Blade Keep

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Headquarters of the Covenant of the Blade.

Current status (updated 7 May 2012)

As of Eleasis (aug) 1364:

All keep walls and towers are completed (stone).
The portcullis and gate are completed
Dortecks Tavern, the dining hall, and kitchen are completed (stone and wood)
The stables are completed (stone and wood)
The first floor of the keep is completed, the second floor is in-progress.
- completon of the second floor will be completed by Winter

Furnishings for the towers, tavern, dining hall, kitchen, and smithy’s are at the keep.

Current finances:
Expenditures: Upkeep and cost = -1373 gold per month
Income: During high-trade months: +540 gold per month for caravan rest and repair security

Blade Keep

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