Covenant of the Blade

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Overview: The Covenant of the Blade (COB)

The Covenant of the Blade is an adventuring band based out of Blade Keep, located east of the Hullack Forest on the west side of the Thunderpeaks, in Cormyr. The COB is a small band of active adventurers that travels throughout the Innersea, the North, and Sword Coast. In times of need though the COB can call upon help from a group of inactive or “honorary” members. Maythor Silversword and Zanakin Alabeck are the Covenant of the Blade leaders, and driving force behind the group’s activities. The Covenant generally envision’s a force of good and law in a similar vein to what the Harper organization does worldwide.

Founding Members:

Dortek Ironhouse of Ironhouse
MarcusLor Crownguard, Duke of Cormyr
Maythor Silversword, Duke of Cormyr
Zanakin Alabeck of Sembia, Knight War Wizard

Lowkey Silverfang of Evereska (retired)

Active Members:

Azorin Merrywith “Wolfriend”
Corenia Dilraza Helaxrazia
Devrille Fortholm of Cormyr
Kiltila Silversword of Turmish
Morthrou Silversword, Duke of Cormyr (Brother to Maythor)
Neriana Whispergrove of Waterdeep (Half Sister to Lowkey)
Shandra Pyralthek of Cormyr


Brom, Good Hill Giant Fighter;
Breckenheir, Maythor’s Pegasus Cohort Mount
Deventrium, Zankin’s Pegasus Mount


Calais Bryant of Cormyr
Fallitherin Calaswood of Evereska
Krolack Armsguard “The Fearless” of Amn
Mandarek Ravensclaw, Duke


Blade Keep
Mount Blade Storm
Silversword Manor
Crownguard Keep

Covenant of the Blade

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