including the horde leadership and 2nd War Troll! The population of those hamlets were evacuated the day before, so the army starts to plunder and burn every building they see, spending nearly an hour in those southern areas lighting countless fires. The allies on the south side of Endren await patiently the humanoids approach, hidden in hide spots behind the pike walls and buildings.

As the hobgoblin army approaches, elven archers slowly start to engage the hobgoblins, just close enough so the hobgoblins can see their adversaries, but far enough away to provide substantial concealment. As the hobgoblin army approaches, the elven scouts and archers (40 of them) start to pull back, pulling the hobgoblins towards the pike wall.

It is about this time Maythor and Zanakin arrive, get some healing from the support priests, and await until they can target the 2nd War Troll!

Once the hobgoblins were in range, Sembian and elven archers with flaming arrows target the hay bales, lighting up the battlefield and allowing for the targeting of the army. The hobgoblins, led by the 2nd War Troll, line up for a press attack, and march forward toward the pike wall into the throng of arrows. Battle ensures as the hobgoblin and goblin horde pick up to a run and charges the pike wall, once they see the defenders take their defensive positions. However, prior to hitting the wall, target Walls of Fire from the War Wizards and Devrille’s Blade Barrier disrupt the attack, allowing only small pockets of areas the enemy can move into he wall. It is at those spots the melee combat ensures.

Brom moves through the pike wall and engages the enemy, with members of the COB behind him, including Dorteck and Shandra! With Brom’s great attacks, massive damage, and Greater Cleave, he becomes a whirlwind of destruction, defeating numerous hobgoblins and goblins every round. It is during this time that the 2nd War Troll targets Brom but is intercepted by Maythor and Zanakin. In the middle of the great battle, the 2nd War Troll is defeated.

During the initial attack once the humanoids are in disarray from the Walls of Fire and Blade Barriier, Mandarek’s horn calls for the charge of the Cormyrian and Archendale cavalry. The cavalry barrels forth from hide positions east of the pike wall, and using a V shaped formation plow into the eastern humanoid forces. 300 cavalry at full charge across open ground proves to be too formidable for the humanoids, and this, with the defeat of the War Troll, breaks the moral of the humanoids within minutes, and the horde is forced to retreat! The cavalry splits and makes chse, taking down as many of the enemy that they can. The battle was won!

By morning, the allies take stock of the victory. Along with the 2nd War Troll defeated, nearly 300 hobgoblins, 600 goblins, 8 ogres, 2 trolls, and 2 hill giants were defeated, along with a hobgoblin tribal leader.

The allies suffered the following losses:
1) Cormyrian Purple Dragon Cavalry, 13 cavalrymen killed, along with 17 mounts. 217 cavalry survive.
2) All Cormyrian War Wizards and Priests survive.
3) Archendale Cavalry: 2 cavalrymen killed, 4 mounts killed, 58 cavalrymen survive.
4) Deepingdale Milita: 190 men lose their lives. 1,810 survive.
5) Sembian footmen, 36 footmen lose their lives. 64 survive, and all 220 archers survive.
6) The Adventuring Party the Singing Halberds Survive.
7) 46 elven archers survive, along with 6 scouts.
8) Finally, all allied key leaders survive.

After it is determined the threat has been defeated, clean-up ensues. The key leaders, including the COB, take rest in the Endren Inn.

By mid-afternoon, the COB meets with Mandarek and talk of the evening and morning events, and prepare for the next day (heal and memorize spells). By late afternoon, the party find out that in the morning, Zerick took his mount and rode east towards Highmoon to tell Lord Uldath of the great battle’s success! It is at that time the party grows suspicious, and Maythor and Zanakin take leave towards Highmoon to the east. Zanakin on his Phantom Steed, and Maythor on Breckenheir.

Maythor and Zanakin move swiftly west along the trade route towards Highmoon. They were told that Uldath resides in The Tower of the Rising Moon, in the central northern part of the city.

Zanakin is the first to arrive to the tower right before nightfall amidst chaos. The tower seems to be under attack, and the courtyard in front of the tower is littered with burnt bodies of Deepingdale guards. With his ability to see invisible, he spots a Sorcerer or Wizard positioned invisible on the terrace above the main entrance. A targeted Feeblemind spell by Zanakin impacts the Sorcerer, about the time that Maythor jumps off Breckeheir to defeat him in battle.

Zanaing and Maythor move into the tower to find more dead guards in the entry room. Zanakin is attacked by a concealed rogue with a poison attack (which Zanakin saves); the rogue quickly retreats deeper into the tower, never to be found again. Maythor moves into the main chamber to find a battle in progress. A huge cloud giant, priestess, and summoned devils are in battle with Zerick, Uldath, and two other men. By the time Maythor can engage, Uldath is killed outright, along with his companions. Zerrick is knocked unconscious. With the combined might of Maythor and Zanakin, they defeat the cloud giant and summoned devils. The priestess escapes by vanishing.


Battle of Ferrithflow Lake

Date: Fall 2016
Note: What play date? Check with Reece and Joe. Assume Fall 2016

Timeline: 22 Tarsakh of Storms

22nd Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1365)
The allied forces work through the night creating a defendable position of spike walls, hay bales for fires, and positions for scouts, frontline troops, archers, and attack plans for the cavalry.

An adventuring band from Highmoon joins the allies, the Singing Halberds. The COB believes their average level to be around 6.
Leader: Seles Highstar (Fighter, human male); Ventis Namois (Wizard, human male); Salmves Bontiff (Rogue, half elf female); Dru Ramath (Priest Chauntea, half elf male); Englestev (Ranger; human male).

By evening, two riders appear from the rest after riding hard for more than a day. Both are well equipped fighting human men, named Zerick Mylars and his Lieutenant Niman Zwebel. Zerick introduces himself to the party as a well-known arms merchant that operates out of Sembia but was born and raised in Deepingdale. He came to try to get the allies to change their plans and join Cheram, but after hearing the allies story, decides to stay. He brought many of his mercenaries with to support Deepingdale, but he left hose 120 mounted men under Cheram’s command. Zerick decides to stay and fight with the allies.

When Kiltila shakes Zerick’s hand, she has a vision:
Kiltila explains she “saw Zerick as a puppet reaching for a crown with elven writings on it, stepping over freshly dug graves among a desolate landscape of destruction. His puppet strings are being controlled by a hand in the cloudy sky. A mountain fortress/ hold is in those clouds, with a larger, darker fortress behind it (signifying power of the first hold). Next to the grave is a cart filled with arms, armor, and gold.”

Dryastalic tells the party that the Lord of Uldath has a crown with elven writings.

Because the enemy armies are moving towards Endren from the south and the west, and the allied force can only defend on side of the town effectively at once, Maythor and Zanakin decide to slow down the western army to allow the allies to fight the southern army.

Dryastalic allows Zanakin to use the elven Pegasus Deventrium in the battle, so both men can ride Pegasus into battle. At nightfall, the men ride the Pegasus 2 miles west out of Endren and scout north of Ferrithflow Lake, which is up against the eastern sound of the Thunderpeaks.

After a time, near the middle of night, they see large force of hobgoblins and goblins marching east, led by a huge War Troll, and other powerful creeatures including ogres, and a few trolls and few hill giants. At the right time, Maythor and Zanakin strike.

Battle ensure with Walls of Fire and fireballs to maximize damage. Maythor and Zanakin are peppered by arrows and javelins, but stay high enough to minimize impact. Once the spells create enough chaos, Maythor descends into the fray and engages the War Troll General. Maythor is nearly overcome by the forces, but is saved by Zanakin’s Orb of Acid and Repulsion spell, keeping many of the creatures at bay. The War Troll and some of his lieutenants are defeated! Many rounds of melee and spell combat later, the army breaks moral and flees back towards the mountains.

Maythor and Zanakin surmise the western enemy horde marched with 450 hobgoblins, 900 goblins, just under 20 ogres, and a few trolls and hill giants, along with the War Troll. By the end of the battle, Maythor and Zanakin singlehandedly defeat 134 hobgoblins, 130 goblins, 2 ogres, 1 hill giant, 2 trolls, and the powerful War Troll general. Many killed by walls of fire or AO spells.


Defending Endren in Deepingdale

Date: Summer 2016
Note: What play date? Check with Reece and Joe. Assume Summer 2016

Timeline: 20 – 21 Tarsakh of Storms

20th Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1365)
COB Party:
Maythor; Level 12 Fighter, 1 Duskblade
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard, 1 Spellsword, 1 Fighter
Shandra; Level 7 Rogue, 2 Ranger, 1 Fighter
Kiltila; Level 5 Sorcerer & Spellfire Wielder
Brom; Hill Giant Fighter 1
Dorteck, Level 12 Fighter

The party learns more from Dryastalic that the enemy is led by two powerful War Trolls from the North. They were brought to the Storm King’s lands with the sole purpose to lead his goblin armies into battle into Deepingdale. The reason why, not many are sure; but it is believed that Deepingdale had provided the Storm King payment for many years to keep the peace, and it is possible that Deepingdale Lord Uldath stopped those payments some time back. The armies mass outside of a hobgoblin hold on the south-eastern side of the Thunderpeaks. There is an ancient keep there, and that is where the meetings are held the night before the armies march out, elven scouts have seen that the last two attacks. They also know that they have seen humans and a cloud giant at those meetings as well. There is a meeting they expect to occur that evening.

The COB discusses a radical plan with the elven leader Dryastalic to have Shandra sneak into the keep, and try to determine what their plans are! It is a daring plan, but perhaps safer than an all-out attack on the keep with a small force.

Shandra reluctantly agrees and leaves the party via an elven Pegasus to meet with elven scouts positioned in the mountains.

21st Tarsakh of Storms (DR 1365)
Shandra returns early morning after a successful mission. Using her rogue abilities and leaving her magic items behind, she was able to determine the army will split into two and move north to attack the small town of Eldren. One force will approach from the west, one from the north. The armies will arrive the evening of the second day (night of the 22nd).

The COB aligns with Mandarek, and get the allied forces, except for Cheram’s Deeingdale regulars, to align with a plan to defend Endren. Cheram is very angry at being usurped by the allies and refuses to help. Instead he plans on riding to his defensive positions in the SW.

Prior to leaving the encampment that morning, the Maythor knows that Dorteck was planning on riding along with Veragan and his Weapons and Arms Caravan. The party knows Dorteck would be key in a battle with humanoids and giants! He sends Breckenheir to find the caravan, expected to be coming out of the mountains, and bring Dorteck back. Breckenheir does find Dorteck, and an exasperated Dorteck agrees to ride with Breckenheir back towards the COB and the allies. He makes it back while the allies move NW towards the small town of Endren.

Many allies, including the Deepingdale militia led by Frem Stanslun, do not have mounts, so it takes the day to make it to Endren. Riders are sent forward to warn the townsfolk and hamlets around to leave immediately, so throughout the day, as the allies move west towards Endren, they are met by hundreds of fleeing Deepingdale peasants heading toward Highmoon east.

Along the way, the COB and other leaders of the allies encounter Lord Uldath with a small escort as he rides to monitor progress. He doesn’t stay long, rather tells the army he is thankful for their help, but there are matters he must attend to in Highmoon.

Afterward, Cheram and the mounted Deepingdale army catch up to the allies. He tries once again to get them to change course, which they do not (as they now believe in the intelligence the COB has provided). With that, he threatens the 2,000 strong militia commander Stanslun that he will face trial after the battle, and any lives lost will be on his hand. Maythor follows Cheram to a hilltop and confronts him. Cheram pulls his sword on Maythor, but does not engage. Maythor does not draw his sword, and leaves the Marshal behind.

The allies reach the empty town of Endren by evening, and Mandarek goes to work guiding the allies to his battle plan after surveying the area.

Before sundown, Maythor flies on Breckenheir into the mountains, and spots one of the hobgoblin armies encamped in a wooded area, on the route that Shandra told them they would take.


Bandit Cleanup and Troubles in Deepingdale!

Date: 12 March 2016

Timeline: 11 – 19 Tarsakh of Storms

11th Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1365)
The party rests after returning to Blade Keep after the surprise bandit attack at Castle Blade. Devrille raises Valdur Forge Glyph’s son, Galdur; Valdur promises to repay him 5,000gp for the service (Devrille also loses XP!) Valdur’s caravan needs repairs and plans on staying at Blade Keep for many days to repair and rest his men.

NOTE: MarcusLor is supposed to bring the COB’s mounts, currently at Crownguard Castle, to Blade Keep in the spring.

Maythor makes plans to go back to the battle site to re-check for treasure, and travel to Arabel for Identification of items. Morthrou will follow shortly afterwards with men to collect all the left behind gear.

Maythor rides Breckenheir and rechecks the site for other magical items, or other items of worth, and finds nothing. That evening, on his way to Arabel, stays in a Purple Dragon Hostel along the trade route.

Zanakin leaves towards Arabel on Phantom Steed. About half-way on the way, on the east of the Hullack, Zanakin runs into a large Purple Dragon contingent of cavalry led by Duke Mandarek. Mandarek tells Zanakin that there are problems in Deepingdale, and they are moving cavalry to support on King’s orders. Mandarek asks Zanakin if the COB is interested, Zanakin mentions perhaps, and tells him to stop by Blade Keep. He arrives in Arabel by nightfall, and stays at the Craftsman’s Doorway, proprietor Orin Nyhouse. Orin greets him with open arms.

12th Tarsakh of Storms
Zanakin visits Neriana at the Temple of Chauntea and provides her enough gold to purchase the white pearls needed to identify the magical items from the bandit hold. He asks her to return the items to Castle Blade afterwards, since he cannot wait.
Maythor arrives in Arabel that afternoon and spends the night at The Craftsman’s Doorway. That evening, he provides the proprietor, Orin, 100 gp to improve and secure the few rooms that the COB uses when they stay. Things like reinforced doors, locks, barred windows, and other improvements for the safety of the band.

13th Tarsakh of Storms
Maythor and Zanakin leave for Castle Blade. Zanakin arrives that evening since he is on his swift Phantom Steed.

14th Tarsakh of Storms
Maythor arrives at Castle Blade that evening on Breckenheir. Both pass Mandarek on the way.

15th Tarsakh of Storms
Mandarek arrives with his 240 Purple Dragon cavalry, with 4 War Wizards and 4 Priests of Tyr. Mandarek tells the party more of the mission for the King to Deepingdale and asks the party to join. Maythor, Zanakin, Brom, Shandra, and Kiltila agree to join the contingent.

Important names:
Duke Mandarek (Contingent Commander), Captain Hereven, High Blades Solmbrit, Dumtith, and Highwater (all human male fighters). War Wizards: Shrem Bluecloak, Diana Gemstone, Ritock, and Evren Nur (half elf). Priests (Tyr): Led by Agrem Holmstar, with 3 lesser priests (< 5th level)

16th Tarsakh of Storms
The contingent moves east across the Thunderpeaks. Maythor scouts for the contingent on Breckenheir.

17th Tarsakh of Storms
Crosses the Thunderpeaks along the main trade route.

18th Tarsakh of Storms
The contingent enters Deepingdale by afternoon and rests near the farthest western small town of Endren.

19th Tarsakh of Storms
The contingent follows directions to an allied force in SW Deepingdale. Tents arranged in diplomatic areas show the other allied members:
1) 300 Deepingdale regulars led by Marshal Cheram Zimrash
2) 2,000 Deepingdale milita, led by Fren Stanslun
3) 220 archers and 100 footmen from Sembia, led by Captain Garrett Highwall
4) 60 heavy cavalry from Archendale, led by Commander Gooran Vistram
5) 40 elven archers from Sumberhom, led by Dryastalic Symbrianis, 2nd Aluchia Priyastia (elven female)

At the commanders tent, the party learns of three previous attacks of hobgoblins and other enemies of Deepingdale over the last month. These forces fall under the command of the Storm King in the southern Thunderpeaks, and Deepingdale expects them to attack soon again. Marshal Cheram Zimrash’s plan to create a line of defense across the SW border draws Maythor’s ire, as he disagrees with that plan. It is made known to him in blunt words that the forces are there to support Deepingdale, and Cheram is in charge.

After the meeting in the tent, Dryastalic pulls the party aside and explains to them that the elves have scouts watching the mountain keep that the enemy army will come from, and they believe if the party attacks, or gains information before the attack, they may be able to meet the enemy head on.


Valdurs Blades and Arms Merchant Company

DAte: Winter 2015
Not sure on the date

Leaving Everska and The Return to Cormyr

Date: Summer 2015
Not sure on the date

The Zhentarim Beholder

Date: Spring 2014
Not sure on the date

Pegasus, Spellswords, and Duskblades

Date: Fall 2014
Not sure on date

Timeline: Eleint 20 [SEP] to xx [XXX], DR 1364

Eleint 20 [SEP] (DR 1364)
Party: Zanakin (LV 11W/ 1F), Maythor (LV 12F), Devrile (LV 10 C), Shandra (LV 7R/ 1Ranger/ 1F); Kiltila (LV 4S), and Ventharitas the elf from Everska.

After being checked out and allowed entrance to the Everska Valley, the party is escorted by Sisters of Aluana part of the way until they know the adventurers know there way. At that point they separate.

Maythor leads the party to Lowkey’s family home, where they meet the Silverfang family manservant Delerian Fareswood. He welcomes them and gives them places to stay, food, and wine. Delerian has not seen Lowkey for many months as he is out of a special mission for the Elf Lords.

Ventharitas takes his leave of the party. He thanks them again, and wishes them well. He will ensure his superiors know of the great deeds they have done for the human and elf lands alike, and he will see them again. Wit that, he takes their leave.

The party rests the evening.

Eleint 21
Delerian travels to the center of the vale and summons some of the COB’s old friends.

Later in the day Fallitherin Calathswood and Cylinida visit their old comrades and make merry. They tell tales of a few years back, and tell Fallitherin and Cylindia of their recent adventures.

Towards the end of the conversation, Maythor and Zanakin tell Fallitherin of their wish to train in the Elven Arts of Duskblade and Spellsword. Maythor also mentions that he is looking for a pegasus. Fallitherin cannot guarantee the elves will train them since the elves are very careful in whom they train in these specialized arts, but he will talk to the Elven Lords and plead their case. He knows that everything the COB has done for them, and that they are friends of the elves, that if any humans were allowed to train in these arts, Maythor and Zanakin would be on the list.

Maythor and Zanakin also mention to him some magical enchantments they are interested in, and Fallitherin will check into that as well.

He tells them he will return in any event, and Fallitherin and Cylindia take their leave late in the afternoon.

Eleint 23
Fallitherin returns this day and tells them that the Elven Lords agreed to allow them to train in the Elven Arts if they agree not to train others. He tells Maythor where the Pegasus are located, and that they are free denizens of the vale. If one takes to him, he would be allowed to befriend the mount.

Finally, Fallitherin tells them he should be able to find the magical items and upgrades that the party is looknig for, which includes +1 Mithril Chain “Twilight” for Zanakin, a +1 Mithril Buckler for Zanakin, and a +3 Mithril Buckler for Maythor.

Maythor is to meet Gorefelius Silverspeaar, a Duskblade trainer in their northern training grounds. The Duskblades are a specialized Everska force called the “Darkswords of Everska”, and their castle is in the north of the vale. Maythor will be required to stay on those training grounds for the extent of his training.

Zanakin will train with Serestianous Thelwood, and Serestianous will meet Zanakin at the “Fields of Battle” on the 25th. Serestianous is part of an elven society called the “Bladees of Mystrana”, a Spellsword Order. Zanakin will be able to stay at Silverfang Manor.

Devrille will also stay at Silverfang Manor and train for their levels. Shandra & Kiltila does not need to train, and will rest in the beautiful vale for the time being.

The few days before Maythor starts training, he visits the center of the vale where the Pegasus stay. He meets with a Pegasus contact, a beautiful elven woman named Merisha Nerimthaloous. He was told that the Pegasus are free creatures, and if he finds one that is interested in becoming his mount and cohort, the elves will allow the Pegasus to ally itself with Maythor. She also tells Maythor that the Leader of the Pegasus is named Anglmar, he is an old, powerful Pegasus. The other leaders of the pegasus clans are Anglmar’s son Breckenheir (powerful in his own right), and two other males named Shelmria and Chesnewick.

Maythor begins his search, and finds one of the Alpha’s “Breckenheir” to his liking, as Breckenheir also seems interested in Maythor. This is the start of a long relationship between the two.

Eleint 24
Maythor travels to the Duskblade Castle, and is given quarters in a small elven house outside the castle in the training grounds. It is there he will train in the Arts of Duskblade for the next 60 days. Kiltila will visit at times during those 60 days.

Eleint 25
Maythor begins Duskblade training at dawn.

Zanakin meets Serestianous Thelwood at the Fields of Battle, and begins his training in the Art of Spellsword.

During the next month, Maythor spends any time he has available (since he does not train all day) at the Pegasus vale befriending the Pegasus leader Breckenheir, and getting to know him.

Marpenoth 15 [OCT] (DR 1364)
Maythor, after 20 days of spending time with Breckenheir and finding that bond establishes with Breckenheir, officially asks him to be his cohort and mount. Breckenheir agrees!

Mayhor spends sthe next 10 days learning to fly on Breckenheir (and Breckenheir learning to fly with a large human male riding on him).

Marpenoth 25
Fallitherin visits Silverfang Manor and tells the party (sans Maythor) about an adventure that the Even Lords are interested in having the party embarque on for the vale. A Zentarim hold far to the north has been located, which is a stopping point for all Zhentraim caravans coming across, or planning to go through,, the Anaroch. They believe defeating the hold (a small fortification and series of caves) will have a positive impact in thwarting the Zentarim in that region, and provide safety to elves operating in that area.

The party agrees, but must wait until their training is completed!

Uktar 25 [NOV] (DR 1364)
All characters have completed their level, spell, feat, and skill training!

Party: Zanakin (LV 11W/ 1SS/ 1F), Maythor (LV 12F/ 1DB), Devrile (LV 11 C), Shandra (LV 7R/ 1Ranger/ 1F); and Kiltila (LV 4S)

Nightal 07 [DEC] (DR 1364)
The party meets with Fallitherin and Fulcrias Envorak, the Elven Commander of the Northern Forces. Fulcrias explains to the party what they know of the adventure, and that the elves can escort them with a flying force to the area. Ambriastak Goldtree will be the patrol commander.

Ambriastak tells them the the main hold is farther north east in the mountains, where a Large Mature Red Dragon leads an Army of 1,500 Orcs. This is not the hold they will be targeting, but a smaller hold that they believe is controlled by a Zhentarim Beholder! They will meet in the Duskblade training area on Nightal 13.

The party requests some supporting magical items for the adventure, including 2 scrolls of Flesh to Stone, Scroll of Antimagic Field, 3 Potions of Fly, 1 Potion Invisibility, and 3 Potions of Feather Fall.

Kiltila does not go on thha adventure, Maythor believes it is too dangerous for her. She will stay at Silverfang Manor and await their return.

Nightal 13 [DEC] (DR 1364)
Party: Zanakin (LV 11W/ 1SS/ 1F), Maythor (LV 12F/ 1DB), Devrile (LV 11 C), and Shandra (LV 7R/ 1Ranger/ 1F)

The party meets Ambriastak Goldtree and his elven patrol. Maythor has Breckenheir, and the others will ride on the Elven Griffon’s, along with a 12 strong elven patrol.

By the end of day, the party lands in a forested area, south of their target. The elves will wait until nightfall, and then bring the party. The party will Feather fall from the Griffons to the hold, hoping to capture the element of surprise!

Maythor will drop off Breckenheir using his new-found skills, and hit his Feather Fall Ring right before he hits the ground. He had been practicing this move for many a days.


The Return to Everska

Date: Winter 2013
Not sure on the date

Timeline: Eleasis 28 [AUG] to Eleint 20 [SEP], DR 1364

Eleasis 28 [AUG] (DR 1364)
Party: Zanakin (LV 11W/ 1F), Maythor (LV 12F), MarcusLor (LV 11F), Dorteck (LV 1 F), Krolack (LV 10F, 3R), Devrile (LV 10 C), Azorin (LV 12R), Neriana (LV 8C/ 4W), Morthrou (LV 9), Corenia (LV 8W/ 2F/ 2R), Alusair (LV 6 Bard); Kiltila (LV 4S); and + 2 characters (Annalisa (LV 5F) and Ventharitas the elf from Everska) rescued from Eldritch chamber.

NOTE: After the previous night’s event’s, Demetrius must take leave of the party and determine who this Wizard was working for. It is Demetrius and the parties belief that this was the wizard working with the Eldritch. He leaves, taking the wizard’s body with him.

From the previous nights events, it is noted that Devrill has made enough experience to make LV 12C, Kiltila LV 5S, Corenia LV 9W/ 2F/ 2R), MarcusL:or LV12, Neriana LV 9C/ 4W), and Azorin LV 13R). Maythor and Zanakin had made enough experience for levels as well.

Valcytic allows the party to keep the items found off of the defeated Merilith.

The battle from the night before was bittersweet. The allies defended the citadel and defeated the powerful enemy, but 163 defenders of the citadel were killed, with many others from the caravans from the fist battles! This includes some of Valcytic’s lower level leadership of the citadel.

Valcytic’s men work the next day to prepare a grave site for the men on a open area of land within eye-shot of the citadel.

Valcytic is again in debt to the COB and their allies for saving the citadel. He promises them that he will do something to honor them and their party for the great deeds; which could be a stature of naming a tavern in the citadel after them.

The party rests, knowing they will ride south in the next few days. However, they must wait for their adventure payment from Waterdeep, which includes the 40,000 gold that must be returned to the King!

Eleasis 29 [AUG] (DR 1364)
A caravan arrives from Baldur’s Gate with 500 fighters from the Band of the Red Hand, the most powerful Mercenary Band know in these parts! The Band of the Red Hand will support Valcytic in his efforts to break the humanoid holds to the north east!

Eleasis 30 [AUG] (DR 1364)
A large force of 800 soldiers arrive from Waterdeep, sent directly to the citadel by Lord Piergion! This group of soldiers come with support carts for the citadel, and also bring the reward for the COB for the epic adventure requested by Valcytic many weeks before.

40,000 gold plus 200 platinum per COB member is provided for the party. The 40,000 was part of the agreement with Valcytic to undertake the mission, and must go directly back to the King Azoun IV of Cormyr, as he lent the party that amount to support them in the efforts to defeat the Eldritch (used to purchase potions and scrolls). The party also receives aletter from Piergon himself, congratulating them on their efforts, and calling the COB the “Heroes of the Sword Coast”. He officially invites them to Waterdeep. The letter is give to the party by Allgren Weathertom, an official messenger of Piergion.

Krolack’s mercenaries will ride with the COB back to Scornubel. They all plan to leave via horseback the next day.

Eleint 1 [SEP] (DR 1364)
The party, along with Krolacks Mercenaries, ride south.

The meet no encounters along the way.

Eleint 6
The party with mercenaries reach Boarskyr Bridge, and stay the evening. They will continue moving towards Scornubel the next day. It will be another 8 days of travel to reach Scornubel.

Eleint 15
The party with mercenaries reach the outskirts of Scornubel. Krolack and his mercenary band will make camp on the outskirts of Scornubel. The rest of the party stay at Demetrius’ Tower, and have some of Orion’s fantastic soup!

The party spends the next few days in rest and identifying the magical treasures they found throughout their previous adventures. A few trips to Scornubel are completed by Zanakin and Maythor to gather white pearls for the identification.

The COB is reiunited with Sandra who has completed her Fighter training!

Additionally, Zanakin and Maythor sell their jewels, gems, coin, and small magical items in Scornubel and trade in for platinum coin. The platinum coin is split between the party. A portion of the treasure is earmarked for the party treasury (3,373 gold). The rest of the party keeps their treasure as-is, and wil trade it once they reach Cormyr.

Eleint 17
Krolack and his mercenary band leave the COB and trn back north to help efforts at Citadel Shieldspire. Krolack has been promised good gold their, and knows their is also a lot of work left to be done. He takes his leave of the party.

Eleint 19
The COB splits apart. Zanakkin, Maythor, Devrille, Shandra, Kiltila, and the elf Ventharitas will travel to Everska. Their goal is to return their new friend to Everska, and look for training for Zanakin to become a Spellsword and Maythor to ecome a Duskblade!

The rest of the COB will travel by land to Cormyr. They take their personal treasure, plus the 40,000 gold to be given to the King. Along the way, they plan on picking up the 4 mounts left behind by Maythor, Zanakin, Devrille, and Shandra in Iriaebor. Anaalisa will travel with them, the new Castle Blade Captain of the Guard.

Party: Zanakin (LV 11W/ 1F), Maythor (LV 12F), Devrile (LV 10 C), Shandra (LV 7R/ 1Ranger/ 1F); Kiltila (LV 4S), and Ventharitas the elf from Everska.

Zanakin casts Shadowalk, and the 6 travel through the Shadow plane towards Everska.

Eleint 20
The party leaves the Shadowplne, and arrives on the outskirts of the mountain protected Kingdom of Everska. They walk through the only known entrance of the kingdom, a mountain trail on the central west side of the vale.

Along the way, they are stopped by an elven patrol, and brought to a mountain safe-house to verify their identity. It is there they meet with Cariasa Syranthalis, Patrol Leader of the Sisters of Aluana, and Hemreniath Verethal, a Watcher of the Vale. Using their Brooch of Corellon medallions and Ventharitas word, the elven leaders welcome them to the vale!


Battle of Citadel Shieldspire

Date: Summer 2013
Not sure on the date..

Timeline: Eleasis 25 [AUG] to Eleasis 28 [AUG], DR 1364

Eleasis 25 [AUG] 9DR 1364)
Party: Zanakin (LV 11W/ 1F), Maythor (LV 12F), MarcusLor (LV 11F), Dorteck (LV 1 F), Krolack (LV 10F, 3R), Devrile (LV 10 C), Azorin (LV 12R), Neriana (LV 8C/ 4W), Morthrou (LV 9), Corenia (LV 8W/ 2F/ 2R), Alusair (LV6 Bard); and + 3 characters rescued from Eldritch chamber.

The evening the group with the COB arrives with Krolack’s mercenaries, 40 soldiers from Boarskyr Bridge, and 205 freed prisoners from the Eldrtich adventure.

Maythor, Zanakin, and COB leaders meet with the Citadel High Commander Valcytic and tell them of their adventure. He is amazed at their story, and ecstatic about their achievement and success! He plans a party for the group in the next 24 hours. In the mean-time, he ensures everyone has an appropriate place to stay (for heroes), they have everything they need including food and drink, and the prisoners are taken care of.

Eleasis 26
The party rests and makes plans for the next few days, and talk about the way home.

The party discusses offering the Caiptain of the Guard position to Annalisa, as they like her and were impressed with her fighting abilities during the exodus from the Eldrich adventure. She previously was the captain of a merchant caravan, and they know she mentioned she was tired of that line of work, but would like to be the leader of a fighting force for a group she honors and have a base of operations. The party agrees, and Maythor and Morthrou offer her the job, though it is far away from her homeland of Waterdeep. It turns out that she no longer has ties to Waterdeep, and she accepts the offer wholeheartedly!

Eleasis 27
Valcytic’s plan for a celebration take place in the large inner-courtyard in the early afternoon. Prior to the celebration, Valcytic has his Waterhavian Captains (Valcytic reports to Lord Piergon of Waterdeep) gather the as many soldiers and workers, and a speech is given. Roars of appreciation go up when the men hear that the leader of the Hobgoblin scourge has been defeated, and they are on the run. He promises to them they will continue to take the fight to the enemy until they are completely broken. In the mean-time, he introduces the heroes to his soldiers and workers, and cheers are given! At that time, a celebration is started.

As the party revels in the celebration at dusk, Demetrius appears inside the castle with Kiltila! He has a very serious look on his face, and summons all of the COB, Valcytic, and his leadership for an immediate conference. Valcyit invites his leadership team Captain Phyram Asbrin, Priest of Tyr Boris Nylal, and Chief Wizard Thelmyratis to the meeting.

He tells the group that the Seer Kiltila had a vision of an attack on the Citadel by a powerful outer planer evil creature called a Merilith, and by the moon phase it will happen this evening! Valcytic engages Demetrius directly in the conversation as the party listens, and Demetrius tells him that this being could destroy everything they have been working for unless fought with a strategy in mind, and conviction. He tells them that the adventurers must focus their complete energy on the Merilith, as it may be the most powerful enemy they have ever faced. He tells them to “use cold and fire, not lightning”, and that “other being may be summoned, and target Dispel Magics may work”. He also mentions that he cannot stay at the battle, that he must face the powerful Wizard that gated the creature. He believes that is at a hilltop ruins nearby, which Valcytic tells him there are ruins of an old castle on a hilltop a few miles to the north west.

Valcytic has 800 soldiers at his disposal, as his other 400 (total of 1,200 in his command) are spread on patrols away from the Citadel. As Valcytic rushes to ready his troops for battle and station them appropriate, yells and screams can be heard to the north where the support caravans are held. A battle takes place in that area, and the party knows it is the in-coming Merilith!

Before leaving, Demetrius gives Zanakin Greater Teleport and Greater Dispel Magic scrolls. At taht, Demetrius teleports away from the party.

The party positions itself in places of defense within the citadel (which is still under construction). Fighters & Clerics locate themselves near the courtyard, and the spell casters position themselves in the best places to allow for spell-fire. They also prep for battle the best they can with the few minutes they have. Alusair and Kiltila position themselves in the top-most part of the citadel, guarded by some of Valcytic’s personal guards and one of the citadel wizards.

Workers flee from the citadel the best they can.

Within minutes, the Citadel courtyard is cleared of men as they move to their defensive positions, equip themselves (many where unequipped), and quiet themselves. The courtyard is still full of tables from the celebration of that day.

Within minutes, the Merilith appears inside the courtyard with 2 Hezrou. Battle ensures.

A massive battle arises as the Merilith uses Blade Barriers to control the flow of battle as the citadel defenders rush the battlefield. The Hezrou engage the men, as the Merilith focuses on the COB, Valcytic, and some of his key leadership. The battle proves deadly for many of the defenders of the citadel as Blade Barriers are dropped on top of them as they do their best to engage the outer planar creatures. The COB is able to engage her eventually in melee combat, as she also defends against the powerful spells aimed against her.

After minutes of battle, the Merilith is defeated, along with the Hezrou! However, the price is heavy for the allied defenders. Many members of the COB and their allies are wounded.

After the battle is completed, the COB gathers quickly in the battlefield, heals with what spells are aailable from Devrille and Neriana, and Zanakin prepares the Greater Teleport Demetrius has provided him to support him in the battle. The teleport to the castle ruins to the NW.

Zanakin telports himself, Maythor, Dorteck, MarcusLor, Devrille, and the citadel Chief Wizard Thelmyratis to the ruins. The arrive in time to find Demetrius victorious in the battle with the evil wizard! An epic wizard battle was held between the two, and Demetrius was the victor. At the ruins the party finds 4 large caged carts (for prisoners) pulled by 4 draft horses each. They can only surmise that the evil wizards gate of the Merilith included an agreement to allow the Merilith to take slaves back to the evil planes she came from, and the carts where to be provided once the Citadel was defeated.



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