Maythor Silversword

Maythor Silversword:

Level 12 Fighter.

A 6’ foot 230 pound powerhouse with magicly enhanced strength. A swordsman of the first order, the multitude of feats he has chosen and the use of Grisham as his main weapon make him almost unstoppable in one on one combat. While he does have a weakness against spells, he was smart enough to equip a measure of spell resistance as well as enhanced will save ability.


The Silversword family has been a Noble family in the service of the King of Cormyr for over 400 years. Before then, the Silverswords were one of the many classes of people striving for life and good quality of life in Cormyr. It is believed that the Silverswords came from the land of Impiltur perhaps 1000 years ago, with the great exodus to inhabit the northern inner sea lands, but it is not known for sure. What is known, is that Enthor Silversword, a hero for the King of Cormyr, was given Knighthood, and henceforth, nobility to the Silversword name the year of 924 DR (898 CR). The Silversword family persisted through years of honorable servitude under the ruling Obarskyr family. The males of the Silverswords consistently did tours as officers in the Cormyrian army, the Purple Dragons, and the females usually married off to other noble males in the Kingdom. The honorary title the Silversword’s held was for the responsibility, upkeep, and lordship over the lands, and villages around the Kings Wood. The Kings Forest is actually the central wood in Cormyr, and the Kings Wood is a southern portion of that forest. The Kings Wood is about a half a days ride north west of the Cormyrian capital of Suzail. The Kings Wood was used for honorary competitions until around 50 years ago, when they subsided during the reign of Azoun III. The Silversword Manor was in the village of Sunset Vale, on the outskirts of the Kings Wood, for 300 years. The Silverswords provided protection, justice, and collected the King’s taxes for the inhabitants of the land. Through the years, with the growing of the villages around the wood, the lack of use of the Kings Wood, and the dropping of the Silversword’s honorary name recognition under the leadership of Aragren Silversword (the dark years), the Silversword’s lost the title of the Lord of the Kings Woods the year of 1296. Aragren is the great grandfather to Maythor Silversword. Their family manor house was moved from the village of Sunset View, NW of Suzail, to the village of Doreth’s Pillar, about 4 hours east of Suzail, within the civilized farmland surrounding Suzail.

The Silversword name was carried on in many different counties in Cormyr through younger sons, whom carried the family name, but did not take up the banner of lordship. Through the years however, the name Silversword fell now to one man only, Falcren Silversword II.

Falcren Silversword II was born in 1312 DR (23-8-1312 DR) to Falcren Silversword I, and Yntila Silversword. At 19 years old, he married the governor of the village of Dereth’s Pillar’s daughter, Shiira Smithwell (who was 17). Falcren took up the banner of his family name at the age of 22, when his father passed away (Falcren I died of heart burst while chopping wood for the winter). Falcren II never followed in his family footsteps in joining the Purple Dragons, refusing because he believed their name was long forgotten in the ranks of Cormyrian Nobles, and because he had no wish to fight battles that he did not agree with. Later in his years, this decision haunted Falcren, because both of his sons became celebrated warriors for Cormyr. Shiira gave Falcren II two sons, Maythor and Morthrou, and one daughter, Niella. Shiira died in childbirth of Niella the year of 1342 DR, at the age of 28 (Maythor was 3 years old when his mother passed on). Yntila Silversword, Falcren’s mother, still resides with him in his current residence (see below).

Both of Falcren’s sons grew up with the comforts of a solid education from tutors, learning the ways of the sword. They joined the Purple Dragons when they became old enough (17 & 18 years respectfully). Falcren’s daughter, Niella, learned the etiquette proper to the station of a lesser noble. It is Falcren’s wish to see his daughter married off to a powerful noble, but she does not seem to be interested in marriage because of a family name. She is very strong-minded like her brothers.


Date accurate 10 (Marpenoth)-1362

Falcren Silversword II (see above) is an older man (human), who is 48 years old as of 10-1360. He was once weary and resigned, until his sons restored his faith two years past, and he lives now for their success. He stands about 6’ tall, weighs about 190 lbs., has graying long hair, once brown, and brown eyes. He is always dressed in the best of apparel, and carries a family heirloom Gold Steel at his side, which has been passed down through generations of Silversword’s. Gold Steel was the sword of Derrek Silversword, who fought beside King Azoun I in many battles to expand Cormyr’s boarders. Derrek was the father of the ill remembered Aragren Silversword. Falcren’s zest for life, allegiance to the crown, and sense of duty to his station has been revitalized in the past 3 years because of the exploits of his two sons. Falcren is trying to reestablish the importance of their family name by forging ahead with his new responsibilities given to him by the now passed King Azoun IV. King Azoun IV had given Falcren II the Lordship of the Cormyrian village of Bervalak on the 7th of Flamerule 1361 (7-7-1361), with the crown paying for the creation of a new ruling manor house on a hill overlooking the village. Falcren is loyal to the throne, loyal to his family, and grateful to the good things that have happened for him these last few years. He hopes that the actions of him and his sons will bring a new honor to the future of the Silversword name. Falcren is a good leader of common folk. He is fair in his justice, and goes out of his way to help needy Cormyrians if he can. He knows he is not a warrior, and leaves those decisions up to those that know best.

Falcren Silversword II (Human Male LV 3 Aristocrat), proficient in the dagger, long sword, and longbow.

Morthrou Silversword is 27 years of age in the late part of the year of 1362 DR. He stands about 6’1, and weighs about 220 lbs. He has blond hair, which he usually wears long, and with a short beard, and light blue eyes. Morthrou was born the 5th of Tarsakh in 1335 DR (5-4-1335 DR), and trained in the ways of the sword in his younger years, under the tutelage of his family’s constable Vesra Noolaren. Morthrou took up the sword as a Purple Dragon at the age of 17 in 1353 DR, not as a noble officer in training, but as a heavy cavalryman, born to crush his enemies under the hooves of his mount. After his initial training, he spent 3 years in the Arabellian Patrol’s and Garrison’s division, and 4 years under Lord Delmanton in Castle Crag. At the age of 19, he was promoted to Blade (leader of 10), and would have been promoted to High Blade (leader of 40) twice afterward, but he refused, wishing to be with the men. None of the soldiers he trained and fought with ever knew his station as a noble in Cormyr. On the 13th of Marpenoth, 1360 DR (13-10-1360 DR) Morthrou joined his brother in his adventuring band as a 3rd Level Fighter, tested in battle many times against bandits and humanoids in the Stonelands, and the two became central characters in a long list of unbelievable stories and adventures throughout Faerun. Morthrou loves to spend time with his friends and family, carouse with soldiers, and drink ale or beer. He is honest, loyal, and holds honor above all, but will never do so foolishly, like some of his comrades. Morthrou is the type of man that soldiers gravitate towards, and is a natural leader, but prefers to lead from behind the curtain. His alignment is Lawful Good.

Morthrou Silversword (Human Male LV (Active) Fighter)

Maythor Silversword was born on the 6th of Ches in 1339 DR (6-3-1339 DR). He stands about 6’ tall, and weighs over 235 lbs. Maythor has blond hair, which he keeps usually clean-shaven, and blue eyes. Maythor’s most noticeable attributes, outside of his battle gear, are his great physical strength, and his uncanny wisdom in affairs of the sword beyond his age. Maythor, like his father and his brother, trained in the way of the sword by their family constable Vesra Noolaren. He took up the sword as a Purple Dragon like his older brother at the age of 18, in the spring of 1358 DR. He spent 4 months in training at the Cormyrian training grounds (near Castle Dragon Heart) outside of Suzail, and was regarded as one of the brightest and strongest young trainees. For his accomplishments, he was given the chance to join an elite guard group at a far away embassy, representing the King of Cormyr. He agreed. Maythor spent the next 9 months as assistant trainer at the Cormyrian training Grounds (near Castle Dragon Heart, the command post for all Purple Dragon garrisons). Afterwards, in the spring of 1359, he sailed to the southern Inner Sea Nation of Turmish, and fell under the command of Krydon Fairstone there, as an honored Cormyrian embassy guard. It is after 9 months of duty there, that the adventurers heart in his Silversword blood could not suppressed any longer. Maythor’s longing for the wild, and the need to face the dangers of the world, was more than he could bear. He joined a group of adventurers traveling through the embassy (28-1-1360 DR), and that is where his story starts. Maythor married Kiltila Derum Antilla on 5 Marpenoth, 1360 DR (5-10-1360 DR). She grew up in the southern lands of Turmish, homeless and without parents for a good many years of her younger life. A “Star Gazer” named Shuldra took her in. Shuldra was a petty fortuneteller until finding Kiltila, which propelled her into local celebrity. It turned out Kiltila has some very special and unique powers, allowing her to see into the near and distant future for people in the form of visions. It was these powers that dropped her and Shuldra into problems with some local powerful nobles that accused them of witchery. The local guards captured Shuldra, but Maythor’s friends escorted Kiltila to safety. The two met shortly afterwards, and married before the end of the year (1360 DR). Maythor’s actions of the past few years have brought him honor, respect, and loyalty from more than a few individuals. His actions gravitate towards Lawful Good.

Maythor Silversword (Human Male LV (Active) Fighter)

Niella Silversword is 20 years of age in the late part of the year of 1362 DR. She stands about 5’11”, tall for a female human, and weighs perhaps 135 lbs. She has long brown hair, and hazel eyes. Niella is prone to extravagant garb, but not to dashing, and appropriate for the occasion. For instance, if she is meeting with a group of village commoners, she would tone down her clothing, so as to not offend anyone, or seem like her station is above those seeking her advice. Niella is a very pretty lass, and definitely ended up with the beauty of the family from her mother. She is a very stubborn, and is insistent on determining her own future, and not letting anyone else do the same. She has not the penchant for battle, traveling, or adventure like her brothers, but would rather ponder the affairs of life from a warm fireplace, with a glass of juice or wine. Not to say she is afraid of work, she just believes there are better ways to solve the world’s problems than by swinging a sword.

Niella Silversword (Human Female LV 2 Aristocrat), proficient in the dagger and long bow.

Kiltila (Derum Antilla) Silversword is 21 years of age in the late part of the year 1362. She stands about 5’5”, and weighs perhaps 120 lbs. She has long, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. Her skin is slightly darker than the light colored skin of most Cormyrians, because she was born and raised in the southern lands of Turmish. Kiltila insists on wearing non descript clothes with functionality to them, unless she is going to a special function. She prefers sandals to shoes, and pants to dresses, and always carries a small dagger with her. Kiltila actually does not know who her real parents are. Because of this, Kilitila does not really know what her birth day is, and she celebrates it on the new year of every year. She was born in a large city west of Turmish, and she has vague memories of a large beautiful house, or castle, with a loving mother. Thoughts of fire and screams race through her memories, and the next memories she has is of being a street urchin in the large city of Hlondeth, a Turmish port on the Vilhoun Reach. She learned when she was very young she had a strange ability to see visions that would swirl around people’s heads occasionally when she touched them. Sometimes those visions made no sense, but at other times, they made complete sense. Whatever the case, they always came true. A woman named Suldra the “Star Gazer” rescued her from the streets at the age of 13. Suldra became very famous in the city for fortune telling with her new assistant, but did share some of the wealth with Kiltila, and gave her a home. It was when Kiltila was 18 that soldiers of Turmish, working for a powerful noble, arrested Suldra for Kiltila’s fortune telling. Kiltila was saved by a group of adventurers from the north, who brought her along a long road to Cormyr, where she now calls home. Kiltila fell in love with a young warrior from that group along the way, and they married 5-10-1360 DR. That young warrior was Maythor Silversword. Since then, Kiltila spends most of her time with Maythor’s father, grandmother, and sister at the new manor home in Bervalak. She holds a Magic Ring of Teleportation that she may use at any time, which would bring her to the grand city of Silverymoon. The ring was a gift from Alustrial of Silverymoon. Alustrial knows of the strange, and unique gift that Kiltila has, and it is a sure bet she wants nothing to happen to her, so evil does not land its claws on her, and so she can learn more about it in the future. Kiltila is said to have the powers to see the constructs of the weave, which is the magical bond of all things, and the tie of matter together. This power allows her to see what these constructs hope to achieve, or make into the weave, thus, seeing the future in the forms of visions. Many believe if the weave is constructing it, there is no way one can change its plan, or change the future, for it is set. As far as Kiltila can tell, those visions she has seen, and knew what they meant, have always rang true.

Kiltila Silversword (Human Female LV 1 Commoner), Special Unique Ability

Yntila Silversword is the matriarch of the family, being married into the Silverswords from her family, the Crownsilvers (a lesser noble family from Arabel) when she was but 17 years old. Yntila is nearly 74 years of age the year of 1362 DR, and has difficulty getting around. She is stooped, and very skinny, but is still sharp and wise. It is really Yntila who had kept Falcren II going the years after his wife died, and it is Yntila that was a motivating force behind Falcren II to get him off his haunches, and accept this new royal gift of lordship. Yntila studied magic for a time in her younger years, but never transpired to anything, but it is known that she can cast a few cantrips now and again. It is easily seen that Niella has a lot of Yntila in her. Yntila spends her days at the family’s hold (see below) reading books, and advising Falcren from behind closed doors.

Yntila Silversword (Human Female LV 1 Aristocrat), 73 years old (1361). Passed away 1361.

Vesra Noolaren has been the constable for the Silversword’s now for over 40 years. Vesra is an old man, 70 years the year of 1362 DR, but is still able to do his job. Vesra is about 6’ tall, and weighs less than 190 lbs now, but is till strong of shoulders and arms. He has gray hair, but striking blue eyes. Vesra preferred to wear non-extravagant utility garb that is both proper, low key, and suitable for the station of constable. Vesra was actually an adventurer in his younger years (early 20’s), and hailed from Sembia originally, until something made him decide that adventuring was not the life he wanted. He settled in with Falcren Silversword I as his constable (responsible for daily operations, and to take care of the nobles duties if Falcren was gone). The position was easy enough, and allowed Vesra to spend his many years in piece, and share some of his experiences with other young men growing up. Vesra taught the young Falcren II to use the sword and bow, and eventually taught his sons and daughter to use the long sword, and bow. Now, since Falcren’s (II) new lordship has arisen, Vesra is much more busy in the affairs of the lord, but he actually enjoys the work, and will do it as long as the gods allow him. He is loyal to the Silversword’s, and loyal to Cormyr.

Vesra Noolaren (Human Male LV 6 Fighter), Vesra is 70 years old as of 1362 DR, and suffers the fighting and skill modifiers due to his age. He is still a formidable opponent for those that think other wise.

Silversword Lands

It is noted that the Silverswords do not own much of the land in the area (a 50 acre plot to the south of the town) of the village of Bervalak, but are the lands protectors, governors, and tax collectors. A 20% Tithe off the top of the taxes is allowed for the Silversword’s upkeep.

Bervalak is actually the central village of 4 other villages that the Silversword name now holds sway over. The village’s capital is based on crops, cattle, milk, and cheese. Inner Sea collected woodwork, made from Ballas wood that grows in number here, is what the region is mostly known for. Caravans come twice a year to buy the much wanted woodwork, and is sold throughout the lands of the inner sea (Cormyrian Ballas woodwork).

The new manor house, with protective walls, will be mostly finished by the summer of 1363. As a ruling lord of Cormyrian lands and people, the Silverswords (Falcren II) are allowed a personal guard of up to 30 soldiers (non Purple dragons) for personal guard, and security of the lands citizens (That number is adjustable, depending on the amount of citizens). The 50 soldiers are allowed because there are no existing Purple Dragons garrisoned nearby. If there were Purple Dragons nearby, most likely, the Kingdom max allowed for a lord of 20 personal guards would be enforced.

The Silversword manor house in Bervalak consists of:

 The Silversword family residence
 The constable
 30 soldiers under the banner of the Silverswords
 4 skilled craftsman (blacksmith, husbandman, carpenter, master cook)
 8 servants
 20 horses (12 light war, the rest are pack or draft)

The manor house is built upon a large, rocky hill, over looking the village of Bervalak. The lands to the manor houses south were given as Silversword land, and total around 50 acres. The hilltop will contain a walled courtyard, sided by a large 40 room manor house, with a servants quarters, a barracks, stables, civil house, and guest quarters.

The Silversword manor house 4 hours east of Suzail consists of:

 5 house guards (Maythor’s and Morthrou’s)
 4 Servants
 5 horses (light war)

The old manor house is built about a 1/8 of a mile north of the eastern trade route, east of the city of Suzail by about 4 hours. Its lands around are filled with farms, husbandry’s, and small fisheries for the many, small, local lakes. The old Silversword manor house itself sits on about 10 acres of land, and is on the southern side of Aril’s Lake, a picturesque lake, which is not allowed to be commercially fished on by Kings law. Many nobles have small summer houses on the lake. The lot contains the manor house, which has about 20 rooms, and a large vault in the cellar, a servants quarters, barracks, stables, and storage building.

Maythor Silversword

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