Kiltila Silversword

Sorceress, Spell Fire Wielder, Wife to Maythor Silversword


Professional Adventurer of the COB

Level: Level 5 Sorcerer (Training to Level 6) and Spellfire Wielder

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 100
Skin Light
Hair: Black (long light curls)
Eyes: Brown

HP: 27
Abilities: S) 11; D) 12; C) 14; I) 14; W) 14; Ch) 17; Cm) 17
Special Abilities:
Spellfire Wielder (14 Levels Max)

Important Items:
+3 Bracers of Armor
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+1 Ring of Protection
Amulate of Non-Detection III (DC 35) from Alustrial
Bracers of Retaliation (sell to Maythor?)

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Kiltila (Derum Antilla) Silversword is 21 years of age in the late part of the year 1362. She stands about 5’5”, and weighs perhaps 120 lbs. She has long, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. Her skin is slightly darker than the light colored skin of most Cormyrians because she was born and raised in the southern lands of Turmish. Kiltila insists on wearing general clothes with functionality to them, unless she is going to a special function. She prefers sandals to shoes, and pants to dresses, and always carries a small dagger with her.

Kiltila actually does not know who her real parents are. Because of this, Kilitila does not really know what her birth day is, and she celebrates it on the new year of every year. She was born in a large city west of Turmish, and she has vague memories of a large beautiful house, or castle, with a loving mother. Thoughts of fire and screams race through her memories, and the next memories she has is of being a street urchin in the large city of Hlodeth, a Turmish port on the Vilhoun Reach.

Kitila learned when she was very young she had a strange ability to see visions that would swirl around people’s heads occasionally when she touched them. Sometimes those visions made no sense, but at other times, they made complete sense. Whatever the case, they always came true. A woman named Suldra the “Star Gazer” rescued her from the streets at the age of 13. Suldra became very famous in the city for fortune telling with her new assistant, but did share some of the wealth with Kiltila, and gave her a home. It was when Kiltila was 18 that soldiers of Turmish, working for a powerful noble, arrested Suldra for Kiltila’s fortune telling. Kiltila was saved by a group of adventurers from the north, who brought her along a long road to Cormyr, where she now calls home.

Kiltila fell in love with a young warrior from that group along the way, and they married Maythor Silversword on 5 Marpenoth [OCT], 1360 DR. Kiltila holds a Magic Ring of Teleportation that she may use at any time, which would bring her to the grand city of Silverymoon. The ring was a gift from Alustrial of Silverymoon. Alustrial knows of the strange, and unique gift that Kiltila has, and it is a sure bet she wants nothing to happen to her, or evil does not land its claws on her, and so she can learn more about it in the future. Kiltila is said to have the powers to see the constructs of the weave, which is the magical bond of all things, and the tie of matter together. This ability is called “Sensing the Weave”, and an ability the great Seer Aluando of [[Candlekeep | Candlekeep] also had. This power allows her to see what these constructs hope to achieve, or make into the weave, thus, seeing the future in the forms of visions. Many believe if the weave is constructing it, there is no way one can change its plan, or change the future, for it is set. As far as Kiltila can tell, those visions she has seen, and knew what they meant, have always rang true.

Since that time, Kiltila has had many adventurers with the Covenant of the Blade, and has learned the way of the Sorcerer.


Kiltila Silversword

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