The Only One

Trouble in Iriaebor

Date: 28 May 2011

Kythorn 6 (June)
Party: Maythor (11), Zanakin (11,1), Devrille (10), and Shandra (7,1)

The party leaves via mounts SW towards Iriabor. Before the end of the day, the party crosses the Bridge of Fallen men and see the remains of some of the caravan that was ambushed by Marsh of Tun bandits. They decide not to pursue the bandits after deciding it would be difficult to track and catch them.

Kythorn 7
The party arrives at the end of the day in the trade city of Proskur. They stay the evening at the Budding Rose Inn. They leave for Easting the next day.

Kythorn 10
After the second hard day of travel towards Easting, the party is attacked at night by 2 Owlbears. The party easily matches them in combat and is victorious.

Kythorn 11
The party arrives in Easting by evening. A merchant caravan under the command of Captain Myron will be leaving for Iriaebor the next day. The party asks to travel with the caravan, and Captain Myron agrees.

Kythorn 14
The party travels for 3 days with the merchant caravan and arrives in the City State of Iriaebor. Knowing the better inns and fest-halls are in the upper city (though adventures generally are unwelcome in the city), the party rides their mounts to the upper city and finds rooms at the The Wandering Wyvern, proprieter Chyron Nimbas.

Kythorn 15
The party is approached by Iriaeborian soldiers under Lord Bron, and requested to visit the Iriaebor city palace. It is at the city palace the party is met by Lord Bron’s High Ranger (name). They are asked if they are willing to undertake a quest for Lord Bron to track down and capture or kill an evil intruder that has been terrorizing northern hamlets and villages.

To complicate matters, someone on the inside of Lord Bron’s inner circle seems to be in-league with the enemy. The intruder has already killed numerous citizens, and is responsible for slaying Iriaborian patrols, a small mercenary company, and an adventuring band called the Golden Spear.

The party agrees, and they agree to the High Rangers plan to bait the informant as well, since the enemy will know they are coming. The party meets with Lord Bron, and he is humbled by the party’s acceptance of the quests, and happy to assist them in any way.

Kythorn 16
The party equips itself with additional potions before traveling, and leave in the morning with a Iriaeborian scout to the vale where the enemy was last seen.

By early afternoon, the party arrives in the abandoned vale and travel along the eastern woodline. After circumventing the vale and traveling to the western side from the north side of the vale, the enemy engages the party in the woods.

The enemies name is the Master of the Hunt, and is assisted by two powerful Beasts of Malar. Using superb teamwork and extraordinary skills, the party destroys the Beasts of Malar and gravely wound and capture the Master of the Hunt.


Official write up

Bandits or No Bandits

Great Tales in Greatgaunt

Date: 19 February 2011

Mirtul 26 (May), 1364
Party: Maythor (11), Zanakin (11,1), Devrille (10), and Shandra (7,1)

The party is mounted on their personal mounts, equipped for extended overland travel

The party left out the southern gates of Eagles Peak continuing their first leg of the journey towards Candlekeep. It is outside the gates where the party runs into a Purple Dragon patrol being mustered to track down a band of rogue humanoids that attacked a homestead the evening before, and took prisoners.
Maythor and Zankin decide they should step into to help the local commanders and use Shandra to track the humanoids into the Sunset Mountains. Since the way will be difficult terrain, but the humanoids have a many-hour head start, the party elects to take their mounts, and lead them by foot when appropriate. Tracking the few ogres and orcs leads the party east, then north.

Mirtul 27
After a long day of tracking, and into the evening, the party takes some rest.

By morning, the party catches the small band of orcs and ogres by surprise. A short battle erupts, with the humanoids destroyed under blade, arrow, and spell. The party rescues Avril Salbrent and two of his young sons. Avril is a local Eagles Peak farmer and shepherd, and very appreciative of his rescue.

The party heads south and east towards Eagles Peak.

Mirtul 28
The party arrives at Eages Peak, and once again stays the night. An official reception at the small keep held by Lord Nambravyn and Commander Zelmann is held for ht party, and they offer their thanks and assistance any time the party is in Eagles Peak.

The orc prisoners did go back to their homestead, but not before Maythor giving them the coin they took from the humanoids – much of it originally theirs.

Mirtul 29
The party heads south.

Mirtul 30
After a long day of travel, the party camps off the side of the road (the usual protocol).
During watch, the party is ambushed by a group of beasts known as Shadow Mastiffs. The battle was fierce and at times interesting due to fear-affects, but in the end the party was victorious. The next few hours was spent re-gathering their mounts and finding an alternate camp-site.

Kythorn 1
The party passes by Skull Crag, but does not stop. They camp on the outskirts of the small walled city.

Kythorn 4
The party arrives in the city of Greatgaunt.

During the evening at the local tavern, some interesting events take place. Fist, a well-known local bard arouses the tavern by doing an excellent impersonation of Vandergahast. This impersonation touches Maythor’s nerves as he has a few choice words for the bard, and he calls for the arrest of the bard (which does not happen).

Shortly thereafter, the party hears word of a caravan that was ambushed by bandits on the Bridge of Fallen Men that morning – what was left of the caravan had just arrived in Greatgaunt.


Rest, Training, and Travel

Date: 13 November 2010

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Deepwinter 26 [JAN], 1364
Current Party:
Maythor; Level 11 Fighter
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard (soon to be Level 1 Fighter)
Devrille Fortholm; Level 9 Cleric of Torm
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia, Level 8 Wizard/ 2 Figher/ 2 Rogue
Dortek Ironhouse; Level _ Fighter

Pregame Prep:
This session starts out on the 26th of Deepwinter (January), 1 day after returning with the dragon hordes treasure. The party will travel using Phantom Steed to Suzail
MarcusLor is selling a +3 Long Sword to the Party Treasury for 14,400 gp.
Morthrou will be training all the mundane items secured after the decisive battle and bring them to Arabel for sale when the weather clears up (Tarsakh). The party thinks this should net them 13,189 gp for the party treasury. Zanakin’s party treasury sheet has the rest of the items won from the battle (after splitting the treasure among all parties involved).
Zanakin has 11 days left of training to make 1st level fighter, and is looking to train a two new feats. Corenia will train Zanakin in Improved Initiative. A trainer will need to be found for Storm Bolt spell.

Maythor will continue to pre-train 12th level fighter.

Maythor, Zanakin, Devrille, Dorteck, and Corenia equip themselves for winter travel to Suzail. They plan on staying in Crownguard Keep for the duration of their stay. Meanwhile, MarcusLor Crownguard, Dorteck, and many of the others at the dragon and humanoid battle will continue to ensure Blade Keep is secure. MarcusLor will return with what is left of his cavalry shortly after Maythor and Zanakin leave.

Deepwinter 27
Zanakin summons 4 phantom steeds, and the party moves across the winterlands towards Suzail. With a stop in Arabel, they figure the trip will take 5 days.

Over the next 5 days, no noteworthy encounters take place.

Alturiak 1 [FEB], (DR 1364)
The party arrives in Suzail and settles in at Crownguard Keep. Zanakin begins his final training for level 1 Fighter. Corenia will train Zanakin for 14 days in the art of Improved Initiative feat. Afterwards her plan is to return to Blade Keep.

Alturiak 2
Visiting the Towers of the War Wizards near the palace, Zanakin finds that a mid- ranking War Wizard named Humran Spearworth, a mid-level Evoker, whom is willing to train Zanakin in the art of Storm Bolt. However, he is unable to train him for at least 30 days.

26 days pass with both Maythor and Zankin training during the day, and getting some much-deserved R&R during the evening hours.

Alturiak 28
After a visit to the palace, Maythor speaks to Constal Kherik Neovok at the Suzail Garrison. Kherik connects Maythor with Sthavar. Sthavar is the Suzail Garrison Commander, commander of the militia, and Lord of Suzail. He is responsible for the safety and security of all things Suzail, and a close adviser to Azoun Obarskyr IV, King of Cormyr. Sthavar’s and his subordinate Oversword Deleep Zharinthan agree to make time to train Maythor in greater weapon specialization – which is a feat that only a few powerful fighters in the nation know the secret of. Training will start on Ches of Sunsets 8, and will take 25 days.

MarcusLor and Dorteck return from Blade Keep with the men and mounts still alive after the battle.

*Ches of Sunsets 2 [MAR] (DR 1364)
Zanakin begins storm bolt training with Humran Spearworth at the Towers of the War Wizards in the palace area. Training should not take more than 18 days. He returns during the evening to Crownguard Keep.

Ches of Sunsets 8
Maythor begins greater weapon specialization training with Sthavar and Deleep at the Garrison grounds. Often times they provide him direction and leave him with Purple Dragons to train with. One of the two (usually Deleep) returns every few hours to monitor his progress and provide additional guidance. He returns during the evening to Crownguard Keep.

Ches of Sunsets 20
Zanakin’s Storm Bolt training is completed. He begins training on the final skills to complete his training to 1st level fighter.

Tarsakh of Storms 3 [APR] (DR 1364)
Maythor’s feat training with Sthavar and Deleep is completed. Maythor continues to pretrain skills and other essentials while he awaits Zanakin to complete his training. Both men continue to stay at Crownguard Keep during the evenings. MarcusLor spends much of his time with Alusair, but will make time every few days to spend with his friends. Dorteck livens up the party during the evenings after a long day of training is completed.

Tarsakh of Storms 4
Maythor, Devrille, and Corenia leave Suzail to Arabel mounted. Zanakin remains behind in Suzail to complete his training.

Tarsakh of Storms 10
Maythor, Devrille, and Corenia meet Morthrou Silversword in Arabel. No noteworthy encounters occurred.

Morthrou rode with a host of Purple Dragons and some Blade Keep soldiers to sell the mundane items gathered after the defeat of the humanoids. Morthrou also brought the parties war mounts, Zanakin’s book to enter Candlekeep, extra coin, the Rod of Veskra, and a +2 rapier.

While in Arabel, Maythor picks up Shandra Pyralthek. Shandra is completed with her Ranger training and is now a LV 7 Rogue, LV1 Ranger. Corenia will travel back to Castle Blade with Morthrou.

After the meeting, Maythor, Devrille, and Shandra leave for Suzail.

Tarsakh of Storms 16
After the meeting, Maythor, Devrille, and Shandra arrive in Suzail. No noteworthy encounters occurred.

Tarsakh of Storms 19
Zanakin’s training is now officially complete. He is now a full-fledged 1st level Fighter!

Tarsakh of Storms 20
Maythor and Zanakin are contacted by the palace and told they are personally requested by the king during a celebration at Greengrass at the palace. They wisely accept the invitation.
Maythor’s feat training with Sthvar and Deleep is completed.

Greengrass, 1364
A fantastic celebration was held at the Cormyrian Royal Court, as is customary every year. Because of recent events, this is an especially honored occasion. Nobles, landed gentry, lords, knights, and friends of the crown from across the kingdom arrive amid much fanfare.
It is at this party that King Azoun IV announces MarcusLor and Alusair are to be married at a later time. It is also during the celebration a ceremony is held to award Maythor and Zanakin the Honor of the Dragon Heart . This is the most prestigious award given in Cormyr (much like the Medal of Honor), and those awarded join the ranks of a select few heroes of the realms.

*Mirtul 11 (MAY), (DR 1364)
*Party: Maythor (11), Zanakin (11,1), Devrille (10), and Shandra (7,1)

The party leaves on horseback towards Candlekeep. They follow the trade route towards Arabel.

Mirtul 15
The party arrives in Arabel and stays at the Craftsman’s Doorway. They await Morthrou to have a last meeting before departing.

Mirtul 16
Morthrou arrives in Arabel and meets the party at the Craftsman’s Doorway. Discussions are had, agreements finalized, and the party prepares for the long-trek west.

Mirtul 17
The party heads west towards Eveningstar. Morthrou rides east towards Blade Keep (with the patrol he came to Arabel with).

Mirtul 20
The party passes through Eveningstar.

Mirtul 22
The party passes through Tyrilluk.

Mirtul 23
The party enters into the Storm Horn Mountains and passes through High Horn.

Mirtul 24
On the westwards side of the Storm Honrs the party enters Hlundeth and stays the night.

Mirtul 25
Following the west trade route along the western side of the Storm Horn Mountains the party enters the fortified and tightly controlled city of Eagles Peak.

Mirtul 26
The party rides south out of Eagles Peak, and find trouble…


Finding the Green Dragon Treasure

Date 10 July 2010

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Deepwinter 15 (January)
Current Party:
Maythor; Level 11 Fighter
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard (soon to be Level 1 Fighter)
Devrille Fortholm; Level 9 Cleric of Torm
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia, Level 8 Wizard/ 2 Figher/ 2 Rogue
Dortek Ironhouse, Level 11 Fighter

One day after the epic battle vs a hoard of hobgoblins and a green dragon the Covenant of the Blade sets out on an 8 day trek to find the dragons treasure.

Pregame Prep This session starts out on the 15th of Deepwinter (January), 1 day after the epic battle agains the dragon and humanoids at Castle Blade. The party is making preparations to travel to the Cult of the Dragon site in the Hullack Forest (the base was previously destroyed by the party) in an attempt to find the dragon treasure horde.
Zanakin has 11 days left of training to make 1st level fighter.

The COB, leadership and Purple Dragons leadership work out a deal with the hobgoblin’s that helped defeat the enemy horde. The hobgoblins will take the valuable items that they brought with them, plus a very small amount of the winnings (equipment) with them. They also move their dead east of the castle, to be picked up at a later date.

The party also skins the dragon to allow an armorer to create armor and shields. Maythor, Zanakin, Devrille, Dorteck, and Corenia equip themselves for winter travel towards the Hullack in search of the dragon treasure. They move on foot.

Deepwinter 16
The party reaches the eastern side of the Hullack.

Deepwinter 17
The party reaches the ancient elven standing stones in the afternoon, which is the landmark to head north into the deep of the Hullack. The party moves north.

Deepwinter 19
Traveling on foot stealthily over the next two days, the party arrives at the remains of the Cult of the Dragon and humanoid encampment. It is unmanned. The party stays the evening, on alert.

Deepwinter 20
Devrille uses Speak With Dead spell on the morning on one of the cult of the dragon warriors and ascertains the dragon lair is somewhere in the hills to the NW of the encampment.

The party leaves NW, and splits apart in 2 groups to cover more ground.

Deepwinter 21
The party finds a giant cave, secluded in the trees and rocks of the rocky portion of the Hullack. They enter the cave and pass a number of traps meant to push-away invaders. Damage to the band is minimal in avoiding and disarming the traps, and no additional encounters are found. The party finds a large horde of treasure, and carries away the majority of it in their Bag of Holding.
After grabbing everything they can carry, the party heads toward the main trade route.

Deepwinter 22
A massive blizzard keeps the party in-place for a day.

Deepwinter 24
The party returns to Blade Keep to break-down the treasure.

Official write up
Finding the Dragon Treasure


The Battle of Castle Blade

Date: 08 May, 2010

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Deepwinter 14 (January), 1364
Current Party:
Maythor; Level 11 Fighter
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard (soon to be Level 1 Fighter)
Devrille Fortholm; Level 9 Cleric of Torm
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia, Level 8 Wizard/ 2 Figher/ 2 Rogue
Dortek Ironhouse, Level 11 Fighter
MarcusLor Crownguard, Level 11 Fighter
Morthrou Silversword), Fighter 8

*Also assisting in the battle:
Mandarek Ravensclaw, Lvel 11 Fighter
Brom (Hill Giant Fighter Trainee)
Alusair (6),
Erik (2),
Captain Coren (6)

This session culminates in the historic battle of Castle Blade, a.k.a. Blade Keep. After numerous turns and twists, dark days and glimmers of hope, an army of over 3600 hobgoblins (90% of force) , wolf riders, bugbears, ogres, and hill giants led by the hobgoblin King Vanrakesh and a powerful mature adult green dragon reached the east side of Castle Blade – with the dragon leading the charge. This force was met by about 1,700 Purple Dragon footmen, archers, and cavalrymen, Blade Keep regulars, MarcusLor’s cavalry, a small group of priests and War Wizards, and the Covenant of the Blade (COB)

The COB’s plan put their limited army hidden in a fortified position in the forest to the west, leaving the palisade and castle empty – except for the adventurers. Early that morning, Zanakin met the enemy est of the castle in an effort to draw the dragon to the castle before the enemy army arrived – which worked. The epic battle ensured outside, then inside the keep walls, where a well prepared COB met the green dragon in hand-to-hand combat. With no casualties, the COB was able to defeat the dragon, and flee west towards the wood line where the allied army awaited.

The humanoids attacked the empty castle and razed the palisade before the horns of Cormyr called their attention to the wood line. The humanoids regrouped and marched on the wood line, and met the allies head-on in cataclysmic combat. The eastern hobgoblins that the COB had an alliance with turned on their arch-enemy in the midst of the battle, and helped stem the onslaught of the superior enemy hobgoblin force.

Combat did not last not more than 10 minutes, and a surgical attack by members of the COB to kill King Vanrakesh, his evil priestess and bodyguards spelled the defeat of the enemy, but not before many hundreds fell on the battlefield.

At the end of the day, the party’s assessment was captured here:
‘As the sunlight starts to pass the zenith of the sun on the 14th of Deepwinter, you traverse the scene of carnage and ruin. To the east is a dark plume of smoke rising gently towards the Thunder Peaks – the last remnants of the wooden palisade slowly burning away. The castle still stands, but you know that the inner rooms have been ransacked. Around the edge of the wood line, in an area about 1000 feet by 400 feet, the snow is almost completely gone. It has been replaced by trampled mud, remnants of armor and weapons, blood, and broken bodies. In some areas there may be 5 feet between adjacent bodies, but in other areas, such as where the spike wall had been, piles of dead number stack upon one another. Hobgoblins, bugbears, ogres, hill giants, humans, horses and dire wolves lie side by side on the field with one thing in common, today was the day of their last breath.

You see the final battle to protect Alusair was about 20 feet behind the spike wall, the initial defensive line had broken, but not the will of the allied warriors to fight. It is to your estimation that the total fight from the time of the first arrow until the enemy began to break contact lasted a little over 5 minutes.

Maybe today you wonder if it is all worth it? Was the death and destruction of so many goodhearted warriors worth this little spot of land between the Hullack and the ThunderPeaks that you call home? To the families of the nearly 500 Cormyrian’s that lost their lives on the field today, that may be a question that will be asked for years to come…’

The final tally after the end of the battle was:
Type 1) Start 2) Survived 3) Killed
Purple Dragon & Allied Footmen: 1) 422 2) 105 3) 317
Purple Dragon & Allied Archers: 1) 422 2) 376 3) 46
Purple Dragon & Allied Cavalry: 1) 335 2) 212 3) 123
Allied Priests 1) 5 2) 3 3) 2
Allied War Wizards 1) 3 2) 3 3) 0
Allied Hobgoblins 1) 599 2) 58 3) 541
Total Allies Killed 980

Enemy Hobgoblin Killed 1864
Enemy Bugbear Killed 215
Enemy Ogre Killed 22
Enemy Hill Giant Killed 4
Enemy Dire Wolves Killed 25
Enemy Mature Adult Green Dragon 1
Total Enemy Killed 2190

Notable characters killed in the battle:
Derelen Smithen (Keep Constable)
Ingram Norenstone (Keep Footmen Swordmajor)
Listnen (Keep Footmen Blade, Silversword family hireling)


4 Days Past the Lightning Strikes

Date: December 2009

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28 Nightal [DEC] (DR1363)
Current Party:
Maythor; Level 11 Fighter
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard (soon to be Level 1 Fighter)
Devrille Fortholm; Level 9 Cleric of Torm
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia, Level 8 Wizard/ 2 Figher/ 2 Rogue

After selling the treasure from the battle of the Dragon Cultists, the party settles in for a couple nights at the at the Craftsman’s Doorway.

29 Nightal
This evening, Kiltila has a dream of lightning striking in a strange winter storm above the Thunder Peak Mountains. Four days afterward, a green dragon, ahead of a large army of hobgoblin, attacks Blade Keep. The green dragon attacks Blade Keep while the hobgoblins support from the land on the outside.

Kiltila awakens to tell Maythor of the dream, and Maythor springs into action!

30 Nightal
Zanakin and Corenia leave early morning via phantom steed towards Blade Keep to warn of the danger. Zanakin and Corenia first stop at Castle Crag to alert Mandarek Ravensclaw and ask for help. He will help! Also, they ask for him to contact MarcusLor Crownguard via War Wizard magic and ask for assistance.

At Blade Keep, Morthrou Silversword) is made aware of the attack via Mathor’s alert via his Brooch of Corellon.

Maythor believes they will need help, and travels east with Devrille towards the Eastern Garrison of Cormyr.

1 Hammer [JAN] (DR 1364)
Maythor and Devrille continue to travel on foot towards the eastern garrison.

Zanakin and Corenia leave Castle Crag and travel via phantom steed to Blade Keep.

3 Hammer
in late afternoon, Maythor and Devrill make it to the large eastern garrison fortress. It is there they meet Thalik Stonebreaker, an Ironhouse Dwarf whom is the general of the forces there. Thomdar is not at the Garrison.

Maythor tells Thalik of the situation, and Thalik is not willing to help based on a dream. Maythor and Thalik have a very heated discussion, with Devrille helping to diplomatically keep the two from escalating the argument.

In the end, Thalik reluctantly agrees to send a small force of archers and footmen towards Blade Keep. Maythor does not believe it is enough men, but it is all Thalik will allow to leave the Garrison of over 1,000 Purple Dragons.

In the end, Thalik agrees to send a supporting force (since he knows Maythor and COB are friends with Azoun Obarskyr IV, King of Cormyr). He agrees to send 55 Cavalry, 300 footmen, and 300 archers. They will leave in 1 day.

Maythor and Devrille spend the evening at the Eastern Garrison.

4 Hammer
Maythor and Devrille, borrowing some of the Garrisons war mounts, head east towards Blade Keep. Maythor and Devrill cross the Immerflow this day and make it to the Hullack.

6 Hammer
Maythor and Devrille arrive at Blade Keep and start to plan for the attack.

9 Hammer
The Eastern Garrison force arrives at Blade Keep, which includes 55 Cavalry, 300 footmen, and 300 archers. They are commanded by Ornrion Chrem Viaden and Lionar Zyran Brightspear. Included in the group is 1 War Wizards and 2 Priests of Tyr.

Along with the garrison force, Duke Mandarek arrives with 200 Purple Dragon Calvary from Castle Crag, along with 2 War Wizards and 3 Priests of Tyr.

10 Hammer
A strange and rare winter lightning storm erupts over the Thunder Peaks. This is the storm of which Kiltila dreamed about, and the party believes they will be attacked in 4 days.

11 Hammer
MarcusLor, Alusiar, and Dortek Ironhouse arrive with 80 Crownguard Cavalry. They received the message 11 days past and rode hard from Suzail to make it to Blade Keep.

It is at the time the party comes up with a daring plan to fight the hobgoblin army from the woodline west of Blade Keep, and begin preparations of a defensive position there. This plan should throw the hobgoblins off, and allow their force to be fully utilized, including the 335 cavalry non sight!

New Party:
Maythor; Level 11 Fighter
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard (soon to be Level 1 Fighter)
Devrille Fortholm; Level 9 Cleric of Torm
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia, Level 8 Wizard/ 2 Figher/ 2 Rogue
Dortek Ironhouse, Level 11 Fighter
MarcusLor Crownguard, Level 11 Fighter
Morthrou Silversword), Fighter 8

*Also assisting:
Mandarek Ravensclaw, Lvel 11 Fighter
Brom (Hill Giant Fighter Trainee)
Alusair (6),
Erik (2),
Captain Coren (6)

12 Hammer
Two Hobgoblins arrive under a white banner. They are messengers from the semi-friendly Burning Sky Tribe, and bring a message from their Chieftain/ King, Klug the Great. The note tells them that they have been acquired by a powerful group of tribes from the north, supported by a green dragon, which will be attacking Blade Keep. Their goal is to rid these lands of human intrusion. Klug’s message says that if the humans stand and fight, his hobgoblin army will turn and fight their oppressors when the time is right!

14 Hammer*
Zanakin, invisible, is scouting to the east upon the granite site. He sees an army far off in the mountains making its way towards Blade Keep. He also sees the great green dragon which takes flight and heads off towards the Keep! Zanakin flies back to alert the COB, and the party enacts its defensive plan to battle the dragon at the Keep, whilst their small army is in its positions on the wood line (out of sight form the dragon hopefully).

The party is well prepared with defensive spells and magical arrows, in the hopes of defeating the dragon!


Green Dragon in the Hullack!

Date: July 2009

18 Nightal [DEC] (DR1363)

Upon searching the ruins, the party finds 3 kidnapped Humans. These humans tell the party of a great Green Dragon that worked cooperatively with the evil humans and humanoids. The humans were kidnapped from their Cormyrian village of Valatesh, about 1/2 north of the trade route where it crosses the Immerflow.

The party collects all the treasure they can, which includes a DRACONOMICON BOOK from the Cultists, and a DRAGONSKULL TALISMAN (4,000, sell 2,000 gp?), and a +2 Long Bow.

The humans are: Alisura Herasmith, 14; Dotram Neravan, 34; and Phillip Neravan (Son), 16.

19 Nightal
The party, with the 3 humans, travels south towards the trade route.

20 Nightal
The party of 7 finds the snow capped trade route, and travels west.

21 Nightal
The party meets a Purple Dragon patrol on the skirts of the Hullack. The describe what occurred, and ask the patrol to bring the Cormyrians home. The patrol agrees.

The party continues the long foot trek towards Arabel.

24 Nightal
The party croses the Immerflow.

25 Nightal
The party passes a Purple Dragon Waypoint, and stay the evening.

28 Nightal
The party arrives in Arabel, and visit the Temple of Chauntea. However, Neriana is not available at the temple.

The party also sells much of the treasure they obtained from the battle in Arabel that day.
The party stays at the Craftsman’s Doorway that evening.


The Cult of the Dragon

Date: April 2009

9 Nightal [DEC] (DR 1363)

Party: Maythor, Zanakin, Corenia, and Devrille

By evening, the party gets ready for camp. Corenia does an Eagle Recon.

10 Nightal
While walking north along the west side of a frozen lake in the Hullack, the party comes across 3 Orcs (2 veteran) and an Ogre. The party kills the evil beings, but not before they raise an alarm with an Orc horn.

After the battle, Maythor activates the Rod of Security for safety. The party stays in the Rod for 8 days.

18 Nightal
After leaving the Rod of Security, the group moves down to the north side of the frozen lake toward some Elven ruins. In these ruins a small contingent of Orcs are met in battle, and destroyed.

From this point, the party continues north along a trail towards the larger elven ruins.

It is in these expansive, ancient ruins the party encounters a contingent of 40 Orcs, 6 Orc leaders, 4 Ogres, 2 Trolls, a Hill Giant, and 5 Human Cult of the Dragonists.

Battle ensures, where Zanakin is separated from the party for the most part using Invisibility and Flying.

The rest of the characters begin the fight on the south side of the ruins with the multitudes of enemy. The final battle takes place against a powerful Sorcerer and HexBlade. The party wins the day in a close battle.


Recovery and Training

Date: December 2008
Not sure on the date

NOTE House Rule Changes on Teleport, Raise, Divination, and Alignment Take Effect!*

Timeline: 29 Marpenoth (DR 1363) – 14 Nightal (DR 1363)

29 Marpenoth [OCT] (DR 1363)
Maythor and Zanakin continue their training at Silversword Manor.

21 Uktar [NOV] (DR 1363)

Devrille completes his training to level 9 Cleric.

22 Uktar

Party: Maythor (LV 10), Zanakin (LV 11), Devrille (LV 9) and Erik (LV 1)

Devrille, Maythor, Zanakin, and Erik meet at Silversword Manor and begin the mounted trek towards Castle Blade through the cold, snow Cormyrian countryside. They used standard mounts from Silversword Manor, as their mounts (with the exception of Erik) are at Castle Blade.

During this time, Zanakin has purchased a new travelling spell book.

30 Uktar
After 8 days of mounted travel across Cormyr, through Arabel and then the Hullack, the 4 characters arrive at Castle Blade.

Special Day Feast of the Moon
The party rests at Castle Blade

1 Nightal [DEC] (DR 1363)
Prior to the party leaving for a new adventure, Zanakin provides Walls of Stone to support the keep building process.

8 Nightal

Party: Maythor (LV 10), Zanakin (LV 11W/ 1 F), Devrille (LV 9) and Corenia (LV 8/2/2)

Maythor, Zanakin, Corenia, and Devrille begin the trek towards the closest elven ruins where tales of adventure await. The trek should take 2-3 days.

9 Nightal
The party finds the ruins of ancient elven stones off the north side of the trade route, a landmark for the elven ruins.

Per the maps Zanakin had seen at the Towers of the War Wizards, the party turns north at the stones.

In the hilly, forested, winter lands the party is attacked by 4 Leucrotta. The Leucrotta are destroyed.

XP: May 200, Zanakin 175, Corenia 150, Devrille 280.


The World Serpent Inn

Date: Fall 2008
Not sure on the date

Timeline: 9 Marpenoth (DR 1363) – 29 Marpenoth (DR 1363)

9 Marpenoth [OCT] (DR 1363)
Party: Maythor (LV 10), Zanakin (LV 11), and Shandra (LV 8)

Zanakin teleports the party to Arabel this evening. Shandra has made enough experience and hopes to train for Level 1 Ranger.

Maythor visits a tattoo artist in Arabel, a Half-Orc named Zelslan BoarAxe. Maythor has tattoos placed upon his arms, most likely in remembrance of his demise to the Blackguard.

Note: Maythor may have had these removed at some later time via magics.

10 Marpenoth
The party discusses training options with some key leaders of Arabel at the palace (which is under reconstruction from the battle of Arabel). The Arabellian leadership will find a Ranger on retainer for her to train with. Shandra takes her leave from Maythor and Zanakin.

Shandra’s training will take 90 days.

That evening, Zanakin and Maythor decide to visit the Grey Goose and try to enter the World Serpent Inn. From previous discussions with Calais Bryant, they know there is some magical portal that must be opened outside the door of the Grey Goose to enter the world Serpent Inn.

Upon reaching the Grey Goose, they enter and discuss with Shult. Shult tells them that they have been welcomesd to the World SErpent, which is one of the keys to access. They must stand outside the entrance of the grey Goose, and wait for the wind to change. Once this happens, they must say the magical command “The Ruze of Rickthia” at that exact time.

Both characters leave the Grey Goose, and under nightfall wait outside the door. While they wait, they find a breeze from the west pick up through the city streets. Upon saying the command word, Maythor says the command word. Once said, nothing changes around them with the exception of the sign above the door now is a coiled serpent wrapped around a globe. Maythor and Zanakin enter the door…

Inside the door is a carpeted passage of wooden walls with doors around, and an entrance at the end of the hall. Walking through that entrance, or exit, the party passes a large Djinni creature whom seems to be a guard. Turning a corner, the men arrive at the very large main chamber of the World Serpent Inn! At that time, a large booming voice coming from the center of the Inn welcomes them by name! It is legendary Milchifer who welcomes them.

The men talk briefly with Milchifer, and rest uneasily in a huge tavern of various levels filled with all types of denizens, much of which the characters have never seen. Milchifer is assisted by gnome-like creatures that run errands, ales, and food throughout the tavern. Inside the tavern are human warriors dressed from various parts of the realms or unknown lands, and creatures such as a few Demi-Humans, Drow, a Frost Giant, a Mindflayer, Githyanki, a few Tieflings, and other creatures they have never seen. The power of the creatures there is unmistakable, this is not a place to get into a fight; which is against the rules they find; else ne would raise the enmity of Milchifer.

They stay for some time drinking strong ale and keeping a low profile. Afterward, they leave through the door they came from, and return to Arabel. Milchifer bids them farewell before leaving.

The parry returns to Arabel and stayas at the Craftsmans Doorway for the evening.

11 Marpenoth
Zanakin and Maythor travel back to Castle Blade via teleport. They find Corenia at Castle Blade, along with Morthrou.

Maythor and Zanakin stay at the Keep and watch construction activities.

12 Marpenoth
Zanakin scry’s upon the enemy rogue which eluded the in the last battle. He finds he is at a tavern in Ravensgate the Living City!

Zanakin teleports himself and Maythor to the Inn, and they engage the unprepared rogue in the midst of the tavern denizens. The rogue is defeated easily as he was unprepared for their attack. This surgical strike attack was noted as being on the edge of what good characters normally do, but under the circumstances, he was an evil enemy that should be dealt with. The tavern empties, Maythor and Zanakin grab his gear, and leave the tavern before the towns guard arrives.

13 Marpenoth

Over the next few days, a powerful blizzard covers the area in a foot of snow, effectively halting keep construction.

20 Marpenoth
Maythor and Zanakin are visited by a War Wizard, Phergrias Deegrin, and told they have been summoned for immediate counsel with King Azoun IV.

21 Marpenoth
Zanakin and Maythor teleport to Suzail and walk to the palace to seek audience with the King.

Myzbaraki of Mulmaster, Mulmaster’s Cormyiran ambassador, seeks audience with King Azoun IV. For the meeting, Azoun IV required Maythor and Zanakin to be at the meeting. In the throne room, Myzbaraki charges that the COB (Maytor and Zanakin) are guilty of murder to one of the Mulmaster Lords, and his assistants

King Azoun IV brings forth the message that their was no murder, only retribution for an evil act committed by the Mulmaster Lord in the lands of Cormyr. Azoun IV will not hand over any members of the COB.

Myzbaraki tells the King that the COB are outlaws in Mulmaster, and they will be arrested if they set foot in the city. He also states that this will not be soon forgotten in Mulmaster inner circles, since one of the members of the COB is a lord of Cormyr.

King Azoun IV dismisses the ambassador to Mulmaster.

After the meeting, the King scolds Maythor and Zanakin on their actions, and explains that their actions could bring retribution from kingdoms outside of Cormyr. He states that if Maythor is going to take part in such acts, while actions for good in some circles, he cannot hold the title of Duke if he will do so.

afterward, the men stay at Crownguard Keep.

23 Marpenoth
Zanakin visits a tavern owner at the Dragon Jaw Tavern named Pendarik for information around Hullack forest. Pendarik tells him of some ancient elven ruins north of the trade route that may be of some interest to him.

Zanakin begins training in the War Wizard Towers and War Wizard Libraries. This is not level training, rather some spell trading and training. It is during this training period he finds maps of the Hullack, and the ancient elven ruins Pendarik spoke of.

During Zanakin’s studies, he also finds information on the Rod of Veskra. The information is:

1) The Rod has seven pieces
2) The Rod of Veskra was a staff of Wizard Kings. When fully assembled, it gave the owner ultimate power like a very powerful “Staff of Power”.
3) The last known owner before its disassembly was Vendrathias, a Wizard King of Chessenta many years ago.
4) The history before Vendrathis is a succession of very powerful (epic level) wizards.

While Zanakin trains, Maythor takes leave of Suzail, and travels to Bervelek to visit his father. He rides on borrowed ount from Silversword Manor.

24 Marpenoth
Zanakin arranges for spell trades at the War Wizard towers through a system at the libraries. Some gold is exchanged for his training of new spells

25 Marpenoth
Maythor spends time with his father and sister. Maythor tells Falcren II of his monetary problems at Castle Blade. Falcren II gives Maythor what is left of the family treasury to hep with the costs, 14,000 gp.

Maythor also meets Erik, whom had been training to 1st level Fighter at Bervelak. Erik decides to travel with Maythor to Castle Blade.

28 Marpenoth
Zanakin uses the alchemy shop at the War Wizard towers to identify potions.

29 Marpenoth
Zanakin, Maythor, and Erik met at Silversword Manor (east of Suzail).

Zanakin trains Fighter for Level 12 with Maythor, and Ride skills (24 days).
Maythor and Erik trains Zanakin’s Fighter
Maythor pre-trains Level 11, including improving his Jump skill (pre-train).



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