Morthrou Silversword

Human Fighter Adventurer (Part Time) of the COB


Morthrou was born the 5th of Tarsakh in 1335 DR (5-4-1335 DR), and trained in the ways of the sword in his younger years, under the tutelage of his family’s constable Vesra Noolan. When Morthrou took up the sword as a Purple Dragon at the age of 17 in 1353 DR, he did not take a position as a noble officer as most in his station would. Rather, he trained as a heavy cavalryman, trained to crush his enemies under the hooves of his Waymoot mount.

After his initial training, he spent 3 years in the Arabellian Patrol’s and Garrison’s division where he was promoted to High Blade. Afterwards, he spent 4 years under Lord Delmanton at Castle Crag. None of the soldiers he trained and fought with ever knew his station as a noble in Cormyr.

On the 13th of Marpenoth [OCT], 1360 DR, Morthrou joined his brother Maythor Silversword in his adventuring band as a 3rd Level Fighter, tested in battle many times against bandits and humanoids in the Stonelands. The two have become central figures in a long list of unbelievable stories and adventures throughout Faerun.

Morthrou loves to spend time with his friends and family, carouse with soldiers, and drink ale or beer. He is honest, loyal, and holds honor above all, but will never do so foolishly, like some of his comrades. Morthrou is the type of man that soldiers gravitate towards, and is a natural leader, but prefers to lead from behind the curtain. His alignment is Lawful Good.


Morthrou Silversword

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