The Only One

Long Road to Everska

Date: Late Spring, 1992

25 Hammer [January] (DR 1360)

The group arrives at Alaghon in the evening, and must
have the city gate opened to let them enter.

The party(21) takes its leave from Lady Assyria, and her men, and arrive at the Cormyrian Consolate.

Upon arriving, Lowkey fnds out from Duke MarcusLor that another dagger, from the Fire Blades supposedly, was left at the Consolate, with a note of warning. This has happened a few times before, and has something to do with the civil struggles the Turmish capital is going through (the party believes).

MarcusLor had found another ship to sail on, which is sailing to Starmantle in a few days. He had already arranged travel.

Also, another 20 Cormyrian Purple Dragons, under the command of High Blade Byrin Nereth, had arrived in Alaghon, at the consolate, just a few days past. The group also had a half-elven scout by the name of Eslo with them.

26 Hammer

MarcusLor, Lowkey, Salguod, and Eslo travel to the
merchant caravel “Crystal Wood” that MarcusLor had made travel arrangements with. They speak again with its Captian, Blomthen Celgra, from Chondath. Blomthen is still awaiting some merchant goods to be loaded on his ship, and then he will sail, not more than 2 days.

The 4 men are followed by a dark rider on their way back to the Cormyrian Consolate. Upon arriving, it is noted the rider had disappeared.

Upon returning to the Consolate, the party(20) also finds that the Cormyrian Embassy is to be dismantled, by order of the Kng of Cormy, King Azoun IV. No specific reasons are given, but the Embassy will be emptied within 2 days time by that order (brought by Byron Nered).

**Lowkey has a dream of being in an uknown Elven Valley, though it looks similar to Everska. His old childhood friend, Elthavarous, who is in full battle garb, accompanies him. Lowkey can’t understand his friend’s need for his gear, in the mose peaceful, safe, and serene settings in the Realms. The dream leads to a horde of Humanoids of all types, and numerous bands, coming from all directions upon the elves, killing everything in their path. The elves, unprepared, are unable to save themselves.

Note: The dream is about the impending disaster to the elves and humans unless they band together. Or so Lowkey deciphers it that way.

27 Hammer

The party(20) shops in Alaghon for last minute supplies for their trip to the northern lands where the port cities of Starmantle, and Westgate are.

That day in the mechart markets of Alaghon, Lowkey, Salguod, and Eslo encounter a peasant at a Gemsmerchant’s shop that suddenly goes mad, and attacks a guard on his way to attack Lowkey. The peasant is overbeared by Salguod, but dies soon afterwards mysteriously.

Upon returning to the consulate, the three hero’s are followed once again by the dark rider on horseback from a distance. The 3 men give chase, but he disappears. After disappearing, Lowkey hears the whisper in his ear “I have found you”, and laughter afterwords.

Party(22): Lowkey Silverfang (Moon Elf Male LV 5 Fighter), Eslo (Half Elf Male LV 1,1 Fighter/ Thief), Maythor Silversword (Human Male LV 1 Fighter), MarcusLor Crownguard (Human Male LV 9 Fighter), Fallitherin (Sun Elf Male LV 7 Fighter), Kerthavin (Moon Elf LV 6 Fighter), Selespear (Moon Elf LV 5,5 Fighter/ Wizard), Azorin Merrywith (Human Male LV 7 Ranger), Cylindia (Half Elf Female LV 3 W(Enchanter)), Kishara (Moon Elf Female LV 1 Commoner), Kiltila (Human Female LV 1 Commoner)

WEATHER: Temperate, Costal, Winter
Terrain: Ship Travel
Movement: Ship Travel
Movement Modifiers Possible: Storms

28 Hammer

The Consulate members from Cormyr finish packing their belongings, and make way toward the docks of Alaghon, where their ships await to take them north, out of Turmish.

The half elf Eslo gets permission to leave his scouting service under Biron Nereth’s command, and join the adventuring band.

The young Cormyrian Fighter, Maythor, is given a discharge from his service in the Consulate of Alaghon, under Krydon Fairstone, and joins the adventuring group also. He is allowed to join them because of his voluntary service to the Purple Dragons, because he is a young Lord of Cormyr himself.

The young Ranger Salguod will be boarding another ship (of the 2 going north) to travel to the City State of Starmantle, to join with his brother, in their future endevours.

Party additions: Maythor Silversword, Eslo

Party subtractions: Salguod

*Maythor Silversword


All three are annotated in the party(22) above.

The party(22) boards the merchant caravel “Crystal Wood”, with Krydon Fairstone, and his consolate command (approximately 35 individuals). Only a few horses of the consulate are taken. The merchant caravel travels o the City State of Westgate, and then across the Dragonmere, to Cormyr (weather permitting).

The rest of the Purple Dragons, under Biron Nereth, board the Warship “Starlight”, with much of the consulates valuables, with Salguod. The Warship will stop in the City State of Starmantle, where the soldiers, and their gear and valuables, will have to find another ship to Cormyr.

The ships leave Alaghon a few hours after sun up.

30 Hammer

A strong winter storm on the Inner Sea separates the two ships. The storm is very rough, but no lives are lost. All hands except seafaring men, are confined to the lower decks.

1 Special Day – Midwinter

Ships continue to travel north

1 Alturiak [February]

Lowkey’s birthday, 91 years old (moon elf))

2 Alturiak

The “Crystalwood” comes within sight of the City State (Claw of Winter) of Starmantle to the west, but continues to travel north (1360 DR) (Feb.) through the winter driven seas.

The warship “Starlight” docks in Starmantle at some point in time, later that day. The party(22) no longer has contact with the members of that ship.

3 Alturiak

As the caravel sails north, the half-elf Eslo steals some of the Purple Dragons coin early in the morning. The coins are of course noticed missing, and MarcusLor pays Krydon 30 gp to keep the peace of the now untrusting Purple Dragons, and certain members of the party, though it is never determined who stole the coin (Eslo).

Ice is spotted on the Inner Sea, and the weather is very cold, windy, and unbearable to the characters, and soldiers, unused to winter travel on the seas.

5 Alturiak

The caravel “Crystalwood” docks late in the day in the large City State of Westgate’s docks.

The party, with the Cormyrian Consulate personell, stay on the ship that evening.

6 Alturiak

The party(22) purchases mounts, and a cart in Westgate, and Krydon does the same (8 mounts for pack horses, and a cart), and begin the overland treck to the city of Reddansyr.

WEATHER: Temperate, Winter
Terrain: Cleared, Grassland
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)
Movement Modifiers Possible: Deep Snow x1/4, Moderate Snow x3/4

7 Alturiak

The party(22), with the Cormyrians, travel SW towards (1360 DR) (Feb.) Reddansyr through the civilized towns under the protection of Westgate. The way is slow, and troublesome, under the winter cold, and snowpacked road.

9 Alturiak

The party(22), with the Cormyrians, arrive in the un-walled large merchant crossroad city of Reddansyr.

Krydon will be staying in Reddansyr with his Cormyrian group for a few days. The party(22) takes rooms at a local inn, and prepares to leave NW towards the costal City State of Teziir the next day.

10 Alturiak

The party(22) says its goodbyes to Krydon, and many of the Cormyrians, and travels the winter ridden lands toward Teziir.

11 Alturiak

On the road to Teziir, the party(22) is attacked by 3 Trolls, wandering the snow packed grasslands. The Trolls are killed. Lowkey and Maythor are seriously injured. Maythor is able to heal himself by drinking a portion of his Potion of Extra Healing.

12 Alturiak

The cart of the party(22) breaks one of its wheels. Not able to fix, or replace the wheel, the party crossloads the gear on the cart, to their all ready loaded pack horses, and continues moving.

13 Alturiak

The party(22) reaches the closes gates of Teziir by nightfall. Unable to enter the city, the party rests the night at the Rising Sun Inn, outside of town, in a local village.

14 Alturiak

The party replenishes its supplies inside the walls of Teziir. Lowkey, Maythor, Eslo, and Azorin purchase a few extra pack horses, and a sled, which will be much better for the snow packed roads, unsuitable for carts at this time of year.

15 Alturiak

The party(22) begins its trek again towards the City State of Elversult.

16 Alturiak

A heavy snow fall blankets the land this day, dropping more than a foot of snow. The party continues to push through the lands towards Eversult.

18 Alturiak

The party(22) reaches Elversult late in the afternoon, and finds an inn inside the city walls.

Inside the inn’s tavern, Lowkey is hit on the head by an unseen foe, seriously injuring him. The party sees a shadow like reflection of something move through the room, and outside.

Lowkey, and his companions MarcusLor and Maythor move outside after the shadow. Outside, a town guardsman quickly attacks Lowkey. Lowkey is once again wounded, and the party members are able to subdue the guardsman, since he is most likely controlled by some fell force.

Later that evening, an Elversult Magistrate comes with a patrol to question Lowkey about the event with the guardsman, and then leaves, satisfied that the guard was magically controlled (or so they believe).

19 Alturiak

In the early morning hours, Lowkey confides in some of his close friends in the party(22) that he believes he should leave the group, to bring this evil force following him away from Cylindia, whom so many were lost to finally find, and save her. If he travels west first, it would at least protect those left behind from this group of beings following him, and slowly growing more powerful.

MarcusLor agrees to Lowkey’s plan, and tells him he will stay with Cylindia, to ensure with his life that she arrives in Everska safe.

The few young, and new members of the group, including the veteran Ranger Azorin, agree to travel with Lowkey, and help him fight this evil that follows him.

It is here that the party(22) splits, to ensure the safety of Cylindia, in case the evil following Lowkey becomes more persistant, or stronger. Lowkey knows he must see the only powerful wizard he trusts, Demetrius, and ask for aid.

MarcusLor and Fallitherin decide to stay in Elversult for a few days, and then continue to travel. Their path will lead them through the cities of Priapurl, Easting, Iriaebor, Asbravn, Corm Orp, and finally Hills Edge. It is in Hills Edge they will take to the uncivilized plains, and badlands, for the long trek to the Elven land of Everska.

The human female Kiltila (who has the unique ability to see events of the weave, and interpret them in the form of visions) who has taken a certain liking to the young Cormyrian Maythor, will ride with Lowkey and his band. She would have no reason to travel to Everska, and the trail would be much to dangerous to her.


Party(23): Lowkey Silverfang (Moon Elf Male LV 5
Fighter), Eslo (Half Elf Male LV 1,1 Fighter/ Thief), Maythor Silversword (Human Male LV 1 Fighter), Azorin Merrywith (Human Male LV 7 Ranger), Kiltila (Human Female LV 1 Commoner)

Party Travelling to Everska: MarcusLor Crownguard (Human Male LV 9 Fighter), Fallitherin (Sun Elf Male LV 7 Fighter), Kerthavin (Moon Elf LV 6 Fighter), Selespear (Moon Elf LV 5,5 Fighter/ Wizard), Cylindia (Half Elf Female LV 3 W(Enchanter)), Kishara (Moon Elf Female LV 1 Commoner)

WEATHER: Temperate, Winter
Terrain: Cleared, Grassland
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)
Movement Modifiers Possible: Deep Snow x1/4, Moderate Snow x3/4

ST) The party(23) says goodbye to it’s comrades, and wishes them luck. They mount their horses, equip their sled, and ride to the west, toward the southern Inner Sea trade route City State of Priapurl.

The rest of the band, which will be staying in the city of Elversult for a few days, continues to rest, and prepare for their continued long journey.

21 Alturiak

The party(23) is attacked by 9 Ogreson the snow packed trail, while passing through a heavily wooded area. Eslo and Maythor are wounded badly. The two characters use the last of Maythors Potion of Extra Healing.

The Ogres are killed. The party finds a Magical Dagger, which they later find to be a Dagger +3!

23 Alturiak

The party(23) reaches the city of Priapurl, and take rooms, and stable their horses, at the Dark Arch Inn. While Maythor and Kiltila are spending some time in the inn’s tavern, a giant Minatour from the Mindegulph Mercenary Company challenges Maythor. Maythor stands his ground, but is wise not to battle the mercenary minatour. The minatour leaves peacefully, as he was just testing the young warrior.

The group rests at the Dark Arch Inn in Priapurl for the next few days, regaining their strength.

26 Alturiak

The party(23) begins its trek towards the trading city of Easting, which is located along the Trader’s Road. The way is still cold, windy, and desolate.

28 Alturiak

Along the Trader’s Road, on their way to Easting, the party(23) comes across a huge trail of Orcs (Azorin says) moving from the south, to the north, across the road. The band keeps their eyes open, and continues to walk/ ride west.

30 Alturiak

The party(23) reaches the City State of Easting, along the Trader’s Road. They do not intend to stay long, but do rest for the night at a local inn.

1 Ches [March]

The party(23) begins their trail again along the (Claw of Sunsets) Trader’s Road towards the Large City State of Iriaebor. They travel along with a patrol of 20 well mannered
soldiers from that city, who patrol the trail from Iriaebor to Easting.

3 Ches

The party(23) reaches the large city of Iriaebor, with its giant towers of its merchants and nobles, gleaming in the drowning sunlight. They find an inn in the upper city called The Wandering Wyvern, and purchase rooms.

4 Ches

The party stays in Iriaebor for supplies, and to see the sights of the city for a time.

In that time, while in the tavern of the Wandering Wyvern, Eslo becomes engaged in harsh wrds with a traveling Wizard, who did not wish to be disturbed. After distinct warning from the wizard, Eslo engages the wizard in combat. The wizard casts a Monster Summoning IV (old rules) Spell, to throw off his attacker. Finally, to end the encounter, the wizard Disintegrate’s the foolish Eslo, and then returns towards his room, only to disappear.

The party(23) returns to find out what happened to their comrade. They collect what was left of his belongings, and move to another inn, The Old Talking Owl, in the lower city of Iriaebor.


Returning to Scornubel

Date: Summer 1992

5 Ches [March] (DR 1360)

It is at the The Old Talking Owl Inn that the party meets two young adventurers looking for comrades. After talking with them at length, and Azorin decides he is comftorable with them, they agree to travel with the band.

The new members of the party are the Ranger Ruclose, and the Fighter Malathek (who is known to not be very bright). Both men are friends from childhood, and hail from the city of Berdusk, to the west. Malathek is noted to be very, very strong (18 90% old rules)

Party(24): Lowkey Silverfang (Moon Elf Male LV 5 Fighter, Ruclose (Human Male LV 1 Ranger), Maythor Silversword (Human Male LV 1 Fighter), Azorin Merrywith (Human Male LV 7 Ranger), Malathek (Human Male LV 1 Fighter), Kiltila (Human Female LV 1 Commoner)

WEATHER: Temperate, Winter
Terrain: Clemared, Grassland
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)
Movement Modifiers Possible: Moderate Snow x3/4

6 Ches [March] (DR 1360)

The party(24) starts its westward journey towards Scornubel now, with their new comrades. The way is still covered with snow, and very cold, with no sign of spring. In fact, the air is so cold that it is noticed not much snow has fallen.

**Maythor’s birthday, age 21 years.

8 Ches

The party(24) is ambushed by 9 hobgoblin’s. The hobgoblins are killed, but the party loses its new Fighter Malathek in battle. Azorin, knowing that he may be able to be Raised in Iriaebor, for the right price, decides the party(24) (- Malathek) must turn around.

The party(24) (- Malathek) turns around, and heads back to the City State of Iriaebor.

10 Ches

The party(24) (- Malathek) reaches the city of Iriaebor, and goes to the great Temple of Selune. It is there that the party is able get Malathek Raised from the dead, after a very hefty price (Magical Dagger +3, Ring of Invisibility, 2 Potion’s).

The party is able to stay in the Temples visitor’s chambers, in wait for Malathek to become better. They wait for him for the next 8 days, while trying to enjoy the sights of the city of Iriaebor when possible.

The party dumps its sled around this time.

WEATHER: Temperate, Spring
Terrain: Cleared, Grassland
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)
Movement Modifiers Possible: Moderate Snow x3/4

Note: The winter is still very cold, colder than normal, and it’s cold falls well into the Realms spring months.

20 Ches

The party(24) travels north towards the trading town of Asbravn with the first merchant caravan of the end of winter. The caravan is about 30 carts in size, and is protected by 50 strong warriors, under the True Shield Coser.

22 Ches

Lowkey is attacked at night by a controlled guard, similar to the incidents he has had in the past. The party(24) subdues him, and the True Shields commander has the guard arrested, and put under watch.

24 Ches

The caravan, with the party(24), reaches the trading town of Asbravn by nightfall. The caravan will stop here for a few days, but the party decides to continue traveling west, towards the river city of Berdusk.

The party rests at a local inn in Asbravn for the evening.

25 Ches

The party(24) travels west towards Berdusk.

26 Ches

While beginng to wind down at camp for the evening, Ruclose fails his Saving Throw, and finds himself controlled, and compelled to kill the Elf Lowkey. He attacks Lowkey, but the party is able to subdue the Ranger, but not very easily. The party(24) watches him through the night.

27 Ches

Early that morning, Ruclose loses the controlling force, and is once again able to act under his own cognition. He remembers his activities the night before, but very vaguely.

29 Ches

The party(24) reaches the river city of Berdusk, which is actually Ruclose and Malathek’s place of childhood. The party immediately begins to search the docks on the river for a barge or skiff running north towards Scornubel, as soon as the ice breaks.

The party finds a large river skiff named the “Rock Skipper”, with its captain Delegral, willing to take them and their mounts for a fair price.

30 Ches

The party boards the skiff (barge), and its captain breaks the ice out of the docks, and sails her downriver towards the fabled City State of Scornubel.

1 Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1360)

The party(24) sails along with the barge the “Rock (Claw of the Storms) Skipper” towards the city of Scornubel.

5 Tarsakh

After almost 5 days on the barge, the “RockSkipper” docks at Scornubel in the morning.

The party(24) bids Captain Delegral goodbye, and heads through the complex and large city of Scornubel, towards Merith’s manor house.

After stopping to see Merith, and dropping off Azorin and Kiltila, the rest of the band continues to travel north to the tower of the Wizard Moraken. He is unavailable, and they travel back to Merith’s manor house, and spend the day sharing stories with him.

That evening, the party(24), along with Merith travel to the Nightshade tavern to see Rachel, and Kentar (Lowkey’s old comrade), and possibly other old friends.

Later that evening, in the Nightshade, Lowkey is attacked by an assassin with a poison blade. Lowkey escapes from the blade, but the northern Fighter Kentar is killed from the poison. The assassin is quickly killed before he can escape, but a new threat arrives, 2 Shades form the Shadow Plane. The Shades begin battle with many patrons of the tavern, as many others try to escape. Ruclose dives out one of the windows to escape certain defeat. Before the Shades can fully enter into battle with the party(24), and Lowkey, The Dark Warrior arrives under the darkness of one of the taverns tables. He commands the shades to leave upon pain of destruction, which they surprisingly do. He then tells Lowkey to go to Candlekeep to find the answers he needs. Afterwards, he was gone.

6 Tarsakh

The party(24) rests at Merith’s manor house. They are visited later that day by the Wizard Morakin, and the strange, often bumble headed Wizard Demetrius. The wizards listen to the exploits of the party, and seem very interested in these followings of Lowkey. Morakin gifts Lowkey with an Amulate, and tells him to where it always, and never take it off. Lowkey takes the item, and agrees to wear it always.

NOTE: Lowkey receives a Magical Amulate of Protection.

Eventually the wizards take their leave, and tell Lowkey to visit Morakin in 8 days.

7 Tarsakh

Maythor begins Level 2 Fighter training with Merith.

Ruclose and Malathek both train their Constitution (old rules).

The young human woman Kiltila moves to Rachel’s cottage for safety, and some one else interesting to talk to.

8 Tarskakh

Azorin takes leave of the party(24) (- Azorin), in the need for more uncivilized lands to roam, explore, and spread good by destroying evil. He plans on heading toards Hills Edge, and further north, in hopes of possibly finding their old comrades riding towards Everska. He says his goodbyes, and leaves.

Party(25): Maythor (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 1 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 1 Fighter)

10 Tarsakh

Maythor and Kiltila spend many nights together, in between his level training sessions. One such evening, at the Nightshade Tavern, Kiltila is asked to dance by a strange, handsome man, with a charmingly cold presence. She refuses, and Maythor is quickly struck with the idea that the man may be undead (vampire). He ponders what to do, but takes no action, and the stranger leaves them alone for the rest of the night, but is left free to his own dezines…

14 Tarsakh

The party(25) goes to Demetrius’s tower, as was requested by the wizards 8 days past. Upon arriving, Morakin asks the party to return, but leave Lowkey with them. The rest of the group obliges, and travels south towards Scornubel (4 hours walk).

Demetrius, acting not so bumble headed, casts a Teleports Spell, and teleports himself, and Lowkey to the outskirts of the Sword Coast, right outside the fabled Faerun library of Candlekeep.

Demetrius Telepor’ts 1 character two way (# 4)

Demetrius brings the two inside, and has Lowkey shown to some quarters by some servants of Candlekeep. There he is told to stay, until Demetrius returns.

19 Tarsakh

Demetrius finally returns to pick up the stir crazy Lowkey. They walk outside of Candlekeep, and Demetrius casts a Teleport Spell again, to bring them to his study (in his tower).

NOTE: It is there that Demetrius tells Lowkey of the passages of phophecy he had found that seemed to point to Lowkey. Morakin and Demetrius believe (when Demetrius is not acting the fool) that is why the evil powers that follow wish him dead, because of some ancient prophesies that have to do with the ancient Mystral (The Orb of Wisdom) stole out of Everska.

It is at their return to Demtrius’s tower, that Demetrius presents Lowkey with a powerful item, a Magical Amulet of Protection. He tells him to wear it all the time, and never take it off, less the powers that follow him may be able to find him.

NOTE: Lowkey asks if the wizards could teleport his party to Everska, to see if he could find out more information. They agree to teleport them to the outskirts of Everska, for no charge. They also tell him to not waste his life carelessly, for it may be more important than he realizes.


Lowkey travels back on foot to Merith’s mansion to gather his party, and have them ready for travel by Teleport Spells’ the next day.

Greycloak Hills

Date: Late Summer 1992

20 Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1360)

Party(25): Maythor (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 1 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 1 Fighter)

WEATHER: Temperate, Spring
Terrain: (Not in Order) Cleared, Grassland, Badlands or Low Mountains
Movement: Trackless x1 (Cleared), Trackless x1 (Grassland), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands), Trail x1/2 (Mountains) Movement Modifiers Possible: Moderate Snow x3/4

The Wizards Morakin and Demetrious use Teleport (1360 DR) (April) Spells to transport the party, and their mounts (no pack horses) to the western outskirts of the land within sight of the mountains of Everska, Lowkey’s home. After a series of successful Teleports, the Wizards wish them luck, and take their leave.

^Demetrius / Morakin Teleports 4 charecters/ 4 Mounts one way (# 5).

  • This is old 2nd Edition Rules, pre-House Rules*

Making their way north and east, the party encounters a patrol of 50 mounted elven warriors (with a couple Priests of Corellon, and 3 elven wizards). After the patrol finds the characters are friendly, and allies, they tell them of the large amounts of Humanoid activity in the area that they have been sent to investigate.

Half of the patrol rides north towardsthe Greycloak hills, and the other 25 stay with the party to make camp for nightfall. The leader of the elves with the party is named Dionysell Llellianeth, a Fighter Mage.

Ruclose, before nightfall, travels west to attampt to see a group of Orcs believed to be out there. He notices a group of over a 100 Humanoids (he believes), before being spotted by an Orcan Patrol. He is able to retreat, and hide, before the Orcs finds him. By nightfall, he finds his way back to the party(25), and the elven warriors.

21 Tarsakh

The party(25), with their elven patrol escort, rides north to the Greycloak Hills Elven settlement of Eagle Watch Valley. They arrive by nightfall.

The party(25) meets the leader of the elves in Eagle Watch Valley, an Elven male Lord named Erlan Duisar. He is concerned about these outsiders, and begins to aks them many questions. He decides they are not suspect, and welcomes them to the vale.

The party(25) is given the use of a small cottage, called Silverleaf cottage, on a small lake (Silverleaf Lake).

Ruclose is asked to travel with a patrol of elves from the vale, so they can use his Ranger abilities in attempting to gain more knowledge of the Humanoids in the area. The patrol’s leader is an elven female fighter named Kiirana.

22 Tarsakh

The party(25) (-Ruclose) awaits at Silverleaf cottage, for their ranger companion to return.

The elven patrol, on Elven War Horses, with Ruclose, is attacked from the sky by 3 Wyverns. The Wyverns are killed, but not before 5 of the elven warriors are killed.

The patrol, with Ruclose, returns to Eagle Watch Valley. Upon return, Kiirana asks the party to travel with her to find the location of the Humanoids moving NW of Eagle Watch Valley. The party(25) agrees.

Party(26): Maythor (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 1 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 1 Fighter), Kiirana (Elven Female LV 4+ Fighter)

WEATHER: Temperate, Spring
Terrain: (Not in Order) Cleared, Grassland, Badlands or Low Mountains
Movement: Trackless x1 (Cleared), Trackless x1 (Grassland), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands), Trail x1/2 (Mountains)

23 Tarsakh

The party(26) rides NW of Eagle Watch Valley, and finds the large Orc trail leading west. It is believed the numbers of Orcs (by Ruclose’s estimate) is around 00 strong, a mighty number, capable of laying waste to Eagle Watch Valley.

Upon finding the trail, the party(26) is attacked by a lone Elite Orc. The Elite Orc is killed, and much information is gained from his Orcan belonging’s, including the name of the horde he belongs too, “The Bloody Fist”.

24 Tarsakh

The party(26) follows the trail of Orcs north for the day.

Before the end of the day, the party is leaving the Greycloak Hills. Kiirana wants to return to Eagle Watch vale to report to Erlan Duisar, and let him know the Humanoids are moving north. By nightfall, the party(26) makes it to the sight where they killed the Elite Orc the day before. Ruclose and Lowkey stay, and the rest of the party (Maythor, Malathek, and Kiirana) return to Eagle Watch Valley.

Maythor and Malathek stay at Silverleaf Cottage for the evening.

25 Tarsakh

After meeting a patrol of elves moving to follow the Orc horde, Lowkey and Ruclose travel back to Silverleaf cottage, to join their companions.

That evening, the party(26) (-Kiirana) are brought to the Eagle Watch Valley Keep (an elven fortress, small, but well equipped, and built on solid foundations of huge trees, and rock). They are questioned by 3 High Lords of Everska. The High Lords or very old and veteraned members of the ruling clan of Everska, and much revered. They are questioned about what they know of this Orc horde they followed, and about the infor mation they gathered. The High Council members the party meet are the veteraned and honorable Philantyres, Nelianaraneous, and Aglares (High Commander in Everska army)

After they meeting, the party(26) decides they will travel NW again, in the location of the Humanoid horde. The elven warrior Kiirana wishes to join them still.

26 Tarsakh

The party makes preparations to leave, and gets needed equipment, and rations, from the vale residents.

27 Tarsakh

The party(26) rides through out of Eagle Watch Valley, into the Greycloak Hills, NW.

28 Tarsakh

The party(26) picks up the Orc horde trail again, and begins to follow it out of the Greycloak Hills.


The party that rode to return Cylindia home over a month ago, arrives in Everska. The party was: MarcusLor (Human Male LV 9 Fighter), Fallitherin (Elven Male LV 7 Fighter), Kerthavin (Elven Male LV 6 Fighter), Selespear (Elven Male LV 5,5 Fighter/ Wizard), Cylindia (Half Elven Female LV 3 Wizard), Kishara (Elven Female LV 1 Commoner), and 3 other elves.

Kerthavin and Selepear were killed on the very dangerous journey fighting numerous Trolls in a battle. The were buried somewhere in those uncivilized lands.

After arriving to Everska, the Cormyrian Lord MarcusLor re-equips himself quickly, and rides south, by himself, towards human lands again. The elves, in recognition of his efforts, provide an elven patrol of Warriors to accompany him most of the way, for his safety (though he would have traveled without them)

The old party friend Azorin arrives in Eagle Watch Valley (unknown to the party(26), amongst a large pack of wolves.


29 Tarsakh

The party(26) is attacked by a lone Hill Giant (old rules) while passing through the foothills of the Greycloak Hills. Lowkey is wounded.

30 Tarsakh

The party(26) arrives within sight of a very old human keep, nestled in the rolling hills NW of the Greycloak Hills. Kiirana knew of this Keep, and thought it may house some humanoids. The party decides to try to investigate.

Ruclose, reconnoitering the Keep, finds a well used trail (used by Humanoidsfor sure) leading to the gates of the Keep, on its western side.

At night, during camp, 2 Rust Monsters attack the group! After much metal is turned to rust, the creatures are killed.

*1 Mirtul * [May] (DR 1360)

The party(26), nestled in a well secured camp sight, makes plans to get inside the Keep, and find out what is inside (knowing it is occupied).

*2 Mirtul *

Ruclose and Kiirana, the two most likely to succeed in checking out the Keep, sneak inside the Keep, and find it houses scores of orcs for the time being. They believe it is an outpost to a larger horde. While sneaking out (in daylight), they are seen by an orc
sentry, and attacked. Ruclose escapes, but Kiirana is killed in the battle outside the Keep.

Ruclose leads the orcs to the campsight where the party is awaiting. Battle ensues, and the party(26) kills 6 orcs, and a large ogre.

The party(26) retrievs Kiirana’s body, and leaves the area, knowing the Keep is still occupied by orcs.

3 Mirtul

As the party is moving SE towards Eagle Watch Valley, 3 elven griffon riders land nearby, to speak with the party(26), and Kiirana, about what they have found. The party(26) (- Kiirana) tells them, and lets them know that Kiirana fell in battle. The solemn griffon riders take her body with them, and travel SE.

4 Mirtul

The party(26) (- Kiirana) continue to travel back SE to (1360 DR) (May) Eagle Watch Valley, and is well in the Greycloak hills this

5 Mirtul

In the early morning, after breaking camp, the party(26) (- Kiirana) makes contact with 10 Trolls! The party, knowing they could never defeat such a number of creatures, rides hard towards Eagle Watch Valley, with the Trolls following them.

The party makes it to Eagle Watch Valley, and warns the elves there of the Trolls following them. The party(26) (- Kiirana) stands with a number of elven warriors, and fight the Trolls as their flaming arrows reign doom upon them. The Trolls are killed.

The group returns to Silverleaf cottage after the fray.

While looking for a local Priest of Corellon, the band meets with their old friend and companion Azorin “Wolfriend” Merrywith (who arrived less than a ride (10 day) before, and awaited for their return). Azorin follows them to t heir cottage, and catches up with them in their recent exploits.


Evacuation of Eagle Watch Valley

Date: Fall 1992

6 Mirtul [May] (DR 1360)

Party(25): Maythor (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 1 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 1 Fighter)

WEATHER: Temperate, Summer
Terrain: (Not in Order) Cleared, Grassland, Badlands or Low Mountains
Movement: Trackless x1 (Cleared), Trackless x1 (Grassland), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands), Trail x1/2 (Mountains)

At the cottage, the party(26) (- Kiirana) rests, and a few of the members begin training for level increases.

~Ruclose trains for Level 2 Ranger with Azorin.

Maythor trains his Constitution (old rules).

Lowkey trains his Strength (old rules).

Lowkey finds a Half Elf Fighter named Girthil Almistilin, who’s primary weapon is the Battle Axe (Very rare amongst elf kind). Girthil agrees to train Malathek for Level 2.

~Malathek trains for Level 2 Fighter with Lowkey.

During the next days, the party(26) (- Kiirana) visit the local dances in Eagle Watch Valley for entertainment, and to get to know some of the local elves there. Lowkey meets a young elven maiden named Alicia, who takes a liking to him. They spend many days together when they are not busy.

20 Mirtul

Ruclose finishes his Level 2 Ranger training with Azorin.

Malathek finishes his Level 2 Fighter training.

Azorin leaves the band, to begin to scout the lands to the north for the elves. He is not a known figure in this area as a Ranger, but the Valley places trust in his abilities to find information on the humanoids seeming to be flooding the area.

23 Mirtul

The group begins preparations to travel north to adventure, and find anything more about the Humanoids plaguing these lands.

The party(26) (- Kiirana) is joined by an Elven Fighter/ Thief named Julianus Harkenwind, who is working for the Elven High Council, for the journey.

Party(27): Maythor (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 2 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Julianus (Elven Male 3+,3+ Fighter/ Thief)

WEATHER: Temperate, Summer
Terrain: (Not in Order) Cleared, Grassland, Badlands or Low Mountains
Movement: Trackless x1 (Cleared), Trackless x1 (Grassland), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands), Trail x1/2 (Mountains)

24 Mirtul

While the party(27) is making final preparations to leave, and stocking up on last minute items, Girthil Almistilin, the half elf who trained Malathek, borrows Malathek his +1 Battle Axe for the adventure.

25 Mirtul

The party(27) rides toward the Keep that housed the humanoids, and where Kiirana died in battle. They are curious as to what is still finding haven there.

26 Mirtul

The party(27) is attacked by a band of 7 Hobgoblins. The hobgoblins are killed. The party(27) knows that hobgoblins are very rare in these parts.

Late that afternoon, the party also finds the cave where the Rust Monsters, that attacked them a month past came from. Upon exploration, 2 Giant Scorpions attack Ruclose in a slim passageway. With help, the scorpions are killed, and the party finds over 3,000 gold worth of coin and items of worth.

27 Mirtul

The party(27) continues to ride NW towards the Keep.

At midday, to the east of a large ridgeline that separates them from the Keeps location, the party hears large horns and rough trumpets. They also see a large dust cloud on the other side of the ridge.

The party wisely travels back the way they came, knowing the horns are from humanoids. Ruclose however, finds a place to hide his mount, and climbs to the top of the ridgeline to see what waits on the other side. Ruclose sees in horror, on the east side of the ridge, in daylight (not preferable to humanoids), two huge orc armies. Each orc army totals over 2,000 humanoids (to Ruclose’s estimation), including ogres, trolls, and hill giants. The armies are meeting with another great sight, a huge Blue Dragon, and rider, which stands in the middle of the hordes. Ruclose watches, then wisely leaves, to regroup with his band.

The party(27) rides hard towards Eagle Watch Valley to warn them of what Ruclose saw.

29 Mirtul

The party(27) force marches to Eagle Watch Valley, leaving a lame mount behind. Before arriving in Eagle Watch Valley, while moving carefully through the Greycloak Hills, the party(27) meets an Elven Patrol of 25 mounted elven warriors, with the Elf that led the patrol they first met commanding (Freason Giftsong). Upon hearing their story, he decides to ride his patrol (they are mounted on heavy elven war horses) hard to Everska, to alert the leaders there (The High Council).

1 Kythorn [June] (DR 1360)

The party(27) with the elven patrol, reaches the outskirts of Everska. They move into the only guarded mountain pass that can enter its interior.

2 Kythorn

The party(27), with the elven patrol, are allowed entrance into Everska from the guards guarding the pass. The patrol’s leader, Freason Giftsong brings the group to the inner circle of Everska, where the Chambers of the High Council is.

This is the party’s first time in the beautiful vale of Everska, except for Lowkey, who grew up there. The beauty of the vale is breath taking to humans, and it would take them many moons to get used to the unnatural beauty, and mystery surrounding the place. The elves live in beautiful houses built on the ground, or mosly, in and around the giant trees that populate the land. It is a land of perfect creeks, rivers, and perfectly tuned plant life al around. The land seems to sing to those unused to its dweomer. The elves that live here live in perfect harmony with their surroundings, and live in peace, knowing this may well be the safest lands in Faerun.

Outside the glorious chambers of the High Council, the party is approached by some of the elder elves, who lead the nation in its daily and future endevours.

Upon hearing of the tale from Ruclose, they agree to have Eagle Watch Valley dismantled, and its peoples brought back to Everska. Apparently, they had been planning for this eventuality. Word will be sent to the Vale by Magic.

The party(27) is healed by Priests of Corellon, who are numerous, friendly, but very close mouthed in this area of the Valley.

The party(27) decides to rest under the peaceful trees that evening, and ride to Eagle Watch Valley the next day.

3 Kythorn

The party rides through the lands of Everska, and exit through the great Mountain pass, which is the only way in or out that the party(27) knows of. The pass is on the western most side of Everska. A huge statue, of a hand holding a sword, guards it, or rather, denotes its location, and start. It is called The Sword of Corellon, and is thousands of years old.

5 Kythorn

The party rides hard north of Evermeet towards the Greycloak Hills, and Eagle Watch Valley.

6 Kythorn

On the way to Eagle Watch Valley, the party(27) runs into the large colun of evacuating elves from that place. The number of elves is around 600, with elven horses, forest creatures, carts, and anything that can carry their personal belongings to safety. 400 elven warriors guard the column on horseback, and dismounted, ready for anything that comes in their way.

The party(27) joins the column, and turns around towards Everska, along with the column.

7 Kythorn

The column is joined by a 20 member patrol of female elven warrioress’s, called the Sisters of Aluana. The Sisters are led by the female elven fighter Cylestia Lliranclear. They strengthen the columns defenses for the trip to Everska.


The Battle for Everska

Date: Winter 1992

8 Kythor [June] (DR 1360)

Party(28): Maythor (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 2 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 2 Fighter)

WEATHER: Temperate, Summer
Terrain: (Not in Order) Cleared, Grassland, Badlands or Low Mountains
Movement: Trackless x1 (Cleared), Trackless x1 (Grassland), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands), Trail x1/2 (Mountains)

The party(27), along with the caravan of Elves and the elven army sent to ensure its safety, reach the foothills of the mountains of Everska. The caravan turns east, to enter Everska.

9 Kythorn

The caravan, and the party(28), enters Everska, with little difficulty. Upon reaching the ancient guardian of the vale, the statue of the Sword of Corellon, the caravan splits into many smaller groups, traveling their own separate ways. Lowkey leads his comrades to his family ancestral home, in the Elvish Vale called Bluhavisti.

Note: The party’s temporary member, Julianus the elven Fighter/ Thief, takes leave of the band at this time. The party now falls under the party(28) heading.

The party is greeted in elven village Bluhavisti by many elves, and old friends of Lowkey, and his family. At Lowkey’s family home, his able and trustworthy family elven manservant, Delerian, meets them.

*Delerian Fareswood

The party(28) rests for the night in their new tranquil surroundings, and decides to make plans at a later time.

10 Kythorn

The elven community of Bluhavisti begins making preparations for a large celebration for Lowkey, his comrades, and themselves for that matter.

During his movement around the community, to find old friends, and make anew old friendships, Lowkey finds a dwarven warrior, sitting upon a set of Ale Kegs. His name is Karnek, and he has spent many a day here in Everska, but is ready to return to human lands, for the taste of steel. Lowkey befriends Karnek, and finds the party an able ally.

*Karnek Stonefist

Lowkey also meets his old Fighter traininer, from not to many years ago, named Garakelious Bristlinis. Garakelious is an older elven warrior, a hero to many in the Bluhavisti community, but retired now. He now spends his time perfecting his new art, the art of music, but is no afraid to raise the sword, or bow again, for an honorable casue for the Elves.

11 Kythorn

Ruclose, slowly making his way through the elven community now, begins to look for someone to help him learn the Blind Fighting Feat.

~Maythor begins training for Level 3 Fighter under Lowkey.

12 Kythorn

With the help of Garakelious Bristlinis, Ruclose is able to find a veteraned, but amazing elven warrior on the nearby warrior traninig grounds. His name is Merigath, and he was blind since birth, but still became a powerful warrior for the Elves. He agrees to help Ruclose in the ways of Blind Fighting.

15 Kythorn

Lowkey has small party/ gathering with his comrades, and some personal friends of his, at his family home. Those attending include the party(28), Shilsharana (Elthavarous’s mother), Lealana (Elthavarous’s sister), Elthianous (Elthavarous family keeper), Alicia (elven maiden from the Greycloak Hills), and Alicia’s family, including her father, mother, grand father, grand mother, far father, and far mother (uncle and aunt).

On this evening, two veteran Elven Fighters, wearing the armor, and vestments of the honor guard of the high council, request him to be at the Council of the High Lords by morning. Lowkey agrees (he doesn’t have much of a choice).

16 Kythorn

Lowkey rides his mount to the chambers of the High Council, within the center of Everska itself, and steeped in mystery, and power. There the Elven Lord Fallitherin (Lowkey does not get along with Fallitherin it is known) greets him, and leads him to the chambers. Once inside, Lowkey is introduced to the 8 of the 12 members who are present. There, in the High Council chambers, with much consideration, and the help from Fallitherin, the High Council tells Lowkey they have restored his family name to honor, based on the deeds he has done. Lowkey could not be more ecstatic, and thanks them all.

Lowkey takes his leave of Fallitherin (after a gentleman’s goodbye, between two individuals who don’t care for, but respect each other), and travels back to hiss home in the community of Bluhavisti.

20 Kythorn

Lowkey moves Maythor’s level training to the nearby warrior training grounds, where Ruclose, and Malathek are training.

22 Kythorn

A female Half Elf Mage/ Warrior, who is a member of the Sisters of Aluana, and a friend of the noble half elf Cylinda, comes to join the warriors in their training.


26 Kythorn

Ruclose finishes his training with the unique elven warrior Merigath, and now has the Blind Fighting Feat!

At dusk, right as the party(28) is packing up to leave the training area, Lowkey is attacked by a Shade, an evil being from the Shadow Plane. Lowkey, with the help of Karnek, is able to wound the Shade enough so it retreats back to the Shadow Plane.

Lowkey rides to the nearby Temple of Corellon for healing after the battle. He is healed, with no charge of course, in Everska, for this type of need.

27 Kythorn

Maythor is continuing to train, under the tuteledge of Lowkey, and now, Karnek.

Sylvana takes leave of the party(28) to ride on patrol with a group of Sisters of Aluana.

28 Kythorn

Maythor completes level 3 training.

29 Kythorn

While Ruclose and Karnek are in the southern edge of the Bluhavisti training grounds, they hear a wounded wolf in the mountains south of where they are. Knowing that is extremely odd, they move into the high mountain peaks mid afternoon to investigate. They make it high in the mountains, and find a wolf feathered with Orc arrows (In Everska!!! That has never before happened!!!). They move swiftly back down into the vale to alert the elves, when the hear Warning Horns going off deep within the under mountain passes. Moving towards those sounds, the two heroes’ find Humanoids (Orcs, Ogres, etc…) swarming out of the guarded secret entrances to the vale from the secret mine passages under Everska. Karnek and Ruclose move to do battle. Karnek is badly wounded, and left for dead. Ruclose, outnumbered, takes Karnek’s axe, and runs into the Goldenleaf Forest in Everska (the closest concealment). He is chased by a number of Orcs. Within the forest, a number of Brownies come to the aid of Ruclose, confusing and harassing the Orcs, and Ruclose is able to slay his pursuers, though he is badly wounded. One of the Brownies names was Deli, a friendly, and helpful little guy.

In the vale, with the battle horns sounding, the characters Lowkey, Mathor, and Malathek mount their War Horses, and ride through the warrior training grounds, and do battle with the huge amounts of humanoids coming from the mountains. They are not alone however, hundreds of Elves, bred for battle against Humanoids, join the fray. It is noted that Maythor, and Lowkey single handedly kill an Ettin with their swords, and a few mighty Lance blows. The hero’s in the battle also kills a few Orcs, before it is done (within minutes).

After the battle, the vale begins to unravel how this had happened, where it had never happened before.

He party(28) returns to the Silverfang house to rest.

Its enemies had never breached the Ancient Elven Kingdom of Everska until this battle. Through the use of powerful Hallucinatory Magic’s, the Humanoid armies came in two secret elven tunnels, one on the south of the vale, and one on the north.

About 85 Elves were killed. Upwards of 400 Humanoids were killed in the battle. Though the numbers seem lopsided, Elven Lords know it was just a tactic to let them know they are not invincible in their vale, there may be evil insiders in Everska, and it possibly was a reconnaissance of some sort.

30 Kythorn

Ruclose leaves through the secret underground passages with two Elven Warriors, to help them find where the humanoids came from, and how the group from the south came to Everska. By midday, they are on the outside of the mountains, and following the tracks of about 200 humanoids from the night before east.

Lowkey knows he must leave soon, or else he bring more harm on the vale, because of the strange evil that follows him. He decides to have a large elven celebration before he leaves. He begins to make preparations.

Lord Fallitherin brings an Elven Fighter named Calaranak (Elven Male LV 5+ Fighter) (his advisor), and an Elven High Wizard named Nekarsil (Elven Male LV 5+ Wizard), to help him in case Shades appear again.

1 Flamerule [July] (DR 1360)

Ruclose, and his two Elven companions, meet his old friend Azorin “Wolfriend” Merrywith on the trail. Azorin is accompanied by a giant Wolf named Dakra. Azorin tells them the Orcs came from the far north, and he had been tracking them for some time. They were part of a much larger force, about 6 days travel on foot, north of the Greycloak Hills. The four men (2 human, 2 elven) travel back to Everska, to alert the vale.

Maythor meets Sylvana, and a female elven companion Carecia on the local training grounds. Sylvana tells him of her want to travel with them to human lands when they leave. Maythor agrees to her for the band.

Note: Add party member Sylvana (Half Elf Female LV 4,3 Fighter/ Wizard)

2 Flamerule

Azorin and Ruclose arrive in Everska, and travel to the Silverfang hold.

4 Flamerule

Lowkey has his large elven celebration with many of his community friends. It is noted that his old quest focus Cylindia, and her family, come to the celebration.

The Dwarf Karnek tells the band he wishes to travel with them when they ride form the vale.

Note: Add party member Karnek (Dwarf Male LV 6 Fighter).


Taking Leave of Everska

Date: Early Winter 1993

5 Flamerule [July] (DR 1360)

Party(29): Maythor (Human Male LV 3 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 2 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 2 Fighter), Sylvana (Half Elf Female LV 4/3 Fighter/ Wizard), Karnek (Dwarf Male LV 6 Fighter)

Travel with 4 War Horses extra as pack horses, and a pack pony (Karnek).

WEATHER: Temperate, Summer
Terrain: (Not in Order) Cleared, Grassland, Badlands or Forest
Movement: Trackless x1 (Cleared), Trackless x1 (Grassland), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands), Trackless x1/2 (Forest)

The party(29) prepares to leave the vale of Everska.

Lowkey travels to the northern elven villages of the vale, to say goodbye to his friend (Elven Female) Aliciana that evening. In that meeting, he is followed, and attacked by a Shade, one of the evil beings that has hounded him for the past year. Lowkey’s ally Azorin also appears (having followed him), with the Great Wolf Dakra. In the battle inside Aliciana’s family home, the Shade is killed. Dakra, the great wolf, is also killed.

Lowkey, damage greatly, travels to the local Temple of Corellon, for healing during the night. After being healed, he travels back, with Azorin, to his family home, where his party is gathering to leave the next day.

6 Flamerule

The party(29) takes leave of the Silverfang family home, and rides to the entrance gate of Everska, where the ancient statue, The Sword of Corellon has been placed for thousands of years. Their trip to the Western Heartlands civilized areas will bring them through the many hundreds of miles of uncivilized, and dangerous lands.

It is at the statue that a group of Sisters of Aluana, the elven female warrior group dedicated to the safety of Everska meets them. They meet the party’s member Sylvana, and take her sword, as a dishonor, for her leaving their group, and Everska in a time of need (by their code of honor). Sylvana is mentally broken over the affair, but decides o ride with the party to see the human lands anyway (which is what she has wanted to do for many years).

The party(29) leaves Everska.

7 Flamerule

After passing through the vale’s protective mountains, the Ranger Azorin meets the party. He gives the party, and the young Ranger Ruclose some advice, gifts Ruclose with his +1 Magical Long Sword, and takes their leave.

The party travels south, for the long, dangerous trek to civilized lands. Their trip will be mounted, but slow because of Karnek’s ponies.

9 Flamerule

Along the open plains, the party(29) battles 8 Gnolls. The Gnolls are defeated, and the party travels on.

10 Flamerule

At dawn, before the party(29) is done breaking camp, they are attacked by 3 Wyverns. The Wyverns are killed, but not before Karnek’s pack pony is killed in the battle.

12 Flamerule

Before dawn, while the party(29) camped in a small grove of trees by a creek, they are besieged by 5 Bugbears. The Bugbears are killed, but Maythor, and Sylvana are badly wounded. It is noted in this battle that Maythor was bathing himself in the crick, when they were attacked.

Maythor and Sylvana are able to be healed partially be Healing Potions the party had secured before their trip.

13 Flamerule

Traveling through the broken plains, while heading south, the party(29) meets a huge group of Ogres, traveling north.

The party’s original plan was to avoid the Ogres, as they could outdistance them on their mounts. That plan is changed to battle, when the young, not so intelligent Fighter Malathek attacks the Ogres.

The battle is conducted mostly mounted, with charging lances, and arrows. Through wise battle techniques, the party is able to kill all 17 Ogres, while sustaining minimal damage. Only Malathek is seriously injured, being knocked unconscious from his wounds.

Group rides to find an area to rest for a few days, while they treat Malathek’s wounds. Some ruins, on a hilltop overlooking the lands around they camp in.

A huge storm comes that evening, but the party finds shelter in the ruins.

14 Flamerule

The party(29) rests, and helps Malathek heal.

18 Flamerule

The party(29) begins traveling south again, rested and recuperated. Malathek, not fully healed, is carried on a stretcher, tied between two War mounts.

19 Flamerule

The party(29) comes within sight of The Hill of Lost Souls, but wisely travels past, and doesn’t camp until it is far out of sight.

23 Flamerule

Still traveling the long trek south, Malathek is healthy enough to ride on his own (old rules unconscious rules).

24 Flamerule

The party reaches the Reaching river, just to the west of the fabled Skull Gorge. The travel west along the river banks.

25 Flamerule

Along the banks of the Reaching river, the party(29) battles a war party of 11 Orogs, The orogs are killed, but once again Maythor and Sylvana are wounded badly. They really on their close proximity to the City State of Hills Edge to continue traveling wounded.

26 Flamerule

The party reaches the small City State of Hills Edge, and find rooms at the Aching Head Inn.

Lowkey finds a ride on the Barge “Rock Skipper”, owned, and captained by a human man named Delegrel. Lowkey actually traveled on this Skiff before, and it’s captain is an honorable merchant. The Barge will leave in 1 day. The passage amount is 125 gold coins for 6 individuals, and 10 mounts. Quit a bargain actually.

27 Flamerule

The party(29) boards the Barge “Rock skipper”, and sails downriver on it towards the famed City State of Scornubel.

30 Flamerule

The “Rock skipper” docks in the city of Scornubel, a City State in the Western Heartlands.

The party(29) exits the barge, and head into the city towards Merith’s Manor house (Merith of the retired Scornubel Seven).

Maythor rides his War Horse to Rachel’s cottage, to meet with Kiltila, who has been staying there these past many months, while the party(29) was in the lands around Everska).

1 Special Day (Midsummer’s Eve)

The party re-bands at Merith’s Manor, and is healed by the Priest of Lathander (The Morning lord) Sultaner, an old member of The Scornubel Seven.

1 Eleasis [Aug] (DR 1360)

~Maythor begins Level 4 Fighter training under Lowkey and Merith, at Merith’s manor

~Malathek trains Level 3 Fighter with Karnek the Dwarf Fighter, at Merith’s manor home.

~Ruclose trains Level 3 Ranger in the outskirts around Merith’s manor home. He is able to conduct the training by himself.


The Return to Cormyr

Date: Summer 1994

The following Sessions, until the winter of 1997, were when Kevin was in the Army, and played when he would come back on leave. The history notes were not kept very detailed, and many things may be a bit vague, as noted.

Some of these session notes have been lost to time, but they have been put here in the best recollection as possible. The days, and characters may be a bit vague, but the main events have been recorded.

The party(29) left off in the Western Heartlands of the north, in the city of Scornubel.

MarcusLor had previously returned earlier to Cormyr.

Maythor trains Level 4 Fighter under the tutelage of Lord Lowkey, and with the help of the retired Scornubel Seven Fighter Merith, at Merith’s mansion, in the northern suburbs of Scornubel.

Malathek trains Level 3 Fighter with the above characters, at Merith’s manor home.

Ruclose trains Level 3 Ranger in the outskirts around Merith’s manor home. He is able to conduct the training by himself.

Kiltila is staying at the cottage of the Bard Rachel (Human Female LV 5+ Bard), of the Scornubel Seven, with whom she has been staying with for some time, as the band traveled through the Elven land of Everska, and back (the last few months).

The following notes are the rumors crossing the lands, from the cold north, across to the inner sea:

>Stories of huge bands of Orcs, and other Humanoids, moving through the north in organized bands, have been met in force by armies and mercenaries from the northern lands. These types of hordes have not been seen for over 100 years.

>The Humanoid raids include skirmishes around the Sword Coast, and Western Heartland City States of Baldur’s Gate, Eltural, and Triel.

>Boarskyr Bridge has been lost to Humanoids, and the trade route to Waterdeep by land has been shut down. Because of the upcoming winter, it is said that the rich City States of the land will march on Boarskyr Bridge by spring.

>The cold and arid summer is leading into a very cold winter in the north. Crops are low, and herds are thin. Disease seems to be a small problem also, in outlying communities.

>An army totaling over 1500 mercenaries is said to be defending the city of Waterdeep southern hostel, The Way Inn.

>An Army to battle the raging Humanoids of many Mercenary Companies is being raised in Scornubel.

End Rumors, and stories.

The party can account for the last rumor as being true, as with the loss of Boarskyr Bridge. Scornubel hosts at least 500 mercenaries from many lands, and the number is growing quickly.

Note: Karnek (Dwarf Male LV 6 Fighter), the Dwarf who traveled with the party from Everska, decides to take his leave of the party, and stay with the mounting mercenaries in Scornubel, to do battle along the Trade route to Waterdeep. Guaranteed battle with Humanoids is the prize for him to stay.

Party(30): Maythor (Human Male LV 4 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 3 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Malathek (Human Male LV 3 Fighter), Sylvana (Half Elf Female LV 4/3 Fighter/ Wizard), Kiltila (Human Female LV 0 Commoner).

WEATHER: Temperate, Late Summer Terrain: Cleared, Grassland, or Badlands Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland), Road x1 (Badlands).

The terrain is subject to change in the party’s travels greatly.

18 Eleasis [Aug] (DR 1360)

Lord Maythor finishes his Level 4 training. The party(30) begins preparations to travel to the Kingdom of Cormyr. They first arrange travel on a Barge that will bring them, and their mounts, to the city of Berdusk.

20 Eleasis

The party bids farewell to their friends, the former members of the Scornubel Seven

21 Eleasis

The party(30) boards the barge they paid for travel to Berdusk, and the Barge leave port at Scornubel.

WEATHER: Temperate, Late Summer
Terrain: River
Movement: River travel upriver by Merchant Barge.

28 Eleasis

The party(30) disembarks the barge at the city of Berdusk, Ruclose and Malathek’s old home, and begin travel towards Arabar, and Iriaebor the next day.

WEATHER: Temperate, Late Summer
Terrain: Cleared, Grassland
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)

29 Eleasis

The party(30) begins mounted movement by horse toward the City States of Arabar and Iriaebor. If the party made any hostile contact along the road, it has
been lost to these records.

5 Eleint

The party(30) reaches the City State of Iriaebor.

6 Eleint

The party(30) leaves the city of Iriaebor, and travel East towards the City State of Easting.

7 Eleint

The party(30) battles 4 mounted warriors traveling west, along the trade route. It is noted the Lowkey was hidden using his Ring of Invisibility. While Maythor spoke to the band, which was noted to be not friendly, Lowkey thought he saw a hostile act, and fired an arrow at their leader. Forced into battle, the party kills 3 of the Fighters, and sends the last one off west with is mount, but none of his equipment. The action by Lowkey was noted as not a Good Act.

8 Eleint

The party(30) reaches the much smaller City State of Easting, built on the junction of 2 trade routes. It safety is much dependant on mercenaries, and larger, more powerful City States, like Iriaebor.

Inside a local tavern, the party hears of the murder of a farmer and his family in a northern village.

The party(30) decides to investigate the murder, and Upon traveling to the farm, find mounted tracks, not from the town guard, going into the northern hills. The party(30) decides to track and follow. The party(30) is able to track because of Ruclose’s Ranger tracking skills.

9 Eleint

While following the tracks through the night, and into the day, the party is ambushed by bandits, lead by two Zhentarim (the party assumes by the items they find afterward).

The party is hit by a fireball in the beginning minutes, but battle through, and kills the aggressors. The party’s fighter Malathek is killed however.

12 Eleint

The party(30) gains some healing in Easting. Knowing the Raising Malathek from the dead is out of their power with what they have, and where they are at, they bury Malathek in a local cemetery in a somber funeral.

Party(31): Maythor (Human Male LV 4 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 3 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Sylvana (Half Elf Female LV 4/3 Fighter/ Wizard), Kiltila (Human Female LV 0 Commoner).

WEATHER: Temperate, Fall
Terrain: Cleared, Grassland
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)

14 Eleint

The party(31) takes their leave of the city of Easting, and travel mounted east towards the city of Priapurl.

17 Eleint

The party(31) arrives in the city of Priapurl, and travel through, knowing Priapurl holds many dangers for traveling adventurers they do not want to encounter.

The party(31) travels east towards the City State of Elversult.

19 Eleint

The party(31) arrives in the City State of Elversult.

20 Eleint

The party(31) travels north towards the Dragonmere southern coastal City of Ilpur.

21 Eleint

The party(31) reaches Ilpur, and settles in for the night at a local Inn.

22 Eleint

The party(31) searches the ships docked at Ilpur’s port to find travel north to Cormyr. They find a merchant galley, “The Silver Hawk” that will take them to Suzail, for a hefty sum. The party(31) agrees, and prepares to leave, with their mounts, aboard the galley the next day.

23 Eleint

The party(31) boards the merchant galley (“The Silver Hawk”). The galley leaves port, and travels north across the sometimes-dangerous Dragonmere Sea, towards The Kingdom of Cormyr’s capital Suzail, the seat of King Azoun IV.

26 Eleint

The galley “The Silver Hawk” docks late in the day in the Cormyrian Capital of Suzail.

The party disembarks, and begins to look for Duke Lord MarcusLor’s Keep, Crownguard Keep.

By late nightfall, the party finds Crownguard Keep, and is allowed entrance by his brother, DerekLan Crownguard.

The party(31) finds the brother not as they would guess, being MarcusLor’s brother. DerekLan is found having a party with rich young noblemen and noblewoman, and is not interested in the party. He tells them that MarcusLor has not been there for some time, and is located at the Cormyrian Fortress, Castle Crag.

The party travels through the night to Maythor’s family Manor, on the outskirt villages east of Suzail.

27 Eleint

The party(31) arrives at the old Silversword manor house, and are greeted by an ecstatic Falcren Silversword, whom is Maythor’s father, and his sister, Niales.

*Falcren Silversword(28-9-1360 DR) seems to be a weary older man (human), who is 52 years old. He has graying long hair, once brown, and brown eyes. He is always dressed in the best of apparel, and carries a family heirloom Long Sword at his side, which has been passed down through generations of Silversword’s.

NOTE: The Silversword family has a long history with the Obarskyr’s, the ruling family in the Kingdom of Cormyr, and was once the Noble family lords of the southern part of the Kings forest, and many of the villages in that area. Through many generations, other Noble families were granted control over those areas. Now, the Silversword name is just a low-level Noble name, and lord of the Kings Wood by virtue, not land. The Silversword family came to fame 16 generations past under the mighty warrior Enthor Silversword.

*Niales Silversword (28-9-1360) is a pretty the pretty young daughter to Falcren Silversword, and the sister to Maythor. She is 19 years old (the time this was tabulated), about 5’6”, light weight, long blond hair, and brown eyes. She wears beautiful gowns mostly, with an assortment of small jewels. It is her fathers wish that she marry a powerful Noble someday, like all good noble ladies do.

28 Eleint

The party(31) rests at Silversword manor.

Lord Maythor asks the young Kiltila to marry him. She agrees!

The two begin to plan a wedding, under a Cormyrian Magistrate, in the next ride.

5 Marpenoth

Lord Maythor, and Lady Kiltila marry in the back courtyard of Silversword Manor, by the small lake to its north. There is much celebration, and Lowkey gives Lord Maythor his Magical 1/2 Dam. Long Sword as a gift.


The Finding of the Outsiders

Date: Winter 1994

6 Marpenoth [Oct] (DR 1360)

The band prepares to travel north to Castle Crag.

Party(32): Maythor (Human Male LV 4 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 3 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Sylvana (Half Elf Female LV 4/3 Fighter/ Wizard)

WEATHER: Temperate, Fall
Terrain: Cleared, Grassland,
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)

Note: Kiltila stays behind at Silversword Manor, with her new father in law.

7 Marpenoth

After all preparations are made, the party(32) leaves along the Western trade route from Suzail to Castle Crag, mounted.

11 Marpenoth

The party(32) passes through the great Cormyrian City of Arabel, en-route to Castle Crag.

13 Marpenoth

The party(32) reaches Castle Crag, and is allowed entrance, once it is known and proved that Maythor is a Cormyrian Lord.

Inside Castle Crag, Maythor finds his older brother, Morthrou, who has been a blade (leader of 10 Purple Dragons) here for nearly 4 years, and stationed elsewhere for a total of 7 years in the Purple Dragons.

Maythor and Morthrou spend the next day together, as the rest of the party awaits Lord MarcusLor, who is out on patrol in the Stonelands, with a Purple Dragon attachment.

The party also meet the Keeps commander, Lord Delmanton, his second in command, Lord Mandarek, who handles most of the daily affairs at the Keep, and the Keep War Wizard, Naragon.

The party finds out that 4 humans, with strange skin color, and facial features, were brought in by a patrol some days past. The 4 humans could not speak common, but what the leaders of Castle Crag could decipher, was that they came from a strange gate, far north in the Stonelands.

The 4 outsiders, as they are called, escaped from Castle Crag about 4 days past, and MarcusLor road with the patrol to try to track, and find them.

15 Marpenoth

Duke Lord MarcusLor returns with the patrol of Purple Dragons, with the 4 human outsiders in tow. The party greets Duke Lord MarcusLor happily, and they
celebrate their reunion at the Warriors Tavern, the only tavern in the Keep.

16 Marpenoth

Under a small guard this time, the outlanders escape once again. They are very skilled in unarmed combat, and in moving by foot quickly and silently. This time, they kill 1 Purple Dragon on their escape.

Party(33): Maythor (Human Male LV 4 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 3 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), Sylvana (Half Elf Female LV 4/3 Fighter/ Wizard), MarcusLor (Human Male LV 9 Fighter), Morthrou (Human Male LV 3 Fighter).

Party Additions: Lord Morthrou, Maythor’s brother, joins the band, and gives up his enlistment in the Purple Dragons to adventure for fame and fortune with his brother. Lord Delmanton gives him permission to leave the Purple Dragons on such short notice.

The party(33) is asked by Lord Delmanton to find the outsiders, and bring them back to Castle Crag, without harming them.

The party(33) agrees, and reunited with MarcusLor, and including Maythor’s brother Morthrou, they ride out of Castle Crag in the morning.

The party(33) is able to pick up the trail of the outsiders, using Ruclose’s Ranger skills.

WEATHER: Temperate, Fall
Terrain: Mountains, Badlands
Movement: Road x3/4 (Mountains), Trackless x1/4 (Mountains), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands)

18 Marpenoth

After passing through the highest points of the mountains, along the trade route, the party heads NW off the road, into the rolling hills, and badlands of the beginning of the Stonelands.

Later in the day, the party(33) hears loud grunts and yells over some rock outcroppings. Upon investigation, they find the 2 Human Outlanders hiding from 5 hill giants, who are trying to find them.

The party(33) battles the hill giants (old rules), and kills them. Not without cost, the party is badly wounded in the battle.

The 2 female outlanders approach the party, and without knowing a common language, show they are willing to come with them.

The party begins to travel back to Castle Crag.

On the route back, the party sees the outlanders are not evil, but rather friendly, just scared.

21 Marpenoth

The party(33), with the Outlanders, enters Castle Crag. Lord Mandarek quickly and forcefully arrests the Outlanders, much to the dismay of the party. Lord Mandarek is not happy that the 2 males were not brought with, and holds the party mostly responsible.

The party(33) stays at Castle Crag, ensuring that the females are not harmed. Lord Delmanton takes the party’s advisement, and eases the treatment of the females.

In the next few days, Ruclose befriends the warrioress of the two, and gets her name as Sharshien. The other Female, named Thelis, is apparently some type of spell caster, without abilities, so it is surmised she may be a Divine Spell caster, with no attachment to her Deity.

Thelis makes a map in the dirt one day for Ruclose of where she remembers the gate they came from is, about 8 days north dismounted, in the Stonelands.

Ruclose also determines the murder of the Purple Dragon was not done by the females, but by their 2 male companions. This is also determined true by spells detecting truth previously cast upon them, on their initial capture.

25 Marpenoth

A contingent of 3 War Wizards arrive from the City of Suzail, to question the outsiders.

26 Marpenoth

Ruclose and Sylvana, seeming to have a close relationship, and spending time together, are Charmed (Powerful Charm Monster Spell) by a woman visiting them in the rooms they stay in (high up in the Keep, the visitor rooms). The woman tells them they must take the Amulet that Lowkey (Amulet of Protection from Detection, given to him by the Wizard Demetrious) wears around his neck, and give it to her when she returns in 2 days.

Note: The party, and the Keep for that matter knew there where strange events afoot, as the dogs at Castle Crag have been howling and barking uncontrollably at night.

Over the next few days, Ruclose and Sylvana are unable to steal Lowkey’s Amulet.

28 Marpenoth

The party(33) makes preparations to leave Castle Crag, and head south to Arabel, and possibly Suzail.

Ruclose and Sylvana leave the gates of Castle Crag at dusk, and travel down the winding road in hopes of telling the woman, when she arrives, that they were unable to get the Amulet. They intend on serving their new found friends needs, but also know that Lowkey’s only hope of survival against the evil that follows him, is the amulet she asks for.
It is a very powerful moral dilemma for the two characters.

Because of that powerful dilemma, the characters are able to break from the Charm Spell. It is known, that if the Charm would have been handled different by the caster, it could have been looked as not a moral dilemma, but in this case, it wasn’t.

Sylvana and Ruclose are free of the Charm Spell. The woman never appears to them.

While the 2 were outside the castle, 2 Purple Dragons on guard on the upper walls are murdered horrifically by something, amidst all the dog barking around the Keep. It is now know the murders were probably the doings of the woman who Charmed Ruclose and Sylvana.

Once found, the Castle goes on high alert.

Ruclose and Sylvana are able to return to the Castle before it is locked up.

While outside, Ruclose and Sylvana come up with a plan to rescue the Outlanders, who are being held against their will, for nothing they did.

29 Marpenoth

Lowkey, Maythor, and Morthrou leave Castle Crag, accept for MarcusLor, who will stay for a while longer, Ruclose and Sylvana, who say they will catch up after they do some needed things.

That night, under the cover of Sylvana’s Invisibility Spell, Ruclose is able to sneak into the prison cells of Castle Crag, and free the 2 human outlanders. He has to knock 2 Purple Dragon prison guards out to accomplish this. Sylvana waits on the trade route, at the base of the winding road to Caste Crag.

Under the cover of darkness, the 3 are able to sneak through the gate of Castle Crag, and move to safety.

Soon afterward, a party of Purple Dragons rides out the gates in search of the escaped prisoners, with MarcusLor. They find Sylvana on the road, awaiting Ruclose with 4 mounts. She is captured, but not imprisoned under guidance by MarcusLor, though Mandarek, who is also with, would have otherwise. She tells them of their wish to free the outlanders, so they know Ruclose will travel south with them to Arabel. Bringing Sylvana with, the party of Purple Dragon’s, with Mandarek, and MarcusLor, make their way to the Cormyrian City of Arabel.


The Bandits of EveningStar

Date: Winter 1995

12 Nightal [Dec] (DR 1360)

The party(35) has met limited resistant to this point. It is believed they are close to where the gate should be, but the outlanders are unable to help any further in pinpointing where the gate is. Lord Mandarek is very much at odds with the party, and not trusting Lord MarcusLor’s judgment (though not saying so), or most of all, Lowkey’s judgment.

Bad weather is beginning to creep into the Stonelands, and the whole party knows that they do not want to be caught there in heavy snow, which frequents theses badlands.

The party decides to turn back, or most of the party does. MarcusLor will personally let the King know they were unable to find the gate, and will try again in the Spring.

15 Nightal

The party(35) battles some Ogres, and a small number of orcs, which they able to defeat easily.

21 Nightal

The party(35) reaches Castle Crag, and loses their attachments from the Kingdom of Cormyr.

Lord MarcusLor reports to Lord Delmanton, and tells him they were unable to find a gate. He also composes a letter to be sent to King Azoun IV, relaying there inability to find the gate. Delmanton is not surprised, and wishes the party(35) luck, and tells them that he harvest’s no hard feelings from the past actions of the party at Castle Crag. He knows that many of their members did what they thought was right.

Party(36): Maythor (Human Male LV 4 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 4 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), MarcusLor (Human Male LV 9 Fighter), Morthrou (Human Male LV 3 Fighter) Thelis (Outlander Human Female LV 5+ Priest (?)), Sharshien (Outlander Human Female LV 5+ Fighter)

WEATHER: Temperate, Winter
Terrain: Cleared, Grassland,
Movement: Road x1 (Cleared), Road x1 (Grassland)
Movement Modifications Possible: Moderate Snow x3/4, Deep Snow x1/4

22 Nightal

The party(36) leaves Castle Crag for the Cormyrian city of Arabel.

25 Nightal

The party(36) reaches Arabel, and take up rooms at the Inn of the Flying Griffon.

After arriving, Duke Lord MarcusLor is summoned by the Lord of Arabel, Myrmeen Lahl.

In that meeting, he finds out that a band of powerful bandits is operating out of the north side of the Cormyrian city of Eveningstar. A local lord, Lord Hallas Delaman (Minor Noble) would like an adventuring party to attempt to find them, and take care of the problem.

Duke Lord MarcusLor agrees to help the Lord.

The party (36) prepares to travel East towards the city of Eveningstar.

28 Nightal

The party(36) leaves mounted towards the Cormyrian city of Eveningstar.

30 Nightal

The party arrives in the Cormyrian city of Eveningstar, and settle in for the evening. Before settling in, they meet briefly with the Lord of Eveningstar, Lord Greghan (Human Male), who is the acting lord, standing in for the appointed Lord by King Azoun IV, Teassaril Winter (Human Female)

1 Hammer [Jan] (DR 1361)

The party(36) travels north out of Eveningstar, and meet Lord Hallas Delaman at his Manor Home. They are given whatever information he has about the bandits, there possible location, who they are, and what they prey on. He believes they work for the Zhentarim.

The party(36) believes they can handle the mission, and make preparations to leave for the bandits stomping grounds.

2 Hammer

The party(36) makes way for NNW out of the civilized areas of Eveningstar.

3 Hammer

Following the information that Lord Hallas Delamon gave to them, the party’s Ranger, Ruclose, is able to pick up some old tracks in the frozen snow, that may be their enemy.

6 Hammer

Following tracks, and some movement of mounted men a days past, the party(36) comes upon a wood palisade, hidden in the foothills, south of the mountains that govern Cormyr’s northern border. The party believes it is the bandit hold they seek. The hold is about a days ride NW of the Haunted Halls.

7 Hammer

Battle ensues early in the day, and the party is able to break in through the gate of the palisade using Invisibility, and trickery. The party(36) battles numerous male bandits, and a few of their powerful leaders, one being a powerful Wizard, able to cast the Fireball Spell.

The party(36), through melee and ranged combat, are able to kill most of the bandits and their leaders, but in the process setting the palisade a fire.

Many treasures were lost in the blaze, but Lord Maythor is able to escape with the Plate Armor that belonged to the Bandit Leader, which would later become his (Field Plate +1).

The party gathers its belongings, and what they could scavenge from the battle, and travels towards Eveningstar.

9 Hammer

The party(36) passes a large patrol of Purple Dragons, sent to investigate the large fire that was seen in the area NW of the civilized towns around the city of Eveningstar. The party explains it was once a bandit hold, and gives them the location of where it was. It is at this time the party tells the patrol their name is The Covenant of the Sword.

The party continues to travel to Eveningstar.

10 Hammer

The party(36) arrives at the Manor Home of Lord Hallas Delamon, and tells him of the bandits demise. He congratulates them, and tells them there achievements will not go unrecognized in these areas, and they will always be welcome t his home.

11 Hammer

The party rests in Eveningstar for the day, but prepares to move east to the Cormyrian city of Arabel in the next few days.


Breaking Good Laws to do what is Good

Date: Summer 1995

1 Uktar [Nov] (DR 1360)

The first group to leave Castle Crag, consisting of Maythor, Lowkey, and Morthrou reach the city of Arabel, on Cormyr’s NE side, and find rooms at the Knight of Arabel Inn. They await the arrival of the rest of the band.

Ruclose watches as a band of Purple Dragons, including Lord MarcusLor, and Lord Mandareck, and Sylvana, ride SW along the road, towards Arabel. He knows they are looking for him, as he watches from a safe hiding place along the road.

2 Uktar

Ruclose, with the two outlanders Sharshien, and Thelis, are able to sneak in to the Cormyrian city of Arabel, under the noses of the Purple Dragons. They do not go to their bands meeting place, but rather find a room at the Flying Griffon Inn.

4 Uktar

The outlanders, with Ruclose are found in the Flying Griffon Inn, and arrested under Cormyr law. The three of them are brought to the Lords Hold, on the northern side of the city, and put in separate cells, under the watch of guard, and a few War Wizards.

5 Uktar

Duke Lord MarcusLor speaks with the Lord of Arabel, the wise retired adventurer, and friend of King Azoun IV, the Lady Myrmeen Lahl. After hearing the whole story, and taking t under advisement, she allows the prisoners to be released under MarcusLor’s care. This provides much friction between the party, and Lord Mandarek, who views the party as aiding possible enemies of the Nation of Cormyr.

6 Uktar

The party(33) finds more rooms at the Knight of Arabel Inn, and begins preparations for their next move, most likely the city of Suzail.

That evening, while Ruclose, Sylvana, and Morthrou make small talk in one of the rooms (the others are in their rooms, or in the tavern), a visitor appears. The visitor is the woman who charmed Ruclose, and Sylvana. Knowing the party is in danger, they quickly make a move to protect themselves, as combat ensues. They quickly discover it is not a woman they are confronting, but rather a Succubus! Ruclose is able to throw out the DERKTOW coin before he and the others are overtaken by her powerful Charm Spell.

The next round, the Succubus wraps her wings around Sylvana, and gives her its kiss of death. Afterwards, now moving towards Ruclose, The Dark Warrior appears behind the Succubus. Within 1 round, he kills the demon. Many of the other party members arrive in the hallway to find out what all the commotion is about, and make it in time to watch The Dark Warrior take his payment, as he always does. He grabs the lifeless body of Sylvana, and disappears.

The party(33) is of course unable to stop him, and spend the rest of the evening explaining to the Purple Dragons, and the Magistrates of Arabel, what happened at the Knight of Arabel Inn.

7 Uktar

Ruclose, needing to train for the level he has gained in Ranger, is able to find the Ranger Coregan, with the help of Myrmeen Lahl. Coregan is a Ranger who calls Arabel his home, but is rarely there. He is most likely found helping the Purple Dragons navigate through the broken Stonelands to the north.

*Coregan Desmith is a wiring, albeit very strong human man about 30 years of age, 6’2” in height, and perhaps 200 pounds. He has brown hair, with a full beard, and light brown eyes. He carries himself as many rangers do after wandering for many years, with a watchful eye of all around him, and moves with a loping gait. He is most likely dressed in Leather Armor, has a Large Longbow, with an assortment of Arrows, and two long swords at his side.

Coregan (Human Male LV 6+ Ranger)

8 Uktar

~Ruclose begins Level 4 Ranger training, in the outskirts of the civilized areas of Arabel, with the Ranger Coregan.

The rest of the band stays at the inn, or the Lords Manor of Arabel (MarcusLor), while waiting for their party member, Ruclose, to finish his training.

15 Uktar

Ruclose completes his level training.

The party begins travel to Castle Crag, there they will pick up some more companions, and travel to the Stonelands, in the hopes of finding the outsiders gate, before winter sets in.

Party(34): Maythor (Human Male LV 4 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 4 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), MarcusLor (Human Male LV 9 Fighter), Morthrou (Human Male LV 3 Fighter) Thelis (Outlander Human Female LV 5+ Priest (?)), Sharshien (Outlander Human Female LV 5+ Fighter)

Attachments: Lord Mandarek (Human Male LV 9+ Fighter), War Wizard Selgrant (Human Male LV 6+ Wizard), War Wizard Pharalyx (Human Male LV 3+ Wizard(?), Malagan Neersven(Human Male LV6+ Priest (Tyr))

WEATHER: Temperate, Fall – Winter
Terrain: Mountains, Badlands
Movement: Road x3/4 (Mountains), Trackless x1/4 (Mountains), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands) Movement Modifications Possible: Moderate Snow x3/4,
Deep Snow x1/4

17 Uktar

The party(34) stops by Castle Crag for the evening to pick up individuals working for the crown,that will travel with them, in the hopes of finding the gate to the north of the Kingdom of Cormyr. This group includes Lord Mandarek, the High War Wizards Selgaunt, a Priest of Tyr (Malagan Neersven), and a junior member of the War Wizards (Pharalyx Gorenstone).

18 Uktar

The party(34) moves north into the Stonelands, into a bitter front of cold, and inhospitable winter, in an inhospitable land. The party is mounted, with about 4 war horses for pack horses.

Their plan is to follow the trade route north through the mountains, and then after passing through the mountains, to head NNW towards the great Anauroch Desert.

21 Uktar

In the morning, not far into the Stonelands, the large party(34) is besieged by a huge party of Trolls, about 14 in number. The battle is fierce, and every party member is seriously injured, except for Lowkey who is uninjured. The young War Wizard Pharalyx, Lord Manderek, and the outsider Sharshien are killed.

The party must travel back to Castle Crag.

24 Uktar

The party(34) reaches Castle Crag, and Lord Delmanton makes arrangements with the High Priest Polmareck of Chauntea, in Arabel, for powerful Raise Dead Spells to be cast. Polmareck is the only Priest in northern Cormyr who can cast such powerful spells.

The War Wizard who was killed is not Raised in Arabel, but rather brought back to the city of Suzail.

26 Uktar

Lord Mandarek, and Sharshien are Raised from the dead by Polmareck, the high Priest of Chauntea in Arabel. The crown pays the price apparently.

The party(34) awaits at Castle Crag for the band to be reestablished, and the trip to the Stonelands to begin again.

Party(35): Maythor (Human Male LV 4 Fighter), Ruclose (Human Male LV 4 Ranger), Lowkey (Moon Elven Male LV 5 Fighter), MarcusLor (Human Male LV 9 Fighter), Morthrou (Human Male LV 3 Fighter) Thelis (Outlander Human Female LV 5+ Priest (?)), Sharshien (Outlander Human Female LV 5+ Fighter)

Attachments: Lord Mandarek (Human Male LV 9+ Fighter), High War Wizard Naragon (Human Male LV 9+ Wizard), Alvek Neersven(Human Male LV6+ Priest (Tyr))

WEATHER: Temperate, Winter
Terrain: Mountains, Badlands
Movement: Road x3/4 (Mountains), Trackless x1/4 (Mountains), Trackless x3/4 (Badlands) Movement Modifications Possible: Moderate Snow x3/4, Deep Snow x1/4

1 Special Day (Feast of the Moon)

2 Nightal [Dec] (1360)

The party(35) is once again ready to ride into the Stonelands, minus one War Wizard. Lord Mandarek is more determined then ever to succeed.

The party(35) rides from Castle Crag north, into the Stonelands.

7 Nightal

A battle with numerous humanoids traveling west ensues. The party is victorious, with minimal damage.

The party(35) continues to travel north.



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