Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia

Elven Wizard/ Fighter/ Rogue Part Time Adventurer of the COB


Professional Part Time Adventurer of the COB

Level: Level 9 Wizard/ 2 Fighter/ 2 Rogue

Race: Sun Elf (was Drow Elf)
Sex: Female
Age: 142 (1365 DR)
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 110
Skin White
Hair: Golden (long)
Eyes: Blue
Languages: Common, Old Common (Chondathian), Elven (Cormanthyr), Drow Elf, Drow Sign Language, Draconic, Kuo-Tuoan

HP: 57 (was this re-rolled?)
Abilities: S) 12; D) 18; C) 10; I) 18; W) 13; Ch) 16; Cm) 20
Special Abilities:
Drow Elf Abilities
Darkvision 120’

Important Items:
+1 Long Sword, Thundering
+1 Long Sword (was her old wish blade)
+1 Long Bow
+1 Ring of Protection
Cube of Force
Amulate of Proof Against Detection from Detection, DC 29

Town of Shadowdale
Balfiir’s Watch Abby

Rest, Training, and Travel
Finding the Green Dragon Treasure
The Battle of Blade Keep
4 Days Past the Lightning Strikes
Green Dragon in the Hullack
The Cult of the Dragon
Recovery and Training
The World Serpent Inn

The Talisman

Duke’s Silversword and War Wizard Knight Alabeck
The Battle for Arabel II
The Battle for Arabel
Temple of Shar in Arabel
Return of the King
An Errant Teleport
The Flight from Suzail
Raising Daern’s Tower
To Build a Keep II
To Build a Keep
The Quest to Fulfill a Prophesy
Planning a Keep
To Find a Land
To Lose a King
The Battle for Sundabar (the greater vampire quest)
The Quest for the Chosen One
The Quest to Find Alusair III
The Quest to Find Alusair II
The Quest to Find Alusair
The Saviors of Castle Crag
The Quest to Rescue a Dragon II


Corenia Dilraza Helaxazria is a beautiful elf female, possessing beauty that only the gods can gift. Her age of 142 years (as of 1365 DR) translates to about 20 in Human years, as far as Longevity is concerned. She stands about 5’6”, and weighs just over 100 lbs. Her hair is long golden locks, she has sky blue eyes, and her skin milky white as the sun elf she is. In actuality, Corenia is not truly a sun elf, but rather a drow elf. Corenia usually dresses in tight, dark colored clothing, with her magical long sword at her side. Corenia also possesses a powerful Cube of Force that was in her family for generations.

Corenia grew up in the great drow city that is deep below the North, in the house of one of the ruling drow noble families. Though she is not of the ruling priestess class, her life was dedicated to power, and she had total authority to those beneath her as a powerful female wizard, which is rare in the drow homelands, as wizardry is usually reserved for males. Her evilness, and complete disregard for anything but power was legendary.

It was this quest for power that had her and some companions looking for an ancient Mystral, supposedly known to be in the secret caverns beneath Cormanthyr, which they had traveled to via a set of secret portals. After a hard fought battle, she found what she thought was the Mystral, The Helmet of Dethmanth. She put the helmet on in her glee, and found it was not the Mystral, but rather a Helmet of Alignment Change! Corenia changed from Chaotic Evil to Lawful Good instantly. In her new state, she knew she must escape the depths, and used her last 2 wishes in her Luck Blade to escape from her companions and change her Race to a sun elf. She accidentally escaped to the city of Mulmaster, and befriended a rogue named Shelia Gemstill in hopes of finding out who she really is, and start a new life.

Corenia knows her life will be in danger constantly from the drow who wish for her not to return to her drow lands and reclaim the seat of power she once held. Corenia wants nothing to do with the drow ever again (unless her alignment is ever changed back to what it was). Corenia is an adventurer still at heart, but wants not the heat of battle against anything but evil creatures.

More to come on Corenia’s history…


Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia

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