The Only One

Claiming of the Storm King's Hold

Date: 09 December 2017

Timeline: 26 – 27 Tarsakh of Storms

26th Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR1365)

Shortly after the battle, the party works together to ensure it’s wounded party members are healed. Maythor drops a CS Wounds potion, and takes action to engage the cloud giant which successfully fled the battle.

Maythor uses his Dimension Stride Boots to drop to the lower level of the keep and engage the last fleeing cloud giant. Utilizing his winged vest, he engages the Cloud Giant in melee combat and defeats his enemy.

Maythor (using his winged vest), Dorteck and Zanakin (utilizing their still active Wind Walk) exit the main entrance of the hold and follow the fleeing hobgoblins and few dire wolves and hill giants across the giant bridge. There is no combat, rather, Mathor, Dorteck, and Zanakin make it clear to the hobgoblin leader that they are taking ownership of the Storm Kings Keep, and they are no longer welcome.

Afterward, the party splits up and rescues the rest of the slaves (servants) and searches the hold. Dorteck and Devrille surprisingly find the Deepingdale Lod Uldath imprisoned in the prisons below (thought dead)! The servants are led by the elder (50+) human male Hervanus. Along with the Hervanus, there are 23 servants which were used to feed the Storm King and his leaders, provide general service, and provide musical entertainment. Additionally, there are 46 men skilled in the ways of the blacksmith, weapon smith, armor smith, bowyer-fletcher, and carpentry; which had work spaces in the lower parts of the tower and provided service the denizens of the tower.

Before the end of the day, the party finds the Storm King Treasure in a large secret chamber in his chambers, behind the throne room. Along with the treasure from the defeated opponents, and that which was left behind in the exodus, the party puts all the treasure they can fit in their Bag of Holding (III) and a newly found Bag of Holding (II). Finally, the party found the mechanism to activate the drop function of the central part of the bridge, which made 15’ of the bridge fall away at the center of the bridge. That part of the bridge hangs off the tower side of the bridge by a giant hinge, and can be pulled back into position through a massive crank and pulley system inside the keep protective towers on either side of the portcullis and gate.

The Pegasus arrive in the afternoon, and are brought into the tower for rest and safe keeping.

27th Tarsakh of Storms

Zanakin talks in private to his friendly Pegasus mount, Deventrium (Male Pegasus with 6HP per die), and asks him (in elven) to be his personal mount. A DC20 diplomacy (helpful to friendly) was required with a bonus of (+ 4 skill & synergy + 2 Breckenheir + 2 Heal @ Troll Battle + 2 common goals + 2 Brooch of Corellon + 2 saving Uldath = + 14). Zanakin rolls a 7 (7 + 14 = 21), and finds himself the owner of a Pegasus mount!

Maythor writes a note for King Azoun IV requesting the Cormyrian throne to peruse all the documents in the Storm King’s Hold. He believes the bandit attacks verse the arms merchants was controlled from this facility, among other things, and needs help to understand the scope of the operation. He mentions he believes War Wizard support, with accountants will be needed, and if they can get to Castle Blade they should be able to get to the Storm King Hold via Devrille Wind Walk divine magic. The note is put into a scroll case, and tied to Breckenheir’s neck.

Maythor tells Breckenheir to fly with Deventrium to Crownguard Keep in Suzail, and find MarcusLor or his leadership to take the message to the throne. He then tells Breckenheir to fly back to Highmoon to pick him and Zanakin up for a trip to Shadowdale. They anticipate this will take 5 to 6 days for the Pegasus to make it to Highmoon.

Maythor, Zanakin, Kiltila, and Uldath have Devrille cast Wind Walk on them afterward, and travel to Highmoon. The rest of the party (Brom, Dorteck, and Shandra) will continue searching the hold, and Devrille will Wind Walk to Castle Blade to get reinforcements.

The party arrives in Highmoon outside of Oghma’s Library in late morning. The day is brisk and clear, with storm clouds approaching from the west. After talking to some Library servants, they determine that The Indexer is at a meeting the leaders of Highmoon are voting on a new leader! The Servants gather the Indexer and Mandarek, and bring them to the 4 outside the library. The Indexer is without words when he sees his friend Uldath, and they exchange hugs. The party comes up with a plan.

Mandarek gives orders to a nearby patrol of Purple Dragons to keep a sharp eye, and the party walks to the amphitheater south of Uldath’s Tower, where the vote is taking place. At the ampitheter are many leaders of Highmoon, many are merchants and other important persons (human and elf) which the party does not know, but a few of the elves are recognized from the battle at Uldath’s tower. Upon entering the amphitheater, Maythor saddles up to Zerick and tells him not to move. Upon the Indexer announcing Uldath’s return, and exasperation of the people of Deepingdale; large rumbling the sounds of an earthquake and sounds of buildings collapsing can be heard to the NW by the Highmoon garrison, and south Highmoon. From the amphitheater, a huge Earth Elemental (30’) can be seen rising up above the garrison and destroying everything in it’s path. The amphitheater is emptied with Uldath yelling commands to protect the residents of Highmoon. Mandarek leaves to find the Purple Dragons. Zanakin, Maythor, and Kilta engage the NW Elemental!

Combat ensues with the NW Earth Elemental. Zanakin’s well times Ice Storm keeps the creature nearly immobile as it works to destroy the garrison. 13 rounds of spells, spellfire, and melee combat destroy the first elemental. The group runs south into Highmoon where the second elemental is destroying everything in its path as it makes it’s way towards what seems like Uldath’s Tower. The party engages the second earth elemental along with Mandarek and some Purple Dragons and the High Indexer. The battle is won by the Indexer using a Banishment spell to send the elemental back to its home plane!
Whoever summoned or gated the elemental is still at large!


The Defeat of the Storm King!

Date: 09 September 2017

Timeline: 26 Tarsakh of Storms

26 Tarsakh of Storms

The party decides to meet the enemy in battle on the upper floor, near the base of the stairs to the rooftop, rather than retreat to the rooftop or a secured room. If the battle turns against them, the thought is they could retreat up the stairs to the rooftop, and fight at the door of the enemy.

At first a Cloud Giant with 2 Hill Giants move up the large stairwell from the lower levels to investigate. Upon seeing the COB, the cloud giant let’s out a yell, raises his morning-star, and attacks (along with the hill giants), running across the open expanse of the top floor towards the party. His bellowing yell sets off bells and horns throughout the lower parts of the Storm King Hold.

AS the battle fights to first Cloud Giant, within a few rounds, another Cloud Giant with 2 more Hill Giants enter. Zanakin summons a fire elemental, among other powerful spells he casts. Devrille engages with some early offensive spells as they support the fighters Maythor, Dorteck, and Brom.

Within 6 rounds the party defeats the creatures. They have Brom run up the stairs and open the gate to the roof (where the blizzard is ongoing), in case they need to flee. Below them, the sounds of approaching enemy, horns, and bells reverberate.

By the 2nd minute, another Cloud Giant, with 2 more Hill Giants come up the stairs, along with a large group of Hobgoblins, and a human fighter in plate armor! However, the party is prepared! As the enemy moves up both stairs, fireballs and Holy Smite batter the enemy, which in the confusion trips the trap on the souther staircase crushing many hobgoblins unable to get out of the way.

The party engages the most powerful of enemies first while the spellcasters continue to use AO spells to keep the hobgoblins at bay. The enemy tries to engage the party at the base of the roof staircase (where Zanakin, Devrille, Kiltila, and Shandra are), but in the end are defeated, or flee! The cloud giant is killed with help from Kiltila Spellfire ability, but the hill giants escape. The fighter, knowing he is outnumbered, tries to flee, but is trapped by a teleporting Maythor (via Grisham), who lands the killing blow.

Brom is nearly killed, but Devrille’s quick use of spells saves his life!

In the end, in these 3 battles, the party defeats 3 Cloud Giants, 4 Hill Giants, 1 Human Fighter (~LV 10), and 50 Hobgoblins.

The sounds of horns and bells have subsided, but yells and other loud sounds still emanate form deeper in the hold.

The party heals up, resets some of their defensive spells, and plans to move lower into the keep. Carefully moving to the floor below, they encounter an older man whom claims to represent the human slaves and servants trapped in the hold. He tells them where his comrades are hidden, and also tells them the Storm King is not the real Storm King, rather his apprentice. The actual Storm King was killed by the apprentice and an evil adventuring band. The new Storm King, and what is left of his allies, are located in the floor below in the throne room. He alerts the party of a trap inside the door, and to beware the trap. To activate the trap, Brom grabs the body of a hobgoblin.

On the next level below, the party comes upon 2 great double-doors. Behind they can hell the angry yells of a power giant yelling at others in the room. Using 3 charges of the Chime of Openning, the locks on the door are undone, and the huge doors open. The party sees the new Storm King, a female Cloud Giant, and 2 female adventurers: the priestess from the Highmoon attack, and the Dualist from Maythor’s past.

Brom uses the body of the hobgoblin to trip the giant trap (fall away beam from the ceiling). Immediately afterward the enemy priestess throws up a Bade Barrier keeping hte party from easily entering the room! However, the party finds ways to get through the barrier, including Zanakin’s Greater Blink and Maythor’s ability to fly over the barrier. The party engages the enemy in epic battle!

The enemy adventurers make preparations to leave via Windwalk, (needing 5 rounds) but first cast invisibility. While Zanakin engages with offensive spells, a well placed Glitter Dust renders the invisibility useless (he can see invisible), allowing himself and Maythor to attack them. The Storm King is engaged by Dorteck and Brom, both running through the Blade Barrier. Devrille uses spells from the outside of the blade barrier to support the party, while Shandra levitates over the barrier. Kiltila finds a safe space in the hallway outside, but is able to cast some spells through the blade barrier.

In the end, the new Storm King is defeated by the combined power of the party, including the enemy adventurers. The female Cloud Giant throws herself through the Blade Barrier, running out of the chamber, and down the stairs.


Entering the Storm King's Hold

Date: 18 March 2017

Timeline: 23 – 26 Tarsakh of Storms

23 Tarsakh of Storms [APR] (DR 1365)

At the end of the battle, Maythor and Zanakin secure the throne room and tell a few guards they can find to keep anyone from entering the Tower of the Rising Moon as they prepare to search for more enemy. They find that Zerick is not dead, rather unconscious and alive.

Horns from around Highmooon continue to blow as forces start to arrive outside the entrance to the tower. It is at this time that key leaders of Highmoon arrive with Highmoon regulars in-force, and demand entrance into the room. Maythor and Zanakin, recognizing these new leaders will not be kept from the throne room, allow them to enter (or rather, do not try and stop them).

Maythor and Zanakin meet the elven male Elgianathous Zenethyr (elf fighter), Highmoon leader of the elves of Bristar; and his counterpart elven male Phyraniouth Synasius (elven fighter/ wizard), and eventually the high priest of the Temple of Oghma, Denali the Indexer. With them is a small force of Bristar and Moonrise Hill elves, more Highmoon regulars from the garrison, and a few non-descriptive priests of Oghma.

After the newcomers determine Maythor and Zankin are not a threat, they order their troops to secure the area ad look for the enemy rogue which escaped.

The group of leaders gather around the body of Uldath, ad to their dismay find tey are not looking at Uldath, rather a skinny, grey, creature inside Uldath’s armor – a Doppleganger!

Zerick is escorted away for healing, and Denali tells Maythor and Zanakin they are welcome to stay at the Temple of Oghma to rest. They agree. They also tell Denali ad the elven leaders to leave the Cloud Giant alone for the time-being, as they would like to cat a Speak with Dead on him the next day!

24 Tarsakh of Storms

Zanakin memorizes Phantom Steed, and moves quickly to Endren. It is there that he grabs Devrille, Shandra, and Kiltila. He also tells Mandarek that he should move quicly towards Highmoon becasue of the events of last evening, and to make sure he brings Brom. He asks Dryastalic to borrow the Pegasus Deventrium for one more grand adventure to end the threat of the Storm King. Deventrium is not in Endren (on a scouting mission), but Dryastalic will ask him, and if he agrees, the Pegasus should arrive in Highmoon the next day.

Maythor discuss an attack on the Storm King Hold with Denali and the elves, and they discuss the pros and cos of the attack. On the large Inner Sea map table in the Tower of the Rising Moon, they show him where the tower is located on the southern edge of the Thunder Peaks.

Zanakin, Devrille, Shandra, and Kiltila arrive mid-day in Highmoon at the Temple of Oghma. It is there the party makes preparations to attack the Storm King Hold.

The party begins preparations for leaving in 2 days. Denali the Indexer can support the party with some potions and a two Windwalk scrolls.

25 Tarsakh of Storms
Devrille Speaks With Dead on the Cloud Giant, and it works! The party learns that he is not the Storm King, there are 29 humans in the Storm King Hold, and 5 Cloud Giants.

The party comes up with a plan to use Windwalk to travel to the Storm King Hold. They should be able to make it there in a few hours. The Pegasus cannot Windwalk since there is not enough space left, so they will fly behind the party, most likely taking 4 or more hours to arrive. The party ensures they see the map in the Tower of the Rising Moon, so they know the exact location of the Hold.

Maythor’s signal will be spell flare for them to land, and they should stay out of combat when they arrive.

26 Tarsakh of Storms
Devrlle uses the Windwalk Scrolls to transform the party into magical gaseous form. Prior to leaving, the party wears long white cloaks to better conceal their approach. Once in Windwalk, they fly at 0 mph to the SW to the edge of the Thunder Peaks. They fly along the edge until the mountain range swings westward, which is where they follow and move into the mountains looking for the hold. Along the way, a blizzard storm arises from the west of the mountains, making finding the hold very difficult (but adding much needed concealment). However, because of the good directions that the hold is on the south side of the largest mountain on the SE side of the Thunder Peaks, the party is able to find the hold.

The party circles the Storm King Hold, and notice the top of the giant tower (over 250’ in diameter and 150’ tall of dark stone) has 3 giant Trebuchet’s overlooking a large stone bridge connecting the tower to the southern mountain, the only way to enter the tower from the south side, over a large chasm. On the tower the party sees 12 hobgoblins on guard. The party is able to land (protected by the blizzard), take material form, and engage and defeat the hobgoblins easily.

Once the humanoids are defeated, the party finds a large door on the roof leading to inside the hold. They enter and walk down a long staircase (wide and deep stairs, made for giants). They search t he top floors 4 large rooms, and find no other living creature. There are 2 grand staircases leading into the hold, and the party moves down leftmost staircase.

Halfway down the staircase they trigger a trap on the stair which releases a huge wooden beam from the ceiling to come falling. It lands on the party and damages everyone! Along with the damage, the noise of the beam falling reverberates through the hold. The party quickly downs some healing potions and run back up the stairs to the top level (not the roof), and plan for the upcoming attacks!


The Battle for Endren

Date: Winter 2016
Note: What play date? Check with Reece and Joe. Assume Winter 2016.

Timeline: 23 Tarsakh of Storms

23rd Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR1365)

During the battle of Ferrithflow Lake, the southern hobgoblin army moves its way north into the thorps and hamlets south of the small town of Endren. The 2nd hobgoblin army was estimated to be about 600 hobgoblins, 1100 goblins, 16 ogres, a small handful of trolls and hill giants, including the horde leadership and 2nd War Troll! The population of those hamlets were evacuated the day before, so the army starts to plunder and burn every building they see, spending nearly an hour in those southern areas lighting countless fires. The allies on the south side of Endren await patiently the humanoids approach, hidden in hide spots behind the pike walls and buildings.

As the hobgoblin army approaches, elven archers slowly start to engage the hobgoblins, just close enough so the hobgoblins can see their adversaries, but far enough away to provide substantial concealment. As the hobgoblin army approaches, the elven scouts and archers (40 of them) start to pull back, pulling the hobgoblins towards the pike wall.

It is about this time Maythor and Zanakin arrive, get some healing from the support priests, and await until they can target the 2nd War Troll!

Once the hobgoblins were in range, Sembian and elven archers with flaming arrows target the hay bales, lighting up the battlefield and allowing for the targeting of the army. The hobgoblins, led by the 2nd War Troll, line up for a press attack, and march forward toward the pike wall into the throng of arrows. Battle ensures as the hobgoblin and goblin horde pick up to a run and charges the pike wall, once they see the defenders take their defensive positions. However, prior to hitting the wall, target Walls of Fire from the War Wizards and Devrille’s Blade Barrier disrupt the attack, allowing only small pockets of areas the enemy can move into he wall. It is at those spots the melee combat ensures.

Brom moves through the pike wall and engages the enemy, with members of the COB behind him, including Dorteck and Shandra! With Brom’s great attacks, massive damage, and Greater Cleave, he becomes a whirlwind of destruction, defeating numerous hobgoblins and goblins every round. It is during this time that the 2nd War Troll targets Brom but is intercepted by Maythor and Zanakin. In the middle of the great battle, the 2nd War Troll is defeated.

During the initial attack once the humanoids are in disarray from the Walls of Fire and Blade Barriier, Mandarek’s horn calls for the charge of the Cormyrian and Archendale cavalry. The cavalry barrels forth from hide positions east of the pike wall, and using a V shaped formation plow into the eastern humanoid forces. 300 cavalry at full charge across open ground proves to be too formidable for the humanoids, and this, with the defeat of the War Troll, breaks the moral of the humanoids within minutes, and the horde is forced to retreat! The cavalry splits and makes chse, taking down as many of the enemy that they can. The battle was won!

By morning, the allies take stock of the victory. Along with the 2nd War Troll defeated, nearly 300 hobgoblins, 600 goblins, 8 ogres, 2 trolls, and 2 hill giants were defeated, along with a hobgoblin tribal leader.

The allies suffered the following losses:
1) Cormyrian Purple Dragon Cavalry, 13 cavalrymen killed, along with 17 mounts. 217 cavalry survive.
2) All Cormyrian War Wizards and Priests survive.
3) Archendale Cavalry: 2 cavalrymen killed, 4 mounts killed, 58 cavalrymen survive.
4) Deepingdale Milita: 190 men lose their lives. 1,810 survive.
5) Sembian footmen, 36 footmen lose their lives. 64 survive, and all 220 archers survive.
6) The Adventuring Party the Singing Halberds Survive.
7) 46 elven archers survive, along with 6 scouts.
8) Finally, all allied key leaders survive.

After it is determined the threat has been defeated, clean-up ensues. The key leaders, including the COB, take rest in the Endren Inn.

By mid-afternoon, the COB meets with Mandarek and talk of the evening and morning events, and prepare for the next day (heal and memorize spells). By late afternoon, the party find out that in the morning, Zerick took his mount and rode east towards Highmoon to tell Lord Uldath of the great battle’s success! It is at that time the party grows suspicious, and Maythor and Zanakin take leave towards Highmoon to the east. Zanakin on his Phantom Steed, and Maythor on Breckenheir.

Maythor and Zanakin move swiftly west along the trade route towards Highmoon. They were told that Uldath resides in The Tower of the Rising Moon, in the central northern part of the city.

Zanakin is the first to arrive to the tower right before nightfall amidst chaos. The tower seems to be under attack, and the courtyard in front of the tower is littered with burnt bodies of Deepingdale guards. With his ability to see invisible, he spots a Sorcerer or Wizard positioned invisible on the terrace above the main entrance. A targeted Feeblemind spell by Zanakin impacts the Sorcerer, about the time that Maythor jumps off Breckeheir to defeat him in battle.

Zanaing and Maythor move into the tower to find more dead guards in the entry room. Zanakin is attacked by a concealed rogue with a poison attack (which Zanakin saves); the rogue quickly retreats deeper into the tower, never to be found again. Maythor moves into the main chamber to find a battle in progress. A huge cloud giant, priestess, and summoned devils are in battle with Zerick, Uldath, and two other men. By the time Maythor can engage, Uldath is killed outright, along with his companions. Zerrick is knocked unconscious. With the combined might of Maythor and Zanakin, they defeat the cloud giant and summoned devils. The priestess escapes by vanishing.


Battle of Ferrithflow Lake

Date: Fall 2016
Note: What play date? Check with Reece and Joe. Assume Fall 2016

Timeline: 22 Tarsakh of Storms

22nd Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1365)
The allied forces work through the night creating a defendable position of spike walls, hay bales for fires, and positions for scouts, frontline troops, archers, and attack plans for the cavalry.

An adventuring band from Highmoon joins the allies, the Singing Halberds. The COB believes their average level to be around 6.
Leader: Seles Highstar (Fighter, human male); Ventis Namois (Wizard, human male); Salmves Bontiff (Rogue, half elf female); Dru Ramath (Priest Chauntea, half elf male); Englestev (Ranger; human male).

By evening, two riders appear from the rest after riding hard for more than a day. Both are well equipped fighting human men, named Zerick Mylars and his Lieutenant Niman Zwebel. Zerick introduces himself to the party as a well-known arms merchant that operates out of Sembia but was born and raised in Deepingdale. He came to try to get the allies to change their plans and join Cheram, but after hearing the allies story, decides to stay. He brought many of his mercenaries with to support Deepingdale, but he left hose 120 mounted men under Cheram’s command. Zerick decides to stay and fight with the allies.

When Kiltila shakes Zerick’s hand, she has a vision:
Kiltila explains she “saw Zerick as a puppet reaching for a crown with elven writings on it, stepping over freshly dug graves among a desolate landscape of destruction. His puppet strings are being controlled by a hand in the cloudy sky. A mountain fortress/ hold is in those clouds, with a larger, darker fortress behind it (signifying power of the first hold). Next to the grave is a cart filled with arms, armor, and gold.”

Dryastalic tells the party that the Lord of Uldath has a crown with elven writings.

Because the enemy armies are moving towards Endren from the south and the west, and the allied force can only defend on side of the town effectively at once, Maythor and Zanakin decide to slow down the western army to allow the allies to fight the southern army.

Dryastalic allows Zanakin to use the elven Pegasus Deventrium in the battle, so both men can ride Pegasus into battle. At nightfall, the men ride the Pegasus 2 miles west out of Endren and scout north of Ferrithflow Lake, which is up against the eastern sound of the Thunderpeaks.

After a time, near the middle of night, they see large force of hobgoblins and goblins marching east, led by a huge War Troll, and other powerful creeatures including ogres, and a few trolls and few hill giants. At the right time, Maythor and Zanakin strike.

Battle ensure with Walls of Fire and fireballs to maximize damage. Maythor and Zanakin are peppered by arrows and javelins, but stay high enough to minimize impact. Once the spells create enough chaos, Maythor descends into the fray and engages the War Troll General. Maythor is nearly overcome by the forces, but is saved by Zanakin’s Orb of Acid and Repulsion spell, keeping many of the creatures at bay. The War Troll and some of his lieutenants are defeated! Many rounds of melee and spell combat later, the army breaks moral and flees back towards the mountains.

Maythor and Zanakin surmise the western enemy horde marched with 450 hobgoblins, 900 goblins, just under 20 ogres, and a few trolls and hill giants, along with the War Troll. By the end of the battle, Maythor and Zanakin singlehandedly defeat 134 hobgoblins, 130 goblins, 2 ogres, 1 hill giant, 2 trolls, and the powerful War Troll general. Many killed by walls of fire or AO spells.


Defending Endren in Deepingdale

Date: Summer 2016
Note: What play date? Check with Reece and Joe. Assume Summer 2016

Timeline: 20 – 21 Tarsakh of Storms

20th Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1365)
COB Party:
Maythor; Level 12 Fighter, 1 Duskblade
Zanakin; Level 11 Wizard, 1 Spellsword, 1 Fighter
Shandra; Level 7 Rogue, 2 Ranger, 1 Fighter
Kiltila; Level 5 Sorcerer & Spellfire Wielder
Brom; Hill Giant Fighter 1
Dorteck, Level 12 Fighter

The party learns more from Dryastalic that the enemy is led by two powerful War Trolls from the North. They were brought to the Storm King’s lands with the sole purpose to lead his goblin armies into battle into Deepingdale. The reason why, not many are sure; but it is believed that Deepingdale had provided the Storm King payment for many years to keep the peace, and it is possible that Deepingdale Lord Uldath stopped those payments some time back. The armies mass outside of a hobgoblin hold on the south-eastern side of the Thunderpeaks. There is an ancient keep there, and that is where the meetings are held the night before the armies march out, elven scouts have seen that the last two attacks. They also know that they have seen humans and a cloud giant at those meetings as well. There is a meeting they expect to occur that evening.

The COB discusses a radical plan with the elven leader Dryastalic to have Shandra sneak into the keep, and try to determine what their plans are! It is a daring plan, but perhaps safer than an all-out attack on the keep with a small force.

Shandra reluctantly agrees and leaves the party via an elven Pegasus to meet with elven scouts positioned in the mountains.

21st Tarsakh of Storms (DR 1365)
Shandra returns early morning after a successful mission. Using her rogue abilities and leaving her magic items behind, she was able to determine the army will split into two and move north to attack the small town of Eldren. One force will approach from the west, one from the north. The armies will arrive the evening of the second day (night of the 22nd).

The COB aligns with Mandarek, and get the allied forces, except for Cheram’s Deeingdale regulars, to align with a plan to defend Endren. Cheram is very angry at being usurped by the allies and refuses to help. Instead he plans on riding to his defensive positions in the SW.

Prior to leaving the encampment that morning, the Maythor knows that Dorteck was planning on riding along with Veragan and his Weapons and Arms Caravan. The party knows Dorteck would be key in a battle with humanoids and giants! He sends Breckenheir to find the caravan, expected to be coming out of the mountains, and bring Dorteck back. Breckenheir does find Dorteck, and an exasperated Dorteck agrees to ride with Breckenheir back towards the COB and the allies. He makes it back while the allies move NW towards the small town of Endren.

Many allies, including the Deepingdale militia led by Frem Stanslun, do not have mounts, so it takes the day to make it to Endren. Riders are sent forward to warn the townsfolk and hamlets around to leave immediately, so throughout the day, as the allies move west towards Endren, they are met by hundreds of fleeing Deepingdale peasants heading toward Highmoon east.

Along the way, the COB and other leaders of the allies encounter Lord Uldath with a small escort as he rides to monitor progress. He doesn’t stay long, rather tells the army he is thankful for their help, but there are matters he must attend to in Highmoon.

Afterward, Cheram and the mounted Deepingdale army catch up to the allies. He tries once again to get them to change course, which they do not (as they now believe in the intelligence the COB has provided). With that, he threatens the 2,000 strong militia commander Stanslun that he will face trial after the battle, and any lives lost will be on his hand. Maythor follows Cheram to a hilltop and confronts him. Cheram pulls his sword on Maythor, but does not engage. Maythor does not draw his sword, and leaves the Marshal behind.

The allies reach the empty town of Endren by evening, and Mandarek goes to work guiding the allies to his battle plan after surveying the area.

Before sundown, Maythor flies on Breckenheir into the mountains, and spots one of the hobgoblin armies encamped in a wooded area, on the route that Shandra told them they would take.


Bandit Cleanup and Troubles in Deepingdale!

Date: 12 March 2016

Timeline: 11 – 19 Tarsakh of Storms

11th Tarsakh of Storms [April] (DR 1365)
The party rests after returning to Blade Keep after the surprise bandit attack at Castle Blade. Devrille raises Valdur Forge Glyph’s son, Galdur; Valdur promises to repay him 5,000gp for the service (Devrille also loses XP!) Valdur’s caravan needs repairs and plans on staying at Blade Keep for many days to repair and rest his men.

NOTE: MarcusLor is supposed to bring the COB’s mounts, currently at Crownguard Castle, to Blade Keep in the spring.

Maythor makes plans to go back to the battle site to re-check for treasure, and travel to Arabel for Identification of items. Morthrou will follow shortly afterwards with men to collect all the left behind gear.

Maythor rides Breckenheir and rechecks the site for other magical items, or other items of worth, and finds nothing. That evening, on his way to Arabel, stays in a Purple Dragon Hostel along the trade route.

Zanakin leaves towards Arabel on Phantom Steed. About half-way on the way, on the east of the Hullack, Zanakin runs into a large Purple Dragon contingent of cavalry led by Duke Mandarek. Mandarek tells Zanakin that there are problems in Deepingdale, and they are moving cavalry to support on King’s orders. Mandarek asks Zanakin if the COB is interested, Zanakin mentions perhaps, and tells him to stop by Blade Keep. He arrives in Arabel by nightfall, and stays at the Craftsman’s Doorway, proprietor Orin Nyhouse. Orin greets him with open arms.

12th Tarsakh of Storms
Zanakin visits Neriana at the Temple of Chauntea and provides her enough gold to purchase the white pearls needed to identify the magical items from the bandit hold. He asks her to return the items to Castle Blade afterwards, since he cannot wait.
Maythor arrives in Arabel that afternoon and spends the night at The Craftsman’s Doorway. That evening, he provides the proprietor, Orin, 100 gp to improve and secure the few rooms that the COB uses when they stay. Things like reinforced doors, locks, barred windows, and other improvements for the safety of the band.

13th Tarsakh of Storms
Maythor and Zanakin leave for Castle Blade. Zanakin arrives that evening since he is on his swift Phantom Steed.

14th Tarsakh of Storms
Maythor arrives at Castle Blade that evening on Breckenheir. Both pass Mandarek on the way.

15th Tarsakh of Storms
Mandarek arrives with his 240 Purple Dragon cavalry, with 4 War Wizards and 4 Priests of Tyr. Mandarek tells the party more of the mission for the King to Deepingdale and asks the party to join. Maythor, Zanakin, Brom, Shandra, and Kiltila agree to join the contingent.

Important names:
Duke Mandarek (Contingent Commander), Captain Hereven, High Blades Solmbrit, Dumtith, and Highwater (all human male fighters). War Wizards: Shrem Bluecloak, Diana Gemstone, Ritock, and Evren Nur (half elf). Priests (Tyr): Led by Agrem Holmstar, with 3 lesser priests (< 5th level)

16th Tarsakh of Storms
The contingent moves east across the Thunderpeaks. Maythor scouts for the contingent on Breckenheir.

17th Tarsakh of Storms
Crosses the Thunderpeaks along the main trade route.

18th Tarsakh of Storms
The contingent enters Deepingdale by afternoon and rests near the farthest western small town of Endren.

19th Tarsakh of Storms
The contingent follows directions to an allied force in SW Deepingdale. Tents arranged in diplomatic areas show the other allied members:
1) 300 Deepingdale regulars led by Marshal Cheram Zimrash
2) 2,000 Deepingdale milita, led by Fren Stanslun
3) 220 archers and 100 footmen from Sembia, led by Captain Garrett Highwall
4) 60 heavy cavalry from Archendale, led by Commander Gooran Vistram
5) 40 elven archers from Sumberhom, led by Dryastalic Symbrianis, 2nd Aluchia Priyastia (elven female)

At the commanders tent, the party learns of three previous attacks of hobgoblins and other enemies of Deepingdale over the last month. These forces fall under the command of the Storm King in the southern Thunderpeaks, and Deepingdale expects them to attack soon again. Marshal Cheram Zimrash’s plan to create a line of defense across the SW border draws Maythor’s ire, as he disagrees with that plan. It is made known to him in blunt words that the forces are there to support Deepingdale, and Cheram is in charge.

After the meeting in the tent, Dryastalic pulls the party aside and explains to them that the elves have scouts watching the mountain keep that the enemy army will come from, and they believe if the party attacks, or gains information before the attack, they may be able to meet the enemy head on.


Valdurs Blades and Arms Merchant Company

DAte: Winter 2015
Not sure on the date

Leaving Everska and The Return to Cormyr

Date: Summer 2015
Not sure on the date

The Zhentarim Beholder

Date: Spring 2014
Not sure on the date


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