Devrille Fortholm (of Cormyr)

Human Cleric (Torm) & Adventurer of the COB


Professional Adventurer of the COB

Level: Level 12 Cleric (Priest of Torm)

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 200
Skin Fair
Hair: Blond (trimmed hair and beard)
Eyes: Brown

HP: 93
Abilities: S) 17 15; D) 14 12; C) 14; I) 12; W) 17; Ch) 12; Cm) 12
Special Abilities:
Domains: Good, Strength
Cleric Spells
Turn Undead
Divine Feats (Sacred Healing, Divine Ward)

Important Items:
+ 3 Great Sword with Cold Crystal
1 Full Platemail with Lifekeeping Crystal
+1 Amulate of Natural Armor
+2 Cloak of Protection
+2 Ring of Protection
Ring of Fire Resistance
+2 Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Eyes of the Eagle
Boots of Speed
Deep Red Ioun Stone (
2 Dex)

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Duke’s Silversword and War Wizard Knight Alabeck

The Flight from Suzail


Prior to joining the Covenant of the Blade (COB), Devrile was a member of the Golden Gauntlet Adventuring Band. They were:

Kryst Valnereck of Cormyr, Leader of the Golden Gauntlet, Human Male, Fighter (LV 7)
Erinville of Sembia, Half Elf Male, Rogue (LV 6)
Oryspille of Westgate, Human Male, Wizard (LV 6)
and Devrille, Level 7 at the time.

Kryst, Erinville, and Oryspille met their doom on an adventure at ruins east of the Hullack Forest. Devrille survived, and returned back to Suzail. It is hortly after his return that he meets with members of the COB, and is asked to join their band, of which he agrees.


Devrille Fortholm (of Cormyr)

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