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Also Known As: “Fortress Home” in elvish tongue
Capital: Evereska
Population: Large City Evereska 21,051, with 40,000+ (surrounding valley), elves 95%
Government: Class System led by Hill Elders
Religions: Corellon Larethian & Elven Pantheon
Imports: ?
Exports: Elven arms & goods
Alignment: NG, CG

Evereska is a rich and fabled valley nestled in unbreakable mountains, tucked against the borders of Anauroch. It is one of the last elven nations in the north. With the elven court deserted and its inhabitants passing out of the realms, Evereska is the last large concentration of Moon Elves (also called Silver Elves) in the north, possibly in the Realms themselves. Gold Elves (also called Sun or Sunrise Elves) also reside in Evereska, and make up many of its ruling noble families.

Evereska Valley is a high valley surrounded by mountains, its only entrances are well-guarded and difficult ascents, or secretive tunnels only known to a few. Those approaching on foot are generally spotted around 5 miles from the valley. Gate, Teleport, and Inter planar Travel spells into the valley is not possible, as it is said Corellon Larethian protects the valley and likely a powerful Elven Mythal’s). Flying up and into the valley is also difficult as the elves maintain several wings of giant eagles used as mounts for the more slender elves.

The High Valley of Evereska is removed from the common world by its location and high altitude, which is a primary reason why this region remains strongly elvish while much of the Elven Nations have gone into retreat. Constant guards and watch-posts lace the mountains surrounding the domain.

The Everskan Vale has been a refuge of the elven people for over seven thousand years, and has never fallen to any outside attack. It is said to be guarded by the god Corellon Larethian himself. Several times in its history the mountain fortress has been attacked by goblins ad orc armies, but these armies have been eradicated by screaming magical bolts from the sky.

The approach in the vale to Evereska leads through the crescent-shaped valley of terraced vineyards and fruit gardens. The city of Evereska is itself a masterpiece of shaped stone and crafted tress, built over thousands of years for architectural impact and powerful defense. The vale resources are rich and abundant, dwarfing the resources beyond its mountain walls. Temples of all members of the Elven Patheon can be found in the vale, with Patriarchs of superior-level. A college of elven and select half-elven mages can be found within the city of Evereska.

All good elven folk are welcome to this vale, and elven lore and wisdom are held in high esteem and cherished throughout the centuries.

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Regular Forces: ~4,000+ Elven Fighters of various types, including elven infantry/ archers, horse mounted archers, giant eagle, and griffon rider patrols. Regular fighters are usually equipped in non-magical elven chainmail, bucklers, long sword, long bow, daggers. Forces are supported by Evereskan wizards, sorcerers, and clerics.

Militia: ~potentially 12,000 if the militia in all valley localities are called to arms since most male, and some female elves are trained in the way of the sword to at least 1st level Warrior.

Noble Evereskan NPC’s

Hill Elders
High Council
Cylindia Goldmoon
Fallitherin Calathswood

Notable Characters of Evereska

Alicianna Shryleath
Delerian Fareswood
Garekelious Bristlinis
Girthil Almstillin
Julianous Harkenwind
Kerthavin (Deceased)
Korellianallis Nellethwind
Merigath Viatherian
Nekasil Phrianious
Selespear (Deceased)
Sylvana Everstar (deceased, raised, location unknown

Elven Military

Evereskan Army, Description and Organization
Evereskan Army NPC’s

Elven Organizations

College of Mages
Evereska Duskblades
Evereska Spellswords
High Lord Evereska Mages
Sisters of Aluana
Tomb Guardians
Evereskan Honor Guard (Viafilti’)

Principalities of Evereskan Valley

Eagle Watch Valley
Evereska City

Adventuring Bands

Important Locations

Evereska Training Fields
Goldenleaf Forest
High Temple of Corellon Larethian
Silverfang Manor
Temple of Wisdom
The Sword of Corellon

Recent Evereskan History


Evacuation of Eagle Watch Valley
Entering the Greycloak Hills




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