End Session

Flamerule 19
By early evening the party arrives west of the keep. Preparations are made for the attack. The party advances on the west side of the keep, towards the old gatehouse. The keep consisted of a two-tower gatehouse, 100’ wall spans and a total of 11 towers. A ruined 3 or 4 story keep lies In the back of the castle. It is noted the keep is in ruin, but a fortress of Walls of Stone now occupies the central area of the keep (the area which formally would have been the outside mustering area and into the keep section). This new fortress spans walls of over 20’ high, and covers the width and depth of the castle.

Upon entering the fortress of stone walls inside the castle, the party notices it is a series of large 20′ × 20′ passageways. Not far in, the party is ambushed! 3 hill giants, and stone giant, and orcs and ogres join the fray. The party barely escapes the ambush alive, and regroups outside the keep.

Flamerule 18
Party: Maythor, Zanakin, Devrille, Shandra.

The party leaves on foot towards the occupied keep. By foot, it is two days east of Boarskyr Bridge, on the north side of the river. The party did request Captain Oracklyn to send a patrl toward the keep on the forested south side of the river in an attempt to confuse or draw out the enemy. He obliged.

Flamerule 17
Maythor, Demetrius, Devrille, and Shandra bid farewell to Orion, Demetrius, and Kiltila, and head north towards Boarskyr Bridge. Zanakin uses a shadow walk spell. No encounters occur during the shadow walk, and the party arrives in the shadows near Boarskyr Bridge before evening.

The party meets with Captain Oracklyn. He provides them additional tactical information on the old keep the enemy is occupying, maps, and other necessities (if they need it). He also alerts the party that a bounty of 500gp per right giant hand he is allowed to provide the party upon their return (if successful).

The party remains at Boarskyr Bridge that evening, and rest in a tent provided by Captain Oracklyn.

Flamerule 12
The group meets with Rear Marshal Ashek Deveron at the local palisade. The local palisade consists of a wooden protective wall surrounding a mid-sized manor keep house which has been commandeered by the military forces striving to keep the northern trade route open. At the meeting were 2 advisors, Captain Nerick and Symbrick, Priest of Tyr.

Ashek Deveron explains to the COB that Boarskyr bridge has been damaged and not useable for trade. The nearest for is near 1 day travel east by horse, and is guarded by enemy forces of humanoids and giants. A caravan has already been routed, a light cavalry follow-on force decimated, and one adventuring band has gone missing. Ashek tells the COB that if they are interested in the quest to speak with Captain Oracklyn from Waterdeep. Captain Oracklyn is responsible for some of the forces stationed at Boarskyr Bridge.

Travel back to Demetrius’ tower and rest for a few days. Zanakin studies up some new spells (Shadow Walk, Sending). Kiltila begins Level 4 Sorceress training, she needs to train 33 days.

Flamrule 11
The groups visits a magic shop, buys and sells items. The group also visits a gems merchant and jeweler.

Flamerule 10 (July)
Maythor, Zanakin, Devrille, and Kiltila relax and spend the evening at the Nightshade Tavern and Inn.

This session starts out on the 10th of Flamerule (July) in the City State of Scornubel. The party had just arrived that morning, paid a visit to Demetrius’, and travelled back to town to carouse at the Nightshade Tavern and Inn for a spell. Demetrius lets the COB know that there has been trouble in the Boarskyr bridge area, and local commanders of the defending forces are looking for a powerful adventuring band to help. Demetrius agrees to allow Kiltila to use his Tower for training purposes as well.

Pregame Notes: It was agreed that Maythor left 5,000 gold as a down payment on his Mithral Full Plate of Speed in Suzail.


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