Kiltila Silversword

Sorceress, Spell Fire Wielder, Wife to Maythor Silversword


Professional Adventurer of the COB

Level: Level 5 Sorcerer (Training to Level 6) and Spellfire Wielder

Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 100
Skin Light
Hair: Black (long light curls)
Eyes: Brown

HP: 27
Abilities: S) 11; D) 12; C) 14; I) 14; W) 14; Ch) 17; Cm) 17
Special Abilities:
Spellfire Wielder (14 Levels Max)

Important Items:
+3 Bracers of Armor
+1 Cloak of Resistance
+1 Ring of Protection
Amulate of Non-Detection III (DC 35) from Alustrial
Bracers of Retaliation (sell to Maythor?)


Kiltila Silversword

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